Protests Worldwide Are Phone-Powered

protest worldwideProtests in Egypt, protests in Syria, protests in Iran, Occupy Wall Street protests, international protests. Common to world protests and national protests worldwide is a demand for change and the use of phones to help obtain it.

Phones Spread Protests in Egypt, Libya, Iran, Syria, U.S., Europe

Talking heads on TV newscasts have led some to believe that Facebook and Twitter are the primary propagators of protests in Egypt and world protests in general, but they’re not. The primary propagator is the phone. Protesters carrying laptops are rare, but protesters carrying mobile cell phones and smart phones are not. And they’re using them to call others as close as home and as far away as the next continent, and to send text messages, phone-shot pictures and videos, and, yes, email messages via the internet. Further, in many countries, those who have PCs in their homes are dependent on phone networks for internet access. We live in a phone-connected world.

World Protests and International Calling Cards

i want to call my mom
Because international calling cards are portable and enable low-cost calls to and from many countries via almost any phone, it should come as no surprise that they play a role in the spread of protests worldwide, and what others know about them. Protests in Egypt, protests in Europe, Occupy

Wall Street protests in the U.S. – world protests everywhere — all unleash a torrent of calling card usage. For every protester using a calling card to share developments with others, there are soon thousands using a calling card to obtain or relay developments to those who are or may be impacted, even if not directly or immediately. Thinking people realize that eventually a protest anywhere in the world may have an impact on almost everyone in the world. A protest in one country can spawn protests in others, just as protests in Egypt fueled protests in Libya and protests in Syria. Those with loved ones in other countries are especially aware. In a stressed and interdependent and internationally-connected world, protests can arise and spread in almost any country, and some can spark world or international protests.

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