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and get US $10.00 in free calling when you sign up for a $20.00 Pingo pre-paid calling card. New customers only.

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Save up to 90% on international calls from your U.S. mobile phone!

Making an international call from your mobile phone has always been expensive—until now. Even compared to the so-called "international" cellular plans, PingoMobile offers tremendous savings. And it works with any phone carrier. For added convenience, be sure to register your mobile number with PINpass.

Speed-Dial your way to great savings—here's how:

  • Create a new contact in your mobile phone's address book.
  • Enter your local or toll-free Pingo Access number followed by three 2-second pauses (not "hard pauses"). Most phones list these under an "options" menu that is available while you're adding contacts.
  • After the pauses, which may be represented by the letter "T", enter the phone number you're calling, beginning with the country code, etc.
  • Now, just choose the new contact from your address book and press send. That's it!

You may want to disable international long distance service from your mobile carrier to avoid additional charges.

You can also take advantage of your mobile carrier's unlimited minutes on nights and weekends to save even more!