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Pingo EZ Dial iPhone Activation

The Pingo EZ Dial application routes your international calls via your Pingo account.

If you haven't activated your application yet, follow these steps:

1. You will find your activation code on the next page when you click Submit to request your Pingo EZ Dial application from your Pingo account. If you don't have such a code, Sign up for Pingo EZ dial here and you can request an Activation code from your Pingo account.

2. Once you have the activation code, From the Pingo EZ dial application's main menu on your iphone, click the Activation tab.

3. Enter your activation code and click 'Go'. You should receive a 'Successful Activation' message.

4. Once your App is active, make sure you dial international calls from the Pingo EZ Dial application to save money on calls. You can dial any International number from your contacts/keypad of your Pingo EZ Dial application. The message 'Pingo EZ Dial Connecting' will shortly appear and the call will proceed via your Pingo account.

For any other assistance related to Pingo EZ Dial please email and and we would be gald to help you.