Why Choose Pingo.com for Prepaid International Calling Service

Nowadays, prepaid international calling service plans have become trends for the mobile telecom world. Of course, rates for international calls could sky high when you are under a regular mobile plan. This can prove to be very impractical, given the fact that there are means for long distance communications offered at economical prices. However, not all providers can give you the best services possible.

There are customers that suffer through choppy phone calls due to the incapacity of a provider to handle long distance or international calls. Given that, one must be wise in choosing a cell phone plan provider; especially when it comes to an international level of dialing. Pingo.com is among the most trusted international cell phone plans provider with affordable rates and quality services.

Why Choose Pingo.com Over Others?

There’s so much in store for you at Pingo.com. They have offers that can help you save big on rates for calls throughout the world. Pingo is best known for its international prepaid calling cards, and of course, prepaid international calling service plans which you may find to be the best among the rest out there. Many people have found true satisfaction with the international calling solutions that Pingo.com has been providing them.  You should really consider trying Pingo out due to these reasons:

1. Quality calls with great reliability are guaranteed.

2. As a network, Pingo.com is trusted for delivering about 1.3 billion worth of call minutes internationally every month.

3. Exceptional service is their secret to keeping 95 percent of their customers worldwide.

4. You are entitled to a money back guarantee in the event that you don’t find the service satisfactory.

5. There are no hidden fees that apply. All you need to pay for is what you have agreed on with Pingo.com.

In addition to the reasons above, Pingo.com also has the EZ Dial app for easy dialing functions which is available to any smart phone such as Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone. They also have the Pingo Soft Phone that lets you call your family and friends direct from your web-enabled PC without the hassle of installations. With all these and more, Pingos prepaid international calling service plans can truly give you the best value for your money.

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