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10 Years of Superior Call Quality to India

We want to share a Pingo customer’s experience in their own words to showcase the level of service you can expect from our dedicated Pingo service team. Being with Pingo for so long (10 years) and having experienced awesome call quality and great live customer service, they were kind enough to be our Pingo brand ambassador and share their testimonial.

Bilwesh Jani – Pingo Customer Since 2006

My family and I have been using Pingo to make international calls, mainly to India, since 2006. In all these years of at least weekly calls averaging 20-30 minutes, we have never had any issues with the quality of service, ever!! After almost 10 years, I needed to contact customer support to inquire about bonus minutes and was pleasantly surprised to find online chat support and the prompt reply from Brian was awesome. He took care of my query promptly and thanked me for being a loyal customer for almost 10 years. This ‘in-person’ service was a delight in this digital age of artificial intelligence and virtual reality. Kudos to Brian and Pingo!! I expect my family to use Pingo for many years to come.



It brightens our day when we hear such things from a loyal Pingo customer that has never had an issue with Pingo in almost 10 years of service. Pingo has a dedicated US multi-lingual customer service team available 7 days a week for 14 hours a day. This helps us in providing top notch live customer service. A lot of our online phone service competitors only provide help support tickets with a 48 hour response time and lack to live customer service.

If you are looking for an International calling service that you can rely on, then look no further. Give Pingo a try to experience all the phone features & level of service to help you stay connected to the world.

Sign Up Now at Pingo.com and enter Coupon Code “Social” for an extra 10% off.  Valid to new customers only 

About The Author

Brian Hawkins is the Internet Marketing Manager for Pingo.com since 2006. Prior he worked at the marketing agency that helped to launch Pingo.com back in 2004. Mr. Hawkins has been lucky enough to have traveled around the world twice and has experience living as an American Expatriate in four countries.

Pingo.com International Calling Service Review

Customer Service at its best!

We want to share a Pingo customer’s experience in her own words that shows the level of service you can expect from our dedicated Pingo service team. We take pride in our international calling service and work extremely hard to maintain a 95% customer retention rate since launching Pingo in 2004.

Pingo Logo

95% Customer Retention Rate Since 2004

“Many thanks for your breathtakingly quick reply. To say that I am impressed beyond words would, honestly, be an understatement. 

Take care. 

Kind regards,

M.D.A. (a Pingo Customer since 2007)”


When you read a Pingo Customer email this thrilled, I had to follow up personally to find out what about our service impressed her. And I did and here is the reply I received.

Sent: Thursday, September 22, 2016 1:01 PM
To: Brian Hawkins
Subject: What a wonderful surprise and gesture!

“Hi, Brian!

Many thanks for your phone call a few minutes ago. I don’t know what happened but as soon as I picked up the phone [to answer], we got cut off! I am truly sorry for that.

Brian, I did not say anything other than what I feel is true about the Pingo Support Team (=Customer Service). It, really, is quite brilliant. Every time I have needed help, I have received an answer within an hour — or, sometimes, even less, so, there is absolutely no question of my being patient. How I wish other so-called customer services would take a page out of Pingo’s book! Now, they really do test one’s patience. Also, I have never ever received a personal call — or even an email — from their Internet Marketing Manager! But then again, to be very fair, I haven’t had any reason(s) to thank them for their ‘prompt’ (or otherwise kind of) service. The only other online people who come anywhere close to Pingo’s help desk is Topaz Labs, the photography software people. But that’s about all. No wonder I have remained with you two for as long as I have; and I shall, no doubt, continue to do so.

So, Brian, once again, many thanks to Marisol and also to Jay who has, in the recent past, assisted me with my queries. And, of course, the pièce de résistance was your phone call! Let me hurriedly say that this does not mean that I appreciate Marisol and/or Jay’s faster-than-the-speed-of-light responses: not at all. But, then again, it is not every day — if at all — that one receives a personal phone call from the Marketing Manager of a company. On my part, all I can do, right now, is, say ‘thank you very much’. As William (Bill or Will, to his friends!) Shakespeare (in Hamlet) said, “Beggar that I am, I am even poor in thanks; but I thank you.” The man sure had a way with words.

Take care.

Kind regards,

M.D.A. (a Pingo Customer since 2007)”


It brightens our day when we hear such things. Pingo has a dedicated US multi-lingual customer service team available 7 days a week for 14 hours a day. This helps us in providing top notch live customer service. A lot of our online phone service competitors only provide help support tickets with a 48 hour response time and lack to live customer service.

If you are looking for an International calling service that you can rely on, than look no further. Give Pingo a try to experience all the phone features & level of service to help you stay connected to the world.

Sign Up Now & Enter Pingo Coupon Code ” Social ” for an extra 10% off.  Valid to new customers only 

About The Author 

Brian Hawkins is the Internet Marketing Manager for Pingo.com since 2006. Mr. Hawkins has been lucky enough to have traveled around the world twice and has experience living as an American Expatriate in four countries.

Pingo Testimonial Reviews

Read Pingo Testimonial Reviews

At Pingo.com we work hard to ensure we provide you with best call quality and superior service. Since the launch of service 10 years ago in 2004 we strive to keep these high quality standards. Our goal is to keep you connected with your family, friends and colleagues in distant lands. We truly appreciate you being part of Pingo service and look forward to keep on serving you.

Once in a while we like to be reminded that all our hard work is resulting in excellent service levels. BBB’s (Better Business Bureau) Rating for our service and some of our users kind words, just reinforces that.

BBB A+ Rating Pingo Review


Pingo’s BBB page 

Pingo is a service of iBasis, a KPN Company, one of the world’s leading international long-distance carriers delivering over 2.0 billion minutes of International calls a month.The iBasis network is your assurance of superior quality and reliability—in addition to the most competitive rates out there!

Pingo's Safe & Secure Website Rating

Pingo's Safe & Secure Website Rating

Pingo EZ Dial Smartphone App Reviews

Pingo EZ Dial Smartphone App Reviews

From the Pingo EZ Dial testimonials page

Pingo US Long Distance Customer:

“I started with Pingo in March 2005 and used it quite frequently in an area that didn’t have cell coverage. It worked very well for us as calling long distance on land line was expensive so we cancelled long distance and used Pingo to our satisfaction. Since, cell towers have been installed closer to our location and cell service is now quite good so we’ve cancelled Pingo. It served us well over these years.” Skip in Northern Illinois

Pingo Customer Testimonial Review

Pingo Customer Testimonial Review Quote

“During the recent Diwali weekend, all other provider lines to India were choked. My friends got to hear the automated message that all lines are busy. Pingo was working absolutely fine with fantastic clarity. I thought I should share this feedback with you. Thanks.”

Testimonial Quotes from Pingo Customers

Testimonial Quotes from Pingo Customers

“It makes calling overseas a pleasure & much more efficient. Thanks for coming up with the idea.”

“Pingo is simply wonderful; I will entreat all international callers to use PINGO.”

“Great idea – thank you for this application – it made my calling experience much easier.”

Pingo Review Testimonial

Pingo Review Testimonial

“I know I will continue enjoy your good service.

For your information I have referred several friends and family members to your esteemed company, and I will continue to do so when opportunity presents itself.”

Trust Pilot Pingo Review Testimonial

Trust Pilot Pingo Review Testimonial

5 Star Pingo Review

5 Star Pingo Review

Pingo review for calls to Africa

Pingo review for calls to Africa

Reliability of Pingo's International Phone Service

Reliability of Pingo's International Phone Service

Feedback on Pingo Complaints

Feedback on Pingo Complaints

Calling Your Spouse Abroad

Calling Your Girlfriend Abroad

TrustPilot Pingo Reviews Posted

TrustPilot Pingo Reviews Posted


Rating Pingo's Calling Service Review

Rating Pingo's Calling Service Review

” I have been using Pingo for my international calls for about four months now and so far I have been pleased with my service. I can’t begin to tell you how Pingo has saved me money on my calling. I was having $300 cell phone bills every month from my carrier. So far, I am a satisfied customer. I love the fact that I can just log into my account and recharge my minutes. I tell others about Pingo but everyone knows that people are so use to habits that they won’t change; I would be the same way because if anyone told me about their other company, I would not change from Pingo. Satisfied customer.” By Laura G. on 9/25/2014

“I’ve been using PINGO for years and have NEVER had a problem. The rates are great, the features they offer make using PINGO a sinch! I just recently decided to download the PINGO EZ Dial software on my Iphone and now have the convenience of using my PINGO account on my cell phone and call France all the time for cheap. If you’re not using PINGO – you should honestly just give it a try… I personally have not regretted doing so and I love the cheap rates!”

By Tina L. on 9/23/2014

“Travelled to Canada for a weekend trip. Found out i would have no phone service to call home and check on family but i located Pingo online. Was able to call family from my hotel room each night and morning. Expense was low cost and even allowed for me to receive a refund on all unused funds. Would use again and recommend to a friend.”

By Chris M. on 9/18/2014

Pingo Complaint Review

I Hear Like The Person Is Next Door

Thanks for reading all these great Pingo review testimonials!

Now will you please give us a try to experience all the phone features & level of service to help you stay connected to this world with Pingo?

* Image Disclaimer Sources:

- TrusstPilot  https://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.pingo.com

- BBB http://www.bbb.org/boston/business-reviews/telephone-pre-paid-card-sales-and-distribution/pingo-in-burlington-ma-96958/

- Webutation http://www.webutation24.net/go/review/pingo.com

-  Complaints Board  http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/pingocom-c209393.html

How to Survive Long Term House Guests

Everyone has had guests in their home. Some stay for dinner and others stay for the night. But, sometimes guests are here to stay for a while. Long-term guests will definitely affect every aspect of your lifestyle, some of which can be great and a few which may seem like a burden.

Though, since you are providing a house and roof for your long-term visitor, it is essential that you create a situation in which everyone will benefit from. In order to be as hospitable as possible while maintaining the comforts of a lifestyle that you are accustomed to, you need to plan and prepare for situations that will or might arise during your guests stay with you.

The topic most any host is primarily concerned with is the issue of avoiding crowding. At the same time, you don’t want to make your guest feel as though they are a burden to you. Space is always a concern, and is often only missed once it is occupied. A spare bedroom may have transitioned from storage into your guest’s new sanctuary. This means that you will have to plan out how you will adapt to a new occupant. What space will they need? What space will they want?

Though space can be limited and double-bunking or room sharing may be required, it is still necessary to provide some room so that guests can have space to themselves. Personal time is still important, and will be necessary when they need it. You don’t want them to feel like they are constantly without privacy, especially since this may leave other members of the family without privacy as well.

To aid in this objective, it is important to set long term house guest rules list. What is appropriate conduct? When and where should certain operations be conducted? Are there curfew house guest rules? This will include such topics as bathroom usage, living quarters, and the use of amenities such as the internet, phone, and kitchen. Setting down a solid set of base-line house guest rules is important. Though, you must still keep in mind that you don’t want your home to seem like a prison or your guest may feel as though they aren’t openly welcomed in your home. Set house guest rules that are fair and justifiable, such as not eating someone else’s food or leaving a mess for someone else to clean up. As for facility usage, such as the kitchen and bathroom, a fair schedule should be arranged to help maintain fairness throughout the household.

It is likely that your International house guest will need personal coaching as well regarding cultural differences and what practices will help them adjust to their new environment. Different countries have their own unique styles and habits, so it is important that you are there when your guest has questions or needs help adjusting to their new living abroad experience.

Plan ahead, such as school schedules and daily activities. Getting organized and balancing your time budget is essential to a successful experience, although it isn’t always considered until time becomes a pressing matter. Prior to your long term house guest’s arrival, make sure that you will be able to provide allotted time to take care of their needs. They may have schooling or work to conduct while they’re here, so it will be necessary that they are able to take care of those needs.

There is also the concern about keeping track of your guests. They’re in a new country, experiencing an unfamiliar culture and geography. Planning an effective communication method is a practical and efficient way to ensure your guest’s safety while they are staying with you.

Since it is up to you as the host to make your guest comfortable, providing certain amenities is necessary to aid them in their experience. When staying abroad, remembering home and being able to stay in contact with family from their home country is a comfort that helps immigrants adjust to their new home better.

However, long-distance calls can be an expensive addition to standard phone services, and aren’t always readily available. Prepaid international calling card service allows your guest to enjoy staying in touch with family while working abroad to save money. Pingo offers a family plan to have your relatives make a web dial International call with rates typically around 1.75 cents per minute by using Pingo Soft Phone and setting up sub accounts to manage your family’s account all online.

Long term house guests shouldn’t have to be thought of as a burden in your home. Through careful organization and proper planning, you can present a positive experience for your entire family. As a caring and hospitable host, it’s up to you to ensure that they feel welcome in their new home.

**Photograph “PA Mill Run: Falling water – Guest House – Living room” by Wallyg under Creative Commons Attribution

Pingo Update – New Discount Prepaid International Calling Rates

Wow! Check Out The NEW Discount Prepaid International Calling Rates!

New Rate Old Rate
Bulgaria – Mobile – Globul 15¢ 35¢
Bulgaria – Mobile – Mobiltel 15¢ 35¢
Bulgaria – Mobile – Mobiltel Premium 15¢ 35¢
Bulgaria – Mobile – Vivatel 15¢ 35¢
Finland – Mobile – Elisa 7.9¢ 12¢
Finland – Mobile – Finnet 7.9¢ 12¢
Finland – Mobile – Sonera  6¢ 12¢
France – Mobile – Bouygues 3.5¢ 7.5¢
France – Mobile – Free 3.5¢ 7.5¢
France – Mobile – Orange 3.5¢ 7.5¢
France – Mobile – SFR 3.5¢ 7.5¢
Germany – Mobile 12.5¢ 21.75¢
Germany – Mobile – Eplus 6.9¢ 21.75¢
Germany – Mobile – O2 6.9¢ 21.75¢
Germany – Mobile – T-Mobile 6.9¢ 21.75¢
Germany – Mobile – Vizestream 12.5¢ 21.75¢
Germany – Mobile – Vodafone 6.9¢ 21.75¢
Ireland – Mobile – H3G 12.5¢ 19¢
Ireland – Mobile – Meteor 19¢
Ireland – Mobile – O2 19¢
Ireland – Mobile – Vodafone 19¢
Israel – Mobile 3.85¢
Israel – Mobile 3.85¢
Italy – Mobile 1.5¢ 24¢
Italy – Mobile – H3G 7.5¢ 24¢
Italy – Mobile – Telecom Italia 7.5¢ 24¢
Italy – Mobile – Vodafone 7.5¢ 24¢
Italy – Mobile – Wind 7.5¢ 24¢
Netherlands – Mobile – KPN 6.5¢ 23.75¢
Netherlands – Mobile – Lycamobile 6.5¢ 23.75¢
Netherlands – Mobile – Other 6.5¢ 23.75¢
Netherlands – Mobile – Telfort 6.5¢ 23.75¢
Netherlands – Mobile – T-Mobile 6.5¢ 23.75¢
Netherlands – Mobile – Vodafone 6.5¢ 23.75¢
Netherlands – Mobile – Vodafone 6.5¢ 23.75¢
Norway – Mobile – Netcom 6.9¢ 19¢
Norway – Mobile – Telenor 6.9¢ 19¢
Poland – Mobile – ERA 6.5¢ 7.5¢
Poland – Mobile – Orange Centertel 6.5¢ 7.5¢
Poland – Mobile – Play (P4) 12.5¢
Poland – Mobile – PLUS 6.5¢ 7.5¢
Portugal – Mobile – Optimus 24¢
Portugal – Mobile – TMN 24¢
Portugal – Mobile – Vodafone 24¢
Sweden – Mobile – H3G 4.5¢ 20¢
Sweden – Mobile – Other 4.5¢ 20¢
Sweden – Mobile – Tele2 4.5¢ 20¢
Sweden – Mobile – Telenor 4.5¢ 20¢
Sweden – Mobile – Telia 4.5¢ 20¢
Switzerland – Mobile – Lycamobile 14.9¢ 26¢
Switzerland – Mobile – Orange 14.9¢ 26¢
Switzerland – Mobile – Sunrise 14.9¢ 26¢
Switzerland – Mobile – Swisscom 12¢ 26¢
Switzerland – Mobile – Swisscom 12¢ 26¢
United Kingdom – Mobile – H3G 3.5¢
United Kingdom – Mobile – O2 5.5¢
United Kingdom – Mobile – Orange 5.5¢
United Kingdom – Mobile – T-Mobile 5.5¢
United Kingdom – Mobile – Vodafone 5.5¢

As of Monday, July 16th, 2012 we have reduced many of our rates while still delivering you the same great value.

We work hard to monitor our prepaid International calling rates and look for opportunities for long term discount reductions in our price. We are interested in keeping you connected to family, friends, loved one through our Pingo services (on a phone line or on a Smartphone).

We monitor and keep you updated on rates through Pingo’s Ratewatcher.

RateWatcher™ saves you from the hassle of digging through piles of prepaid calling card offerings to see if you’re getting really low rates. RateWatcher actively monitors changing long distance costs around the world looking for opportunities for Pingo to bring you discount prepaid international calling rates. It’s an important part of our commitment to be the last phone service you’ll ever need to stay easily connected to the world.

Pingo® was created to give you the best value in discount prepaid international calling rates and service. Rates listed on this page as of 7/16/12. You can check out the latest rates here.

A World of Father’s Day Celebrations

Pingo prepaid international calling serviceFather’s Day is one of the most celebrated holidays throughout the world. While many cultures have their own histories, religions, and specific cultural ideals, there are a few common similarities that everyone in the world shares. Fathers have played a key role in just about every society, raising their children, protecting their families and lands, and passing on their teachings to the next generation so that they too can do the same for their own families.

While a father is often renowned for his position in the family, in many cultures, father-figures are also honored with equal or greater passion. These figures may be patriots or even teachers that make an effort to create a safer world for all of us to live in.

A background of impression

Mrs. John B. Dodd of Spokane, Washington was the founding initiator of Father’s Day, advocating its message in honor of her own father who had fought in the American Civil War. After the war, his wife had died, leaving him to care for all six of his children on his own. Witnessing an inspiration amongst father figures, Mrs. Dodd continued promoting the holiday to churches, organizing the first initial date of June 19th. It wasn’t until President Woodrow Wilson approved it in 1916 that it became increasingly celebrated. In 1924, President Coolidge made it an official part of American culture. But even before its initial establishment, the principle of honoring our fathers and father figures had spread out across the world, often the only difference being the date on which to honor those that have affected our lives so greatly.

Celebrated throughout the world

The most widely celebrated date for Father’s Day is always on the third Sunday of June. People from all over the world use this common day to pay respects to fathers and father figures in their culture. But there are also cultures that imprint their Father’s Day traditions on a specific date, rather than a day. Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Uganda all share the common date of June 21st, which also celebrates the first day of the summer season. Regardless of whether or not it lands on a Sunday, Father’s Day is celebrated on this day, possibly because it was the initial date selected by its founder.

Australia, Fiji, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea all share a similar date which is invariably different from other locations in the world. The first Sunday of September marks their Father’s Day celebrations, which is very similar to what is practiced in the United States. In the northeastern parts of Europe, Father’s Day finds itself pinned to yet another unique date. Finland, Sweden, and Norway have dedicated the second Sunday of November to honor their fathers. Originally, the idea of Father’s Day was inspired by American practices, and the date on which it is celebrated is seemingly the only difference between the vast distances of the world.

Honoring fathers

In many of these countries, like Australia, the United Kingdom, and Mexico, Father’s Day celebrations are similar. Sunday is often a day when most businesses are closed, giving fathers an opportunity to spend time with their families. Such traditions may incorporate festivals in the park, enjoying entertainment such as movies or concerts, and even simply enjoying an opportunity to relax for the day.

There are also those that encourage the practices of being a father with others. Education and becoming proactive in their community are popular practices, often considered an honorary role in their society. Here, they pass their fatherly wisdom onto new or future fathers within their community, encouraging a better life for everyone they encounter in life.

Regardless of where you are in the world, it is always important to be able to contact fathers that have impacted your life in some way. Your travels may separate you from each other, but you always have the option of giving them a call. International calling services are ideal for such scenarios, allowing you the luxury of staying in contact with those that matter the most.

While Father’s Day has only been officially recognized for little under a century, its principles have been practiced by people throughout history. Honoring your fathers by learning from their wisdom and passing it onto the next generation is the most powerful gift you can give. Fathers are more than just a family title or position, they are the people that teach and help others in hopes of creating a better world for tomorrow.

**Photograph “Father gives playful chase to his daughter on the beach” by Mikebaird under Creative Commons Attribution

Calling All First Generation Immigrants

Every day, people find themselves in new places, cultures, and environments. Some travel for business, while others travel for pleasure. But, for those immigrating to new lands, their purpose is often a little more permanent. With these changes, there come many challenges that must be faced. Not only are there environmental factors to consider, but emotional challenges to face as well. And it’s not only you who has to face these challenges, your family and children must also face them as well.

But what does it mean to be a first gen immigrant? The biggest goal for anybody is to find and provide a better opportunity in life. For many immigrants, this is the main reason that one might travel to new lands in search of economic freedoms, liberties, and a fair chance at the market.

In addition to their own personal desires, it is the very nature of parents to want their children to be better off than they were. This is why they migrate to seek economic freedom and better education opportunities, giving their children a chance at something they didn’t. Of course, the goal isn’t only a matter of education, but also stretches to include the opportunities that their education will provide for them and their families in the future to come.

Challenges to overcome in a new world

One must always consider the challenge of comfortably settling in a new environment. Immigrating families find themselves far away from familiar cultures and people. Change of scenery isn’t the only thing many immigrants notice, but also the fast paced environment of American cultures.

For any individual, adapting to the many challenges of the business world and work environment is one of the first goals of an immigrant. In an open society where those that work succeed, finding quality work is essential in providing for yourself and your family.

Getting a quality education for you and your children is one of the greatest opportunities that exist in America. Public and private school systems provide one of the best educational sources in the world, while universities and graduate schools are readily available all throughout the country. This is one of the leading reasons that many immigrants seek education in the United States, and there is the combination factor in which grants provide an increased opportunity and advantage for immigrating families, enabling their children and themselves to attain a higher education.

A challenge within

One of the biggest challenges of migrating is adapting to a completely different culture. You’ll be leaving family and friends behind which can be an emotional and distressing event. Children are also particularly affected when they are displaced from their homeland.

For children, issues of “fitting in” are often far more difficult than for an adult. New places will mean new faces and usually new languages. Keep in mind that language isn’t just words, it is a combination of accent and pronunciation as well, which can be difficult to adjust to in a new culture, making communication a challenge for many first generation immigrants and their children.

While communication may seem like a physical challenge, it can take emotional tolls on people as well, leaving immigrants frustrated. While there are those in the world that want you to succeed, there will be those that will try to hold you back. It is always important to dissuade negativity and surround yourself with people that will support your success in your ventures. Many immigrants actually seek areas where their own culture is still strong, such as neighborhoods where fellow immigrants have relocated to. Here, support is readily available, and there will be others who can help you adjust to the new cultural changes.

One of the best ways to help alleviate emotional stress is to maintain a balance in cultural differences. International calling services will allow you to communicate with friends, family, and business in locations throughout the world. As many immigrants may realize, relocating to a new land isn’t a singular event, often taking years of planning and travelling. Many of these prepaid calling services are less expensive than regular service providers, and can be taken with you wherever you go in the world.

Immigrating to a new land will challenge both you and your family. But finding a new home with new opportunities is a reward that is often worth the trials you may face. Just remember that you never have to face them alone, as long as you have someone to talk to regardless of where they may be in the world.

**Photograph “American Airlines B767″ by RHL Images through Creative Commons Attribution

Lifetime Winners!

Have you heard of Pingo yet? If you’re looking for great rates, excellent service, and clear call quality for international calls, then Pingo’s for you. It’s one of the best prepaid international calling services available today, enabling you to talk to family, friends, and even do business over the phone internationally.

Back in 2004, when Pingo was first launched, they gave out free minutes for life to two lucky winners. These two winners received $2,000 Pingo phone credit valid for life. We interviewed the winners and asked them how they are finding the free Pingo services that they had won.

The first winner is Fred Schlette and he is all praises for Pingo. He’s been a customer for 6 to 7 years and he calls Colombia the most. His favorite features of Pingo include Pingo Soft Phone, Pingo EZ Dial, Pingo Speed Dial, and PINPass Numbers. He raves about the Call History feature, which lets him see all the calls he has made in the past so he can easily call them again. He also enjoys the Recharge feature which automatically recharges his account so he doesn’t have to worry about suddenly getting disconnected while on a call.

Being Pingo’s lifetime winner has really changed his life. Since he has many family members spread out in different countries, Pingo has really made it easy and convenient for him to keep in touch with them. He enjoys the different advantages that using Pingo offers, such as the fact that he doesn’t have to recall any numbers since Pingo remembers them for him, as well as the fact that Pingo lets him use his home number as his account number, which makes it easy for him to recall.

He is also very happy with Pingo’s customer service. Whenever he has a problem, whatever issue he has is always resolved in less than 5 minutes. Because of his love for Pingo, he is even willing to have potential customers call him to hear about what he has to say about Pingo.

For him, “easy to use and easy to remember” is what sums up Pingo. His message to anyone considering signing up for Pingo is: “Do it! You will not be disappointed.”

Our second Pingo lifetime winner requested that we honor his privacy and not use his name or information, but we still interviewed him to see how he’s enjoying his award. This anonymous winner uses Pingo to promote pilgrimages to the Holy Land and other holy sites in the world. He considers winning this prize a blessing as he is able to share his message to more people.

He’s been a Pingo customer for 8 years now and he mostly calls Israel, Rome, Fatima and Lourdes. Some of his favorite features of Pingo include easy international dialing and speed dial. He also loves that it gives him the ability to call home often.

Being a lifetime winner of Pingo has changed his life by helping him make all his
important calls easily and so that he can better promote pilgrimages to holy lands. After successfully using Pingo in his first pilgrimage to Israel, he told other people about the service and to date, he has always seen the 3 telephone booths at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem with a line of pilgrims calling home using Pingo.

To those considering to sign up for Pingo, he says that it’s easy to use and a great way to connect with your family if they’re apart from you.

Winning a lifetime of free calls at Pingo has truly made a large impact on these two people’s lives. You yourself can also enjoy the excellent international call services at a very affordable rate by signing up to Pingo as well.

You don’t have to worry about any hidden charges or fees as the rate you see is the rate you pay. Pingo also offers a satisfaction guarantee or your money back, so you can try their services without any risk of dissatisfaction.

Using Pingo Soft phone for web dial calls from 200 countries will only cost you 1.8 cents per minute. Imagine that? So be sure to try Pingo’s services today… you never know – it just might change your life, too.

Save More through Pingo Promos

Pingo continues to provide great quality international phone calls at affordable rates. With a trusted iBasis network that delivers over 1.3 billion minutes every month, the company wants to ensure that all customers are always satisfied with their calls. On top of this great service, Pingo offers different promos for all its customers that allow them to save more money.

Pingo International Calling Card Promos

Pingo wants to reward its customers by giving out promos that will allow them to get more calling minutes just by recharging. This is an easy way for customers to get more value out of their money. Just imagine getting more minutes by paying for the same amount you usually pay for. Pingo always posts their deals on their website. When you visit Pingo.com, you will instantly see their latest offers.

Mother’s Day Special

A few weeks ago, Pingo released a mother’s day promo allowing customers that recharged from May 9 to May 14 an extra 25% value that they could use to call their mothers. It was a one-time offer that a lot of customers took advantage of. According to the iBasis telecom network, customers used 80, 460, 596 minutes during Mother’s Day 2011 and expected that number to be even larger for this year!

This year, the company ran an internal employee contest to guess the year’s highest number of minutes in a day. An employee guessed 80,800, 500, the closest to the actual mother’s day minutes last May 8.

The mother’s day promo provided more call minutes to those who wanted to greet and catch up with their moms. You never know how important it is for our moms to receive a call from us especially when they know that we are busy. A few extra minutes of talking to them makes a huge difference. Because we value our customers, we want to make sure that they can also reach out to those who are valuable to them at the most affordable rate possible while providing seamless connections.

Latest Promo

Pingo has a running promo right now that gives new customers 50% free value when they sign up for $20 worth of calls. This promo will run up to the end of the month so if you have been looking for a reliable international calling service, this is your chance to experience hassle-free service. If you have plans to travel abroad, the Pingo website has a rate watcher that gives you calling rates from one country to another. Your $20 will go a long way!

Pingo has a 95% retention rate which shows that customers are happy with the services given. In addition, we want to continue giving customers what they need from an international prepaid calling service and more by giving money-saving promos to ensure that customers are given even more value for the affordable rates they are already paying. So head on to Pingo.com today to view the latest promos and start saving!

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Fund the World with a Free $25 Kiva Micro Loan!

You may think your current situation is difficult and hard, but in truth, there are many people out there in the world who are in more dire straits than you are. They have difficulty making ends meet and they barely have enough food to eat. These people need capital to be able to provide for their family’s needs and enjoy a few comforts.

About Kiva.org

Here’s where Kiva comes in. Kiva wants to empower people all over the world to create better lives for themselves and their families. They help people by lending them funds so they can have the opportunity to improve their lives. They want people to have access to safe and affordable capital.

So how exactly does it work? Basically, Kiva partners with microfinance institutions in different countries to provide loans to people who don’t have access to traditional loaning sites such as banks. They call these institutions their field partners, since they are the ones who administer the loans to the people who need it the most.

Kiva depends on a network of almost 500 volunteers all over the world. This non-profit organizations aims to alleviate poverty by giving people the capital to provide for their families.

You can lend as low as $25 to help give someone in the world an opportunity to succeed in life. You simply make a loan on Kiva, get updates regarding the loan, then get paid back once the borrower repays the loan. You get the same Kiva Credit, which you can once again loan to another person, donate to Kiva, or withdraw to your paypal account. It’s as simple as that.

$25.00 FREE Loan to Help the World!

And here’s something better: how about trying Kiva for free? Kiva  is giving  free trial loans of $25. You simply choose the person or group you want to lend $25 to and Kiva’s private donor will pay for the loan. Any repayment funds will go back to the sponsor of the loan, however, not to you. But it’s still an excellent way to start lending money to a person in need. All you need to do is sign up, but you’ll need to do it soon because they only have 10,000 loans to give out worth $250,000 in micro-loans.

For example, you can help Juliet, a 26-year old lady who owns a stationery business in Uganda. She began the business by getting capital from her father, and the business has been operational for 2 years. However, she is currently suffering from inadequate capital due to customers not paying on time. She wants a loan so she can buy more products for reselling. She also wants to move her business to a better and more permanent location, as well as build a permanent home for herself and her family. This is Pingo’s 5th loan and you can view the details about this loan at http://www.kiva.org/lend/41226

Juliet is just one among the thousands of people around the globe who can benefit from a small capital loan. It’s time to help make the world a better place and give opportunities to people who are less fortunate than you are. You can start by simply using this free trial invitation from Pingo at http://www.kiva.org/invitedby/GlobalPhoneCards

Pingo.com is an international phone service provider. We work with people to make international calls more affordable and accessible. With Pingo Family Plan, you can help your family save on web dial calls from Africa or anywhere in the world using Pingo Soft Phone. It only costs $1.75 cents a minute. With the savings you get, you can help support organizations like Kiva who want to alleviate poverty and create a better world.

Please help us spread the word about this $25 free loan! 

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