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and get US $10.00 in free calling when you sign up for a $20.00 Pingo pre-paid calling card. New customers only.

It's Easy to Pingo

Whether you're calling another state or another continent, it doesn't get any simpler than Pingo. Once you're signed up, just dial the local or toll-free access number for the country you're calling from and follow the prompts. With PINpass, you can register the phones you use most often - including your mobile - and never again have to enter your account number and PIN!

To make a call:

Dial the local or toll-free access number.
At the voice prompt, enter your account number and PIN.
(If using PINpass skip step # 2!)
For all calls from the United States, dial the 011 + country code + number you want to call and press #. (For example, to dial the UK: 011 44 ########). With Pingo Speed Dial, you can shorten this step to just one or two digits!
To place another call, don't hang up—just wait two seconds after the other party has hung up and dial the new number and press #.