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Start Living a Dream as an International House Sitter

If you are the type of person who likes to travel the world and visit exotic places, then international house sitting abroad might be for you. If it doesn’t bother you to live in someone else’s house to take care of their everyday tasks such as watering their plants and feeding their pets, then this could be a great way for you to see the world. An advantage of international house sitting abroad is that it allows you enough time to enjoy a new culture, get to know the locals, and to learn new customs at a much lower cost than if you were to rent a hotel room.

You can learn how to become an international house sitter by getting on the internet and researching house sitting websites. You could start your research by following these seven guidelines:

- Read interviews and testimonials of people who have experienced internationally house sitting.

- Figure out how people have turned a curiosity into an international experience.

- Learn how people have turned international house sitting abroad into a full-time job. There are people who have been caring for private residences in Oahu, New Zealand, and other exotic places owned by billionaires.

- Spend some time researching “The Caretaker Gazette.” Subscribe to this highly respected publication to get advice on how to contact people who are looking for sitters and how to avoid making mistakes while finding a place to work.

- Visit a website that offers links to house sitting opportunities.

- Write a resume and post it on a respectable site. Be as detailed as possible; state whether you have extensive training in caring for animals or whether you are an award-winning gardener. If your qualifications match a person’s needs, you are likely to get the position.

- Apply for jobs that may be appealing to you. Be very personable in your applications as many people in this industry consider sitters to be an extended part of the family. Consider positions that are relevant to your interests and skills.

Start looking for your first position as an international house sitter abroad today and begin visiting exotic new places all around the world.

Get a Trusted US Military Soldier Phone Card That Will Never Rip You Off

Are you looking for a trustworthy and cost-effective US military soldier international calling service? If so, then Pingo is the only service that you’ll ever need. It is the world’s most trusted international calling service that offers superior reliability, quality, and competitive rates.

You have probably heard the horror stories about some phone companies that rip off service personnel with their outrageous toll charges. The sad fact is that these stories are true. There are some greedy international calling card providers and telecom carriers who take advantage of US soldiers by pocketing millions of dollars through obscene call rates.

The Sad Story of Sgt. Richard Corder

Army Sgt. Richard Corder was bound for Iraq for another tour. When his unit made a quick stopover in Germany, the good sergeant decided to call his family from a secured airport facility. Unfortunately, no one was at home when he called so he just left a 3-second message to tell his wife that he was okay.

Sgt. Corder used the service of BBG Communication, a San Diego-based company, and used his debit card to make the call. He was shocked when his phone bill arrived because the call provider charged him a whooping $41 for the 3-second airtime. He felt ripped off and sued BBG.

Corder’s story is not unique. There are already hundreds of complaints lodged against BBG in the Better Business Bureau. And the saddest part is that there are other telecom carriers and call card providers that rake-in millions of dollars at the expense of US military soldiers stationed overseas.

Don’t Get Scammed: Get a Trusted International Calling Service from Pingo

Pingo is the only international calling service provider that offers a risk-free satisfaction guarantee or you get your money back. This service has already donated more than a hundred thousand dollars worth of phone cards to support US military service members abroad. It is dedicated to keeping the morale of the troops strong by giving them the chance to regularly contact their families back home.

Pingo offers value for your money. It has the most competitive rates in the market and does not hide its rates from you. The rate you see is the rate you pay and you will never be ripped off again with outrageous call charges.

Comparing Pingo with Other Call Services

You’ve already gotten a brief background about the bad experiences of some US servicemen with BBG Communications. How about big US telecom giants such as AT&T? Can Pingo offer more value for you compared to the services of AT&T?

To tell you the truth, press reports indicate that the popular US telecom conglomerate is monopolizing payphone services particularly in Afghanistan and Iraq. Investigative journalists from The Newark News Ledger and The Prepaid Press found out that AT&T is charging more for calls on top of surcharges levied on interconnection.

But with Pingo, you get high quality and secure connection and most importantly, cheaper rates. You do not have to worry about hidden charges or fees because the company provides transparent call rates. So, when you purchase the Pingo call card, you already know how much you will pay for your usage.

Compelling Facts Why You Should Use Pingo

Aside from the fact that Pingo is giving US military soldiers a cheaper way to stay connected with their families, it also provides other benefits and incentives that no other telecom companies are offering. To give you a quick overview, here is what’s in store for you with Pingo:

1. You get complete satisfaction guarantee. This is a risk-free transaction because you can get your money back, guaranteed, if you are dissatisfied with the call service.

2. Quality at its best. Pingo offers clear and crisp connection so you can talk with your loved ones without annoying interruptions, static, or dropped calls. More importantly, the connection offered by the service is highly secured using state of the art technology.

3. Convenient and intuitive calling service. Pingo provides PIN-less dialing technology to allow quick calling. It also offers mobile applications so you can connect with the service through your smartphone.

4. More incentives for the patriotic US soldiers. Pingo gives free calling card bonuses for every sign-up. You get free calls just by using the service. And when you refer your friends to use the service, you will get additional free call bonuses.

If you are still searching for the right US military soldier international calling service abroad, you should stop looking now. Pingo can offer you the best and most trustworthy call services. It is really the only calling card that you will ever need.

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Why Purchase International Backpacking Travel Calling Cards?

International backpacking travel calling cards are great to buy before you travel as you can carry these calling cards everywhere with you to call your loved ones back home. Many people usually forget to bring along any cards for their trips abroad. What they don’t know is that they end up wasting money when they buy expensive cards in the countries that they visit.

Why use international backpacking travel calling cards?

The international backpacking travel calling cards are great to use because you can bring them along with you to other places all around the world. sells these backpacking cards at an affordable rate allowing you to call your loved ones anytime while you are traveling the world. These cards are not expensive in any way because offering affordable phone cards is what strives for.

Why do you need to buy these cards before your trip?

If you buy calling cards during your trip while you are at the airport or in another country, you can be wasting quite a lot of money on cards that are just too expensive. Luckily, Pingo offers amazingly affordable phone cards for your backpacking adventures.

Call your friends when you’re traveling by using Pingo’s wonderful list of services. Each of their phone cards are nicely made, and you can be sure to have a great time when you’re free to contact your loved ones wherever you are without paying higher international fees than you would normally. Millions of people use Pingo everyday as their trusted resource for making the best and most affordable phone calls abroad. With their high quality reception, you can be sure to enjoy your phone calls and be able to keep in good contact with your family. They have offered over 1.3 billion minutes to their customers in a single month so you can be assured that they know how to treat their phone card users.

Note: Pingo does not solve any roaming problems and is not liable for any such charges. There are certain countries where Pingo access is not available, and in these countries, you will have to rely on Pingo soft phone services.

Help Missionaries Save on International Phone Calls

There are millions of missionaries scattered all over the world, some of whom are assigned to very remote places. Oftentimes, the churches supporting these ministries have tight budgets. Hence, it would be of great help to ministries and churches if they could purchase affordable calling cards like Pingo for their missionaries abroad. There are 3 great reasons why this is practical advice:

*It helps save money for the people supporting these missionaries by saving as much as ninety-percent on international calls. Pingo offers very low rates for international calls so that missionaries can keep in touch whenever they need to. Usually, the ministry will only allocate a small portion of their budget for communications. Through these very affordable calling cards, you can offer encouragement to missionaries abroad all the time.

*Being able to communicate easily while abroad enhances the safety and well-being of missionaries. They travel to dangerous areas at times, so providing calling cards for them allows them the opportunity to phone for help or backup whenever necessary. Missionaries also have to update their churches concerning developments in their area every now and then. But since they sometimes have to live in remote areas, they are forced to travel quite a bit just to buy phone cards to do so. With convenient international calling cards like Pingo, missionaries won’t have to risk traveling from a remote area just to buy prepaid calling cards.

*Pingo is very convenient to use. One of the least concerns that missionaries want to deal with is technology. Their main concern should be helping people and evangelizing. A Pingo international calling card is easy to use. There is no need to dial a PIN at all. Plus, there are apps for iPhone’s, Blackberry’s, and Android’s. It’s also cost-efficient due to its auto-recharge feature which ensures that important calls will not be cut-off. Most of all, users are guaranteed high-quality calls.

Getting calling cards for missionaries abroad is a practical move for anyone. Support them by giving them access to better communication services.

Note: Pingo does not solve any roaming problems and is not liable for any such charges. There are certain countries where Pingo access is not available. In these countries, missionaries will have to rely on Pingo soft phone services.

Why Choose for Prepaid International Calling Service

Nowadays, prepaid international calling service plans have become trends for the mobile telecom world. Of course, rates for international calls could sky high when you are under a regular mobile plan. This can prove to be very impractical, given the fact that there are means for long distance communications offered at economical prices. However, not all providers can give you the best services possible.

There are customers that suffer through choppy phone calls due to the incapacity of a provider to handle long distance or international calls. Given that, one must be wise in choosing a cell phone plan provider; especially when it comes to an international level of dialing. is among the most trusted international cell phone plans provider with affordable rates and quality services.

Why Choose Over Others?

There’s so much in store for you at They have offers that can help you save big on rates for calls throughout the world. Pingo is best known for its international prepaid calling cards, and of course, prepaid international calling service plans which you may find to be the best among the rest out there. Many people have found true satisfaction with the international calling solutions that has been providing them.  You should really consider trying Pingo out due to these reasons:

1. Quality calls with great reliability are guaranteed.

2. As a network, is trusted for delivering about 1.3 billion worth of call minutes internationally every month.

3. Exceptional service is their secret to keeping 95 percent of their customers worldwide.

4. You are entitled to a money back guarantee in the event that you don’t find the service satisfactory.

5. There are no hidden fees that apply. All you need to pay for is what you have agreed on with

In addition to the reasons above, also has the EZ Dial app for easy dialing functions which is available to any smart phone such as Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone. They also have the Pingo Soft Phone that lets you call your family and friends direct from your web-enabled PC without the hassle of installations. With all these and more, Pingos prepaid international calling service plans can truly give you the best value for your money.

How to Make International Calls Online From Your PC

If you’re wondering how to make international calls online from your PC, you can use a popular service called Many people from all around the world have been using Pingo because they’re fond of its superior quality and reliability. Pingo have the most competitive rates available without any hidden fees. There’s no guess work involved either because you only pay for the rates you see.

When you refer your friends to Pingo, you can earn free international calls. When your friend signs up and creates an account with Pingo, you will receive $5 in your account. And when you refer three of your friends to Pingo, you will receive $20 in your account. So, don’t forget to tell all your friends about Pingo’s international calling services.

Pingo EZ Dial

Be sure to sign up for Pingo EZ Dial and use the application with your mobile smartphone. Simply follow the three easy instructions on Pingo EZ Dial’s website to download the software onto your phone. If you have an Apple iPhone, go to to find out how to download Pingo EZ Dial to your phone. Pingo EZ Dial supports over 450 different types of mobile smartphone models. To find out if your phone is compatible with Pingo EZ Dial’s software, go to and scroll down the page to see if your phone is listed.

We guarantee that you will love using Pingo EZ Dial. It’s the easiest way to save money on international phone calls. There is no need to dial access numbers and PIN codes. When you open Pingo EZ Dial application on your phone, dial an international number or use the Contact feature to select the name of the person that you want to call and simply press the Call button to make the call. Your phone calls will automatically be routed through Pingo’s low international rates. You can save as much as 90% off your service providers’ international rates.

How to Make Long-Distance Relationships Cheaper

Long-distance relationships are not only taxing on a couple’s patience, it can also be quite a burden to their respective wallets. Many couples in this kind of relationship already factor in communication costs to their daily budgets.

These calls are done in the name of love, but are there ways to somehow cut the costs and make international calls cheaper? Of course there are. Here are some of a few:

1. Divide the costs between you and your partner. This will only work if you and your partner still have separate budgets. It is often the case for many couples to only have one person call the other all the time. This puts an unnecessary burden on the budget of the caller. If both can afford it, then just separate the bill and have alternating callers.

2. Call during off-peak hours. Some telecom providers provide discounts and lower per-minute rates for calls made during off-peak hours. These off-peak hours may seem like ungodly hours for the couples involved, but if there is really a pressing need to reduce communication costs without reducing communication, then availing oneself of these promotions is a good way to start.

3. Use cheap cell phone international calling cards. Call to your loved ones using services such as Pingo to save a ton on long-distance calls. You can just pay online, get your PIN, and start calling your loved ones at only a fraction of the normal rates usually charged for international calls.

4. Use Pingo soft phone for web dial calls. Is it inconvenient for you to dial from your phone and call using cheap cell phone international calling cards? Pingo has this soft phone option that lets you call anyone in the world using your computer. There are no contracts to sign and there are no complicated downloads involved. It’s hassle-free!

Long-distance relationships do not have to be that costly. From cheap cell phone international calling cards to web dial calls, there are a variety of cheap options. Now you can get to talk to your beloved without having to worry so much about your wallet.

Convenient International Phone Service For Quality and Affordable Communication

Traveling abroad is a frequent practice for the business community, where individuals must move from place to place in the course of their operations. Business operations can never be successful without regular communication between suppliers, customers and associates. With the recent development of mobile technology, business people and other frequent travelers abroad have a reason to smile since things have been made easier and much more convenient for them. The only hurdle for many is expensive calling rates when they want to phone back home which can make their trips expensive. This has been addressed by Pingo, the leading provider of affordable international calling cards to all classes of travelers.

There are various factors that should be considered when selecting calling cards for work abroad programs. These factors are aimed at ensuring that the communication to family members back at home, friends, and other parties, is complete. These factors are reliability, customer support, cost effectiveness, and quality service, among others. With Pingo, you are sure that the services provided meet and exceed your expectations. There is a guarantee that the rates you see are the rates applied. This means that there are no hidden charges on top of what is written and disclosed. This makes the calling cards provided by Pingo the most preferred among many visiting travelers from India, Switzerland, Italy and other parts of the world.

It is important to select a calling card that is compatible to phones of all makes. This has been a challenge since most international calling cards are selective to a few specific makes of handsets. This has been solved by Pingo calling cards that work with most types of phones. This is a relief to many users of international calling cards.

When preparing for international travel, it is vital to have these basics to ensure that you can get in touch with people back home at the most convenient way possible. Select the PIN-free dialing calling cards that can enable speed dialing to frequently used numbers. This will facilitate speed and accuracy. Engage a calling card provider that can guarantee effective cost and convenience at all times.

Note: Pingo does not solve any roaming problems and is not liable for any such charges. There are certain countries where Pingo access is not available, and in these countries, people in work abroad programs will have to rely on Pingo soft phone services.

Have You Forgotten Where You Came From?

Travel is a part of life. Business amongst other factors can often separate family members. But, that’s no reason that you can’t stay in touch. In fact, it’s even more of a reason to keep contact with those around you- especially your family members.

For children, this can be a very difficult part of life. Parents can immigrate great distances across borders in order to find work to provide for their families. It can affect lives in numerous ways, but by staying in touch, you can ease the transition and greatly increase the value of life.

Staying in touch

Luckily, with all the technology readily available there are various ways to keep in touch with your family members. The classic method is still the phone call. Phones are the quickest and most reliable source to keep in touch. But, there is always the immigration situation. Newcomers to a country don’t always have the monetary or credit source to purchase a new phone (especially with the costly smart phones on the market). Consider instead a different method of contact. Long distance communication providers, such as Pingo, provide excellent services that allow you to pre-purchase calling-cards. This would enable anyone to call from anywhere without worrying about expensive purchases or devices that may only be used for a limited amount of time. You can call from any phone (even a payphone) that is available to you so you don’t miss a special occasion or important call.

There is also the availability of social media. This readily available communication device simply demands an internet source. Though laptops and computers can be bulky while traveling, you can sign in from any internet source (including a friend’s smart phone). The only downside is that you can’t necessarily see or directly communicate with your family members,although, there are sites such as Skype, which allow visual and verbal direct communication. Just be sure you use a trusted source to sign in.

Another technique that is interesting, but easily incorporated into a simple phone call are the hidden messages around home. Rather than simply staying in touch, you can take it to another level. Leave presents, notes, and even letters around the home before you leave. Then, each time you call, leave clues to their whereabouts. It will not only entertain your family members, but also maintain a feeling of your presence at home while you are gone.

A few reminders

The trick to maintaining quality communication is to do it regularly. Though random calls just to check in can be appreciated, a solid schedule can definitely be advantageous when separated by long-distance. Schedule at least two days out of the week in which you have plenty of time to converse and discuss how things are going to contact your family. Letting your family members know ahead of time when you are planning to call can allow them to plan their day accordingly, and to look forward to this special time!

When you call home, ask questions about their lives. How is school going? How well are they getting along, and if they are being treated well? Don’t forget that it’s always important that your children know that they can approach you with questions of their own. You don’t want to intimidate them into hiding the truth or deleting facts from the conversation. Be as open as possible, even when you’re at home. Because children are often left in the care of someone else while we travel, it is vital that you take immediate action if there is a problem with a caregiver while you are gone. You don’t want them to fear your absence, especially if you make a living by immigrating and traveling long distances.
Listen to what your children have to say. Don’t just tell them everything’s going to be okay or breeze through a simple conversation. Be sure that you cover what’s going on in their lives and try your best to remain a positive influence for them.

Something to keep in mind is that you should never make a promise you can’t keep. This can cause stress in your family’s life, so refrain from doing it. Instead, wait until you’ve succeeded in the activity before you promise anything. It will help build credit, especially in a long distance situation.

And lastly, don’t forget to remind your family members that you love them. No words can truly express the value of this topic. Because distance can present us with the hurtle of communication, it is important that we discover and find ways to overcome this problem. The children of immigrants can often feel alone or even neglected while their parents leave the country in order to do what is best for their family. Because they may not want this, or even understand why it must be, parents must be prepared to break the communication barrier with the tools that are available to them. Remember that no matter how far apart you are in distance, you can always feel close to home by a simple phone call.


Pingo Awarded the 2012 Editor’s Choice Phone Card Award

Burlington, MA February 9th, 2012 Pingo, the prepaid international calling card service, today announced that it has won the 2012 Editor’s Choice Phone Card Award from, a leading phone card review and comparison site. Pingo is receiving this award for the second year in a row from

John Kenney, founder of, says “Based on our in-depth comparisons of leading vendors, we believe that Pingo delivers the best value to consumers for international calls. Pingo stands out for its high call quality, low rates, simple pricing, and excellent features.

In a competitive price-driven phone card industry, this 2012 editor’s choice award demonstrates Pingo’s commitment to providing a superior phone service,

Prepaid Calling Card Award

Pingo's Editors Choice Award

” says Jayesh Patel, Pingo’s VP of Strategic Development. In addition to low calling card rates, Pingo offers advanced ease of use features, including a Pingo mobile app called Pingo EZ Dial and a global web-based phone called Pingo Soft Phone. All Pingo services and features leverage the company’s extensive customer service.

About is the most complete guide to prepaid international calling cards on the internet. It is part of a network of over 50 sites dedicated to international calling. provides a wealth of in-depth, unbiased calling card reviews and rating comparison information to help you make smart buying decisions. While the site does earn an affiliate commission from its referred vendors, the site offers practical information on most everything related to calling cards. Its ratings are updated annually based on a thorough, data-driven analysis which we document thoroughly on the site. The results include one company that is given its “Editor’s Choice” rating which Pingo has earned for 2012, because of its best calling card pricing and features. Learn more at


Pingo is a prepaid phone card service that offers great rates on international and domestic long distance, along with unbeatable quality, simplicity and convenience. Pingo offer’s a 100% call quality and money back guarantee to ensure a risk free service that you can rely on. Pingo is proud to maintain over a 95% customer retention rate earned from exceptional customer service available seven days a week. Learn more at

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