Have You Forgotten Where You Came From?

Travel is a part of life. Business amongst other factors can often separate family members. But, that’s no reason that you can’t stay in touch. In fact, it’s even more of a reason to keep contact with those around you- especially your family members.

For children, this can be a very difficult part of life. Parents can immigrate great distances across borders in order to find work to provide for their families. It can affect lives in numerous ways, but by staying in touch, you can ease the transition and greatly increase the value of life.

Staying in touch

Luckily, with all the technology readily available there are various ways to keep in touch with your family members. The classic method is still the phone call. Phones are the quickest and most reliable source to keep in touch. But, there is always the immigration situation. Newcomers to a country don’t always have the monetary or credit source to purchase a new phone (especially with the costly smart phones on the market). Consider instead a different method of contact. Long distance communication providers, such as Pingo, provide excellent services that allow you to pre-purchase calling-cards. This would enable anyone to call from anywhere without worrying about expensive purchases or devices that may only be used for a limited amount of time. You can call from any phone (even a payphone) that is available to you so you don’t miss a special occasion or important call.

There is also the availability of social media. This readily available communication device simply demands an internet source. Though laptops and computers can be bulky while traveling, you can sign in from any internet source (including a friend’s smart phone). The only downside is that you can’t necessarily see or directly communicate with your family members,although, there are sites such as Skype, which allow visual and verbal direct communication. Just be sure you use a trusted source to sign in.

Another technique that is interesting, but easily incorporated into a simple phone call are the hidden messages around home. Rather than simply staying in touch, you can take it to another level. Leave presents, notes, and even letters around the home before you leave. Then, each time you call, leave clues to their whereabouts. It will not only entertain your family members, but also maintain a feeling of your presence at home while you are gone.

A few reminders

The trick to maintaining quality communication is to do it regularly. Though random calls just to check in can be appreciated, a solid schedule can definitely be advantageous when separated by long-distance. Schedule at least two days out of the week in which you have plenty of time to converse and discuss how things are going to contact your family. Letting your family members know ahead of time when you are planning to call can allow them to plan their day accordingly, and to look forward to this special time!

When you call home, ask questions about their lives. How is school going? How well are they getting along, and if they are being treated well? Don’t forget that it’s always important that your children know that they can approach you with questions of their own. You don’t want to intimidate them into hiding the truth or deleting facts from the conversation. Be as open as possible, even when you’re at home. Because children are often left in the care of someone else while we travel, it is vital that you take immediate action if there is a problem with a caregiver while you are gone. You don’t want them to fear your absence, especially if you make a living by immigrating and traveling long distances.
Listen to what your children have to say. Don’t just tell them everything’s going to be okay or breeze through a simple conversation. Be sure that you cover what’s going on in their lives and try your best to remain a positive influence for them.

Something to keep in mind is that you should never make a promise you can’t keep. This can cause stress in your family’s life, so refrain from doing it. Instead, wait until you’ve succeeded in the activity before you promise anything. It will help build credit, especially in a long distance situation.

And lastly, don’t forget to remind your family members that you love them. No words can truly express the value of this topic. Because distance can present us with the hurtle of communication, it is important that we discover and find ways to overcome this problem. The children of immigrants can often feel alone or even neglected while their parents leave the country in order to do what is best for their family. Because they may not want this, or even understand why it must be, parents must be prepared to break the communication barrier with the tools that are available to them. Remember that no matter how far apart you are in distance, you can always feel close to home by a simple phone call.


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