Get a Trusted US Military Soldier Phone Card That Will Never Rip You Off

Are you looking for a trustworthy and cost-effective US military soldier international calling service? If so, then Pingo is the only service that you’ll ever need. It is the world’s most trusted international calling service that offers superior reliability, quality, and competitive rates.

You have probably heard the horror stories about some phone companies that rip off service personnel with their outrageous toll charges. The sad fact is that these stories are true. There are some greedy international calling card providers and telecom carriers who take advantage of US soldiers by pocketing millions of dollars through obscene call rates.

The Sad Story of Sgt. Richard Corder

Army Sgt. Richard Corder was bound for Iraq for another tour. When his unit made a quick stopover in Germany, the good sergeant decided to call his family from a secured airport facility. Unfortunately, no one was at home when he called so he just left a 3-second message to tell his wife that he was okay.

Sgt. Corder used the service of BBG Communication, a San Diego-based company, and used his debit card to make the call. He was shocked when his phone bill arrived because the call provider charged him a whooping $41 for the 3-second airtime. He felt ripped off and sued BBG.

Corder’s story is not unique. There are already hundreds of complaints lodged against BBG in the Better Business Bureau. And the saddest part is that there are other telecom carriers and call card providers that rake-in millions of dollars at the expense of US military soldiers stationed overseas.

Don’t Get Scammed: Get a Trusted International Calling Service from Pingo

Pingo is the only international calling service provider that offers a risk-free satisfaction guarantee or you get your money back. This service has already donated more than a hundred thousand dollars worth of phone cards to support US military service members abroad. It is dedicated to keeping the morale of the troops strong by giving them the chance to regularly contact their families back home.

Pingo offers value for your money. It has the most competitive rates in the market and does not hide its rates from you. The rate you see is the rate you pay and you will never be ripped off again with outrageous call charges.

Comparing Pingo with Other Call Services

You’ve already gotten a brief background about the bad experiences of some US servicemen with BBG Communications. How about big US telecom giants such as AT&T? Can Pingo offer more value for you compared to the services of AT&T?

To tell you the truth, press reports indicate that the popular US telecom conglomerate is monopolizing payphone services particularly in Afghanistan and Iraq. Investigative journalists from The Newark News Ledger and The Prepaid Press found out that AT&T is charging more for calls on top of surcharges levied on interconnection.

But with Pingo, you get high quality and secure connection and most importantly, cheaper rates. You do not have to worry about hidden charges or fees because the company provides transparent call rates. So, when you purchase the Pingo call card, you already know how much you will pay for your usage.

Compelling Facts Why You Should Use Pingo

Aside from the fact that Pingo is giving US military soldiers a cheaper way to stay connected with their families, it also provides other benefits and incentives that no other telecom companies are offering. To give you a quick overview, here is what’s in store for you with Pingo:

1. You get complete satisfaction guarantee. This is a risk-free transaction because you can get your money back, guaranteed, if you are dissatisfied with the call service.

2. Quality at its best. Pingo offers clear and crisp connection so you can talk with your loved ones without annoying interruptions, static, or dropped calls. More importantly, the connection offered by the service is highly secured using state of the art technology.

3. Convenient and intuitive calling service. Pingo provides PIN-less dialing technology to allow quick calling. It also offers mobile applications so you can connect with the service through your smartphone.

4. More incentives for the patriotic US soldiers. Pingo gives free calling card bonuses for every sign-up. You get free calls just by using the service. And when you refer your friends to use the service, you will get additional free call bonuses.

If you are still searching for the right US military soldier international calling service abroad, you should stop looking now. Pingo can offer you the best and most trustworthy call services. It is really the only calling card that you will ever need.

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