» Soft Phone

Follow these three simple steps to get your Soft Phone working !
Download and Install Google Chrome browser from the above link
Download and Install latest Java version from the above link
Click above to show instructions on how to enable Java on Google Chrome

Configure Chrome to work with Java
  • 1. First try running Pingo Soft Phone now. If Pingo Soft Phone fails to load, proceed with below steps.

  • 2. Enter chrome://plugins in the Google Chrome search field.

    chrome address bar
  • 3. Search for Java and check whether Java is enabled (if the Disable link appears, Java is already enabled)

    chrome enabled
  • 4. Click on the Enable link (if available)

    chrome disabled
  • 5. (Optional) Check the 'Always allowed' box to stop additional Chrome warnings when running Java content

    chrome always allow

Launch your Pingo Soft Phone from Member's Area and Start calling !
Click here to learn how to place calls using Pingo.