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$5 Recharge Bonus from Pingo.com ~ Happy Holidays!

Attention Pingo Customers

Pingo would like to make this holiday season more exciting by offering you a special bonus! We will add a $5 bonus to your account on your next recharge of at least $30. Don’t miss this! Recharge between December 18th and 21st to take advantage of this special bonus.

Pingo recharge coupon code

Recharge Your Pingo Account NOW!

Get $5 Bonus on your recharge (With $30 minimum recharge)

Please click this link https://www.pingo.com/en/secure/login.do?forward=recharge, log in to your Pingo member’s area and enter coupon code joy in the manual recharge section to apply this special offer. You will be able to view the applied coupon in Payments Log in History section of your Pingo account once your recharge is processed

This is a special one-time offer just for you. It is for a limited time only, so take advantage now. As always, we at Pingo appreciate your business and look forward to serving you in the best possible way.

Log in to Recharge NOW and start calling your family & friends. Wish you Happy Holidays

This offer ends on December 21st, 2013 – recharge your account today!


The Pingo Team

**  Please Note: This offer is not transferable, and it will not work with any other account or the automated recharge by phone, and valid only for USD billing currency. Please allow up to 72 business hours for the bonus to appear in your account. The offer is valid from December 18th to 21st, 2013. With coupon code joy, $5 Bonus will be applied to only one (1) recharge of $30.00 (For example, a $30 recharge will result in $35 with this offer). This Bonus is available only one (1) time. Offer expires December 21st, 2013.