Phone Card Helps Families Immigrate, Gain Citizenship

gain citizenshipOf the 38 million U.S. residents defined as immigrants for being foreign-born, 47% are now U.S. citizens, while most of the balance of 53% of immigrants are legal permanent residents or legal temporary residents with student or “green card” work visas. Collectively they have literally hundreds of millions of relatives and friends overseas. No matter their status — and whether or not they want to be citizens themselves or are trying to help loved ones immigrate or obtain citizenship – they have in common a need to make international calls as frequently and inexpensively as possible.

Staying Connected Across Borders and Miles
Nobody understands the international calling needs of U.S. immigrants and their loved ones overseas than Pingo, a leading international calling card provider whose KPN parent-company iBasis is a leading international telecomm.

Pingo International Calling Card Rates Among World’s Lowest
Pingo cards allow inexpensive calls to and from over 200 countries using any phone. And Pingo is the only company with calling card rates that get even cheaper the more you use them. Pingo’s pinless speed-dialing and advanced systems dovetail with the iBasis international network, allowing Pingo to promise unsurpassed ease of use, lightning-fast connections, 100% reliability, and crystal-clear clarity, and to back that promise with a money-back guarantee.

Get Your Pingo Card Right Now and Enjoy $10 in Free Calls Immediately
There’s no way for foreign-born U.S. immigrants and their loved ones overseas to stay in touch that’s cheaper, faster, more reliable, portable, and private than a Pingo calling card. And if you click here right now, you’ll get the $10 in free calls Pingo is offering with a $20 sign-up!

Pingo Calling Card Can Help Win Visa and Citizenship
Almost all immigrants who are trying to help others immigrate know all too well it can take years to obtain a visa allowing immigration, and more years to obtain permanent legal residence and citizenship. What many don’t know is that a calling card can do more than help them communicate inexpensively across borders and miles. It can help win citizenship. In the case of immigration proceedings, phone records can document communications between separated family members, evidencing relationships vital to immigration eligibility. The catch is that very few calling card companies are both able and willing to provide the detailed data that is required. Pingo is one that is, and does it free.

Pingo Does More Than Supply Records to Immigration Applicants
Pingo not only supplies detailed call records to immigration applicants free of charge.
Pingo also provides a letter signed by a company executive, certifying the authenticity of those records. When it comes to international calling cards, shouldn’t you obtain yours from a company that not only understands the unique needs of loved ones separated by borders and miles, but does all it can to help bring them together?

Get Your Pingo Card Right Now and Enjoy $10 in Free Calls Immediately

It’s not hard to see why Pingo’s calling cards are used by so many in the U.S. and overseas for whom inexpensive and reliable international calls are important to all they hold dear. Now that YOU know, shouldn’t you get yours right now? Remember, if you click here right now, you’ll get Pingo’s $10 in free calls with a $20 sign-up!

* This post is just one opinion of advice, we encourage you to please contact a licensed immigration lawyer and the US government directly for specific information to help with your student visa to citizenship paperwork.

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