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Pingo EZ Dial iPhone iOS 7 Upgrade

Pingo EZ Dial iPhone iOS 7 Upgrade

We recently upgraded Pingo EZ Dial app to support Apple iOS 7 mobile operating system along with few performance enhancements. This will ensure that your Pingo calls are handled efficiently and you continue the savings on your international calls with Pingo.

It is strongly recommended that all existing Pingo EZ Dial (iPhone) users upgrade to version 2.3.4039. You can find the version by opening your Pingo EZ Dial App on your iPhone and follow these steps:

Pingo EZ Dial iOS 7

How to Upgrade Pingo EZ Dial to iOS 7

How to Set up Pingo EZ Dial

Pingo EZ Dial to iPhone iOS 7

Pingo EZ Dial Version Screen Shot Image

How to find what version Pingo EZ Dial

You should follow these simple steps to update your existing Pingo EZ Dial app, if you haven’t already done so.

1. Go to App Store on your iPhone

2. Navigate to Updates section and find Pingo EZ Dial  

3. Select Update and your Pingo EZ Dial App will be updated.

4. You can start making calls using Pingo EZ Dial

Thank you very much for using Pingo for your international calling and we are looking forward to serving you in best possible way.

The Pingo Team