Phone Card Can Help You Win Family US Citizenship after Student Visa

student visaIt’s no surprise that calling cards are highly popular among foreign students studying in the U.S.. The phone cards let international students call family and friends back home, from any phone in the U.S., at very low cost.

What’s surprising is that some of those international students obtained the required F1 or M1 student visa because they used a particular phone card to help them apply. That’s because foreign students applying for an F1 or M1 student visa to study in the U.S. show that they have a residence abroad and a connection to the states.

International students that eventually become US citizens. Can leverage this call record data for the time that they temporarily living apart from their family home country.

By using a phone card to call family while away from home, F1 and M1 student visa applicants can supply call records to help show their family relationship is intact and genuine.

The catch is that very few calling card companies are both able and willing to provide the detailed data.
Pingo is one that is, and does it free.

Pingo marketing manager Brian Hawkins said that Pingo gets a few requests a week from foreign students and other immigrants seeking call records for their family immigration proceedings. In the case of immigration proceedings, Pingo documents communications between family members where one family member is already in the USA, to help other family members or loved ones immigrate.

“We’re happy to help,” said Hawkins, “and we don’t charge for this service.”

“When we receive such a request, we tap into our sophisticated IT systems to pull down the customer’s call records,” he said, “and then we package the records up with a cover letter that gets signed by one of our senior executives.”

An actual example of such a letter is shown in this post. It was written on the letterhead of Pingo’s parent company, iBasis, a KPN Company that owns Pingo. iBasis is a leading telecom provider that delivers over a billion minutes of international voice calls every month.

“Even if you’re not yet certain you’ll be applying to get a family member citizenship , I would urge you to get a Pingo phone card right now,” Hawkins stressed, “so that if the time comes later, we can supply a most helpful set of International call records for you or your loved one.”

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* This post is just one opinion of advice, we encourage you to please contact a licensed immigration lawyer and US government directly for specific information to help with your student visa, F1 to US citizenship paperwork.

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