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and get US $10.00 in free calling when you sign up for a $20.00 Pingo pre-paid calling card. New customers only.

Pingo! A better way to call.

Pingo is a pre-paid calling card service that offers great rates on international and domestic long distance, along with unbeatable quality, simplicity and convenience. And unlike some other calling cards, there are no hidden charges or fees with Pingo international calling services. Pingo has been providing quality prepaid calling services to thousands of users since 2004.

Pingo is a service of iBasis, one of the leading carriers of international phone calls in the world. Major phone companies such as AT&T and Verizon have relied on the high quality and low cost advantages of the iBasis network since 1997. With Pingo, you can be part of a trusted, secure network that delivers over 2.0 billion international minutes a month.

About iBasis

iBasis, A KPN Company, a subsidiary of KPN International, is a leading carrier of international long distance phone calls – hundreds of telephone carriers around the world send millions of calls streaming through our network every day. They count on iBasis for reliability, the highest quality and the most competitive rates in the industry. To learn more about iBasis, please visit our company website at

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