Get a Cost Effective Volunteer Abroad International Calling Service

We live in a dynamic world where many of us are forced to live life in a suitcase. Travelling can be an occupational hazard for some while a getaway from a wild world for others. We still have to stay connected with people close to our hearts and people who care for us. A lot of money gets drained out of our pockets from making international calls and we are forced to keep these calls extremely short. Sometimes, in those lonely moments away from the family, you may wish to express your deep-felt thoughts, but exorbitant call charges prevent you from doing so. That’s why we recommend all our frequent travelers to take advantage of the volunteer abroad calling service which help in keeping hearts close in long distance relationships. is one of the most well-renowned companies which offer some really cost effective volunteer abroad calling cards with absolutely no compromise on call quality.

Some of the key highlights of the services being offered by include:

-High quality and reliable network connection with iBasis.

-Customer Delight with Exceptional Customer Services.

-Absolutely no hidden charges and competitive call rates.

-Supports all smart phones like iPhone, Android and Blackberry

-Auto Recharge facility to save you from undesirable situations.

-Quick PIN-less dialing and online account management.

-100% Money-back offer in case of any dissatisfaction.

All these exciting features make Pingo a brand you can trust when you are in unknown lands and just cannot afford to be disconnected from the rest of the world. The money-saving deals which are available can be used to save on all the extra call expenses. Pingo offers services across the globe. All you need to do is to sign up, dial the local or toll-free number, and follow the self-explanatory prompts. PIN Pass is used to keep it a safe service.
All in all, Pingo has some great volunteer abroad calling cards to make your journeys memorable.

Note: Pingo does not solve any roaming problems and is not liable for any such charges. There are certain countries where Pingo access is not available, and in these countries, you will have to rely on Pingo soft phone services.

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