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We recognize that you have lots of choices when looking at phone cards. That's why Pingo has made a commitment to its calling card customers to be the best. Here what you can expect from Pingo.

The Pingo Phone Card Experience
We believe that call quality, convenience, and customer service at the most competitive rates is what our customers want and that's our goal. Unlike other domestic or international calling card providers, Pingo phone cards have no hidden charges unlike the called cheap calling card companies - just a very small monthly maintenance fee.

You can be assured of the quality and integrity of your Pingo phone cards because Pingo phone cards are a service of iBasis, one of the ten leading carriers of international phone calls in the world.

We now bring our high quality, low-cost Pingo phone cards directly to you, the consumer, with the added convenience of simple toll-free access, automatic recharge, and online call history reporting.

The Pingo Telephone Card Advantage
Pingo phone cards are designed to save you money on domestic and international calls. Our rates are some of the lowest in the industry and in many cases the lowest you find anywhere.

Reliability is a key component of Pingo phone cards. We offer the savings of a discount long distance card with the reliable quality of one of the world's largest carriers of international calls.

With Pingo you can upgrade your long distance service without the trouble of having to change carriers. Other calling card companies can offer you this feature.

The Pingo RateWatcher
Here's how RateWatcher helps to make Pingo, the last phone card you'll ever need. We're actively on the look-out for opportunities to reduce costs and pass the savings on to you. With RateWatcher we save you the hassle of comparing phone cards and looking for lower rates, because we do it for you!

And our web based management system allows you to manage your calling cards account online, that way you can monitor your phone usage, and change your profile. Other internet phone card companies can even offer this feature.

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These are just some of the many ways Pingo out performs the other international dialing and international calling card companies. See why thousands of other calling card users just like you say Pingo is the last calling card they'll ever need.

It fast, easy and economical to become a Pingo long distance card user. Sign up today and see the Pingo difference on your next call.

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