Pingo Phone Card Review for Daily Deal

YouSwoop, A Chicago based daily deal site did such an amazing Pingo phone card review of the service. That we thought it was worth re-publishing to share this Pingo review.

Pingo phone card review

Pingo calling card review


* Call anyone around the world at inexpensive rates
* 100% clear call quality guaranteed
* Save up to 90% on international mobile calls
* Call from your cellphone, the Internet or a land line
* Apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry

Pingo Phone Card Review from YouSwoop Editorial Team

“You’ve got friends and family scattered all over the place, and your cellphone bill is printed proof. Being apart from the ones you love is hard enough. But when your only other forms of communication are via a fuzzy Internet connection or snail mail, it gets even harder. Stop exhausting your phone funds and get back to chatting with pals near and far with today’s Swoop from Pingo.

Whether you know someone in Hong Kong, London or anywhere in between, Pingo has you covered. And with their low-cost rates for countries across the globe, you’ll spend just cents per minute in their top five markets: India (1.75-2.75 cents/minute), China (1.75 cents/minute), the UK (1.5-29 cents/minute), U.S. long-distance (1.75-4 cents/minute) and Mexico (1-12 cents/minute).

Whether you’re trying to get in touch with friends abroad or you’re the one globetrotting, all you have to do is call the local or toll-free access number (rates vary depending on the one you choose), enter your account number and dial the number you want to reach. You’ll then be greeted with the voice of the one you love, and there’s no need to worry about static getting in the way: Pingo promises 100 percent call quality satisfaction.

If you prefer to call through your computer, opt to use the Pingo Soft Phone, which allows you to connect with 200 countries online for the flat rate of just 1.75 cents per minute. And if you’re the one globetrotting, you can download the Pingo EZ Dial app for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry to save up to 90 percent on cellphone calls abroad. So swoop in on today’s deal and get in touch with who you want, when you want.”

* This Pingo review was provided by that was compensated with its featured daily deal offer that was valid to new customers only.

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