Help Missionaries Save on International Phone Calls

There are millions of missionaries scattered all over the world, some of whom are assigned to very remote places. Oftentimes, the churches supporting these ministries have tight budgets. Hence, it would be of great help to ministries and churches if they could purchase affordable calling cards like Pingo for their missionaries abroad. There are 3 great reasons why this is practical advice:

*It helps save money for the people supporting these missionaries by saving as much as ninety-percent on international calls. Pingo offers very low rates for international calls so that missionaries can keep in touch whenever they need to. Usually, the ministry will only allocate a small portion of their budget for communications. Through these very affordable calling cards, you can offer encouragement to missionaries abroad all the time.

*Being able to communicate easily while abroad enhances the safety and well-being of missionaries. They travel to dangerous areas at times, so providing calling cards for them allows them the opportunity to phone for help or backup whenever necessary. Missionaries also have to update their churches concerning developments in their area every now and then. But since they sometimes have to live in remote areas, they are forced to travel quite a bit just to buy phone cards to do so. With convenient international calling cards like Pingo, missionaries won’t have to risk traveling from a remote area just to buy prepaid calling cards.

*Pingo is very convenient to use. One of the least concerns that missionaries want to deal with is technology. Their main concern should be helping people and evangelizing. A Pingo international calling card is easy to use. There is no need to dial a PIN at all. Plus, there are apps for iPhone’s, Blackberry’s, and Android’s. It’s also cost-efficient due to its auto-recharge feature which ensures that important calls will not be cut-off. Most of all, users are guaranteed high-quality calls.

Getting calling cards for missionaries abroad is a practical move for anyone. Support them by giving them access to better communication services.

Note: Pingo does not solve any roaming problems and is not liable for any such charges. There are certain countries where Pingo access is not available. In these countries, missionaries will have to rely on Pingo soft phone services.

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