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Typhoon Haiyan Telecom Support Donations

We are all aware of the tragic devastation that has occurred in the Philippines recently, and our hearts go out to all those who have suffered losses and who continue to struggle in the recovery effort there.

Philippine Red Cross

Help Make A Difference

To help the people of the Philippines who have been left vulnerable after the devastation, Pingo is supporting the efforts of the American Red Cross Society and other not-for-profit organizations. The American Red Cross Society, which has been assisting the Philippines Red Cross, was among the first humanitarian aid agencies that launched relief operations after the disaster to help more than four million people in need of emergency support.

Emergency aid fundraising needed

The initial relief efforts focused on helping with disaster assessment and logistical support, food, shelter, sanitation and water and other essential services. However, there is still significant need for humanitarian aid because of the magnitude of the damage. The typhoon left behind extensive destruction to property and infrastructure. Thousands were left homeless, and the lack of infrastructure continues to present a major challenge to relief and recovery efforts. Thousands of families were also disconnected by the disaster, and many natives of the Philippines abroad have not been able to reach their loved ones. In its efforts to reconnect families, the American Red Cross Society has established a service to help families locate their relatives.

Pingo is working hard to improve the voice quality of calls made through its network with the aim of providing customers with a reliable way to communicate with their family and friends across the globe. Pingo uses an established network that is capable of handling billions of minutes in long distance and international calls at some of the lowest rates in the market. The service offers a quality guarantee and flexible call options, including land-line, mobile and a “soft phone” service that enables Pingo customers to make calls from a computer with an Internet connection, which may be more widely accessible than a traditional phone line or mobile signal. The Pingo calling service can be accessed from any carrier and from more than 30 countries around the world. Pingo’s parent company, iBasis, one of the world’s largest international wholesale carriers, also made a donation to support Telecom Sans Frontieres (“Telecom without Borders”). Telecom Sans Frontieres is a non-governmental organization that is providing telecommunications support to facilitate communications among those affected and to enable humanitarian relief agencies on the ground to better coordinate their efforts.

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2. by Jarkko Mikkonen/Finnish Red Cross

Pingo Supports the New York Nigerian Independence Day Parade Celebration

Pingo was proud to help support the New York Nigerian Independence Day Parade Celebration with a booth at the parade & attend the Nigerian Cultural Night Events.

Check out the 100′s of photos we took at the Nigerian New York event images on flickr. Also watch, subscribe, like & share all the Nigerian Video’s captured on Pingo’s YouTube channel.  Amazing to see all the Green White Green Nigerian pride in New York City!

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How to Buy Temporary Disposable Cell Phones to Make International Calls While Traveling Abroad

We all need a good holiday every once in a while in order to relieve stress and have a good time. When we travel abroad we inevitably have to plan and organize our trip, as well as make sure that we have everything we need while we’re away. Naturally, a cell phone is indispensable in this regard, but few people realize how temporary disposable cell phones are more advantageous in this context than standard cell phones.

Indeed, temporary disposable cell phones are nowadays a much-requested gadget for most traveling enthusiasts. While some people might decide to stick to normal cell phones, one cannot deny that the latter carry some inherent disadvantages while abroad. Generally, the primary concern is the fact that people tend to shell out a lot of cash on their mobile phones, and while abroad it is highly possible that they may lose it, misplace it, or even have it stolen. Traveling shouldn’t be about being overly-anxious and concerned about losing your phone, but about enjoying yourself.

Disposable phones are perfectly suited for travelers

Temporary disposable cell phones are perfectly suited for travelers since they are essentially simple, lightweight and cheap gadgets which are intended for short-term use. You need not worry about losing it or breaking it, since they are extremely cheap and are made of durable plastic and rubber. They only serve one function, and that is to make and receive calls while you’re abroad. Since they lack most of an advanced phone’s functions, they provide a very good battery life which is essential when you are on the go.

Getting disposable cell phones to make international calls is very straightforward. Most tourist shops are readily stocked with these phones since their surge in popularity has made them quite profitable. Typically, airport outlets also sell such phones, so you can get one right as you arrive at your destination. Another alternative is phone shops, which would generally sell temporary cell phones as well.

Prepaid International Calling Service

Making cheap international calls while traveling is now also possible thanks to Pingo. This is a prepaid international calling service which may be accessed through the web interface. The latter is extremely simple and user-friendly, so there really is nothing to worry about. Pingo is a service offered by iBasis a KPN Company, which is hailed as one of the world’s best international long-distance carriers.

Using Pingo to make international calls while abroad is very straightforward and convenient. Easy step-by-step instructions are available online at, and a stellar customer service ensures that any difficulty you may have will be resolved quickly and effectively.

Combining temporary disposable cell phones and a convenient service such as Pingo is a perfect recipe for peace of mind while traveling. You should be able to call your loved ones and receive calls normally, with perfect sound quality. All you need is a local phone number that can be provided from a temporary cell phone provider and then use Pingo to save on International calls.  You could bring your own cell phone if its a GSM phone and buy a local SIM card in the store to convert an unlocked cell phone.  However you will not need to worry about losing your expensive cell phone, including any personal information, photos or videos in the process, since you will be using a cheap and disposable cell phone model. Once your trip comes to an end, you can simply throw away your disposable phone, donate it, or have it recycled.

*Photograph “Brand New and Second Hand Cheap  Mobile Phones in MBK” by GianCayetano under Creative Commons Attribution

** Use this post only as a starting guide, please contact your prepaid cell phone carrier to confirm service availability and extra fees prior to making International calls while traveling abroad.

International Calling Service Made Better by Technological Developments in Communications

Communication used to be difficult and expensive just a few decades ago. People used to spend lot of time and money just to place international calls. It was considered luxury. But with the advent of technology in the field of communications, international calling service has become simpler and more affordable.

With increased growth of economies, people have started moving to distant places for better job prospects which kept them away from their family, friends and relatives. This raised the need to make more international calls. Today, because of inexpensive and simple international calling services, the world has gotten smaller.

International calls are usually made using computers wherein different methods are used to place calls. But at times, it does happen that people who you need to call either do not have computers at their disposal or are still not familiar with using computers to communicate. But technology has been successful in bringing solutions to this issue and mentioned below are few ways wherein international calls can be made to people who do not have computers:

Landline: The conventional way of making internationals calls to people abroad when they don’t have computers at their disposal, is to use a landline phone. Landline phones are operated via the standard Public Switched Telephone Network. Making international calls using landlines is quite an expensive affair and the cost for it depends on the country where you are calling and your long distance calling plan. People who need to make frequent international calls to other countries can opt for special calling plans that are cheaper as compared to conventional landline phone charges.

Mobile phones and calling cards: Cell phones have captured the market globally and today every other person owns a mobile phone. With the advent of technology in the field of mobile communication, it has become common to make international calls using mobile phones. Today, several International call service providers offer a variety of different plans to match your budget. One such way to call overseas is by using cheap international calling cards. These phone cards are easily available at mobile outlets and one can choose from different cards assigned for different locations. Cheap international cards to call friends and relatives are very simple to use. An 11 digit code is imprinted on the card; one simply has to scratch the card to reveal the code number. The destination number is prefixed by this 11 digit code to place an international call. However virtual phone services have added new features to avoid having to use a pin code and now make quick speedy calls abroad with out even entering that long code or remembering the country code numbers abroad.

Access numbers: Another popular international calling service is the access number. Access numbers are made available through some online websites. Users simply have to register with the portal. Access numbers are designated on the basis of the country you are willing to call. To make the first call, users have to dial the local access number followed by a PIN and the destination landline or mobile number. Calls can be made depending on how much balance is left in the number. One can add to the balance through online payment portals or phone prompt authorization.  There is also auto recharge to ensure that you always have funds available to never end a great call early.

VOIP: VOIP – Voice over Internet Protocol is a widely used cheap mode of making international calls. Various portals offer different software that allow you to make calls using VOIP. VOIP technology helps people call overseas using traditional phones; all you need is an internet connection. A variety of different plans are available to make international calls using VOIP to match your budget. The only drawback of VOIP is that the quality of sound can sometimes break because of insufficient internet speed.

Pingo offers a 100% call quality service that has advanced features for pin-less speed dialing.

**Photograph “Random Landline @ Whole Foods” by Vic[tori]a Lesikar under Creative Commons Attribution

The Magic of Using Military Soldier Phone Cards Abroad

The military soldier phone cards abroad are indeed reliable phone cards for soldiers. These phone cards enable the soldiers to call their families and friends at affordable costs. If you are a military personnel desperate to get in touch with the members of your family, then you should certainly consider using the phone cards marketed by the most reliable long distance solutions company. This is because you can be rest assured that your international phone calls will not be accompanied by whopping hidden charges! When you use the international calling card for abroad, you actually put yourself in a position to save a lot of money!

You will be extremely pleased to know that you can save money regardless of what type of phone you’re using. One of the most important benefits of using the international calling card is that you can call from anywhere, even if you make calls from outside your military base. With this card, you’ll have every reason to smile with the availability of the speed dial feature for numbers that you call most frequently.

Discounts of up to 20% are available for soldiers that call their families and friends from any type of phones, including satellite telephones from military bases or off base. Some of the finest advantages of using international calling cards are:

* Cutting down on significant charges

* Fast connectivity

* Easy to use PIN-free dialing feature

You might wonder as to how to choose the best military soldier phone cards for abroad. It is actually quite easy to locate them on the website of Pingo, the best firm that offers the finest long distance solutions at affordable costs.

Note: Pingo does not solve any roaming problems and is not liable for any such charges. There are certain countries where Pingo access is not available, and in these countries, soldiers will have to rely on Pingo soft phone services.

Pingo Sponsor’s Guinness Book of World Record Attempt for Longest Phone Call Conversation

Pingo, a prepaid international calling card service, announced it’s sponsorship and official time keeper judge status for Harvard University student’s world record attempt for the longest phone call conversation. Pingo sees this as a perfect opportunity to connect its long distance phone service brand to people trying to stay in contact with friends and family living overseas without concern for the cost of expensive telephone calls.

A Harvard University student group will be staging the longest phone conversation between two people as both a performance art installation and a world record attempt scrutinized by Guinness World Records.

“This project maps one absurd, hilarious, commercial institution (super-low art) onto another (super-high art) in playing by both of their rules at once. The project explores the irony of exhibiting interactions that are by definition private in an exposed, public setting.” Says Mariel Pette, director of the Harvard Generalist.

longest phone call

Breaking The Longest Phone Call Record

The call attempt will be hosted at the Adams Pool Theater in Harvard on January 19th & 20th to watch two people talk over the course of at least 43 hours, 8 minutes, 55 seconds. See more details at

Pingo’s own Internet Marketing Manager, Brian Hawkins will be on stage as one of the official time keeper to assist in judging the world’s longest call attempt. This attempt will be also be broadcasting live on Ustream.

About Pingo:

Pingo is a pre-paid calling card service that offers great rates on international and domestic long distance, along with unbeatable quality, simplicity and convenience. Pingo offer’s a 100% call quality and money back guarantee to ensure a risk free service that you can rely on. Pingo is proud to maintain over a 95% customer retention rate earned from exceptional customer service available 7 days a week. You can follow Pingo on twitter at @TelephoneCard or Facebook.