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The Do’s and Don’ts of Living Abroad with a Sponsored Family

In today’s open world, the ability to immigrate is a fast growing trend. If one doesn’t like their present situation or lifestyle, they have the option of relocating to a new place with new opportunities. For these reasons, many nations are composed of not just one culture, but are becoming a conglomeration of different people from different places all living abroad with sponsored family.

When finances become difficult or opportunity comes with limits, it is a popular choice for children to immigrate to live with sponsoring families elsewhere. A child may find himself living with a completely new family, perhaps cousins or distant relatives, or perhaps brothers and sisters who’ve immigrated before and have settled into their new community.

But there is a trick to this type of situation, mostly because a new person, especially a child, brings along many new responsibilities. Children will likely need to attend schooling, won’t be able to work, and will leave traces in every aspect of a common household.

Not just for the family, the child must be responsible as well. The child must consider himself a guest within his or her new home rather than expect the sponsoring family to be completely obligated to the child.

Consider the family members that are already occupying the household. Many immigrating children find themselves living in an overcrowded home.

It’s also important to consider that some kids may be accustomed to different lifestyles and habits. In a new household, this can occasionally become a problem while living abroad with family. There may also be a language barrier as well.

While it’s important that children get the help they need and feel that they are in a situation where they are free to ask whenever, it is often small habits and practices that can sometimes get in the way or make someone feel like a burden when moving into a new home.

Keep the load light

So how does one lighten the load your sponsoring family experiences with a new addition to their family? There are many things to consider, some blatantly obvious while others are often overlooked or misconceived.

The best places to start consist of keeping condiments, such as your toothbrush and other toiletries out of sight and avoid cluttering the household you live in. Basically, the art of cleaning up after yourself is something one should master when living with a sponsored family. Always keep in mind the many burdens and responsibilities that are often unseen and rarely discussed, such as feeding an extra mouth, transportation, and even clothing. Take care of what you’re given and always show appreciation.

You can also help out wherever you can, such as household chores. Things as simple as washing the dishes, yard care, and even simply doing your own laundry can really make a difference by lightening the load your family experiences.

What about the simple concept of “getting on each other’s nerves?” This is a big issue that isn’t normally discussed, but often goes undetected and can bring about uncomfortable issues within the household. Schooling incorporates homework, which may demand quiet or study time. This can demand space and silence to provide a quality environment for education. Be aware and respectful of these important times of the day, and consider organizing your own schedule to provide an environment that is accommodating to your sponsoring family, rather than expecting them to accommodate you.

What about coordinating time for privacy? This is especially important when considering who is going to sleep where as well as restroom availability. More than likely, you’ll have a designated domicile that you might have to share, especially when you live in a large family or large household. Don’t spread yourself out across the home or create clutter, such as messy laundry and equipment.

Finally, help others do the same for you. Communication is perhaps the most effective tool when adapting yourself to a new home environment. Be open rather than reclusive.

Stay in contact by utilizing prepaid international calling services, where you’ll be able to contact family overseas. You can ask for advice or just listen to the comforting familiarity of your home while you’re adjusting to your new environment. The best thing about international calling services is that they are easily affordable and won’t hinder your sponsoring family’s phone bills with high-cost long distance calls. It’s a great way to be financially sound while staying in contact with family back home.

When you find yourself in a new country with a new culture, it isn’t just the practices and traditions you need to adapt to. Consider your new sponsoring family and the sacrifices they’ve made to provide a new opportunity for you.

* Use this only as a guide, please seek professional help from a certified counselor that has experience with family immigration support.

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Calling All First Generation Immigrants

Every day, people find themselves in new places, cultures, and environments. Some travel for business, while others travel for pleasure. But, for those immigrating to new lands, their purpose is often a little more permanent. With these changes, there come many challenges that must be faced. Not only are there environmental factors to consider, but emotional challenges to face as well. And it’s not only you who has to face these challenges, your family and children must also face them as well.

But what does it mean to be a first gen immigrant? The biggest goal for anybody is to find and provide a better opportunity in life. For many immigrants, this is the main reason that one might travel to new lands in search of economic freedoms, liberties, and a fair chance at the market.

In addition to their own personal desires, it is the very nature of parents to want their children to be better off than they were. This is why they migrate to seek economic freedom and better education opportunities, giving their children a chance at something they didn’t. Of course, the goal isn’t only a matter of education, but also stretches to include the opportunities that their education will provide for them and their families in the future to come.

Challenges to overcome in a new world

One must always consider the challenge of comfortably settling in a new environment. Immigrating families find themselves far away from familiar cultures and people. Change of scenery isn’t the only thing many immigrants notice, but also the fast paced environment of American cultures.

For any individual, adapting to the many challenges of the business world and work environment is one of the first goals of an immigrant. In an open society where those that work succeed, finding quality work is essential in providing for yourself and your family.

Getting a quality education for you and your children is one of the greatest opportunities that exist in America. Public and private school systems provide one of the best educational sources in the world, while universities and graduate schools are readily available all throughout the country. This is one of the leading reasons that many immigrants seek education in the United States, and there is the combination factor in which grants provide an increased opportunity and advantage for immigrating families, enabling their children and themselves to attain a higher education.

A challenge within

One of the biggest challenges of migrating is adapting to a completely different culture. You’ll be leaving family and friends behind which can be an emotional and distressing event. Children are also particularly affected when they are displaced from their homeland.

For children, issues of “fitting in” are often far more difficult than for an adult. New places will mean new faces and usually new languages. Keep in mind that language isn’t just words, it is a combination of accent and pronunciation as well, which can be difficult to adjust to in a new culture, making communication a challenge for many first generation immigrants and their children.

While communication may seem like a physical challenge, it can take emotional tolls on people as well, leaving immigrants frustrated. While there are those in the world that want you to succeed, there will be those that will try to hold you back. It is always important to dissuade negativity and surround yourself with people that will support your success in your ventures. Many immigrants actually seek areas where their own culture is still strong, such as neighborhoods where fellow immigrants have relocated to. Here, support is readily available, and there will be others who can help you adjust to the new cultural changes.

One of the best ways to help alleviate emotional stress is to maintain a balance in cultural differences. International calling services will allow you to communicate with friends, family, and business in locations throughout the world. As many immigrants may realize, relocating to a new land isn’t a singular event, often taking years of planning and travelling. Many of these prepaid calling services are less expensive than regular service providers, and can be taken with you wherever you go in the world.

Immigrating to a new land will challenge both you and your family. But finding a new home with new opportunities is a reward that is often worth the trials you may face. Just remember that you never have to face them alone, as long as you have someone to talk to regardless of where they may be in the world.

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Understanding Your New Culture

Photograph "Statue of Liberty" by Phil of Photos, available at under Creative Commonsn Attribution

Everywhere you go in the world, you encounter a new and different culture. Countries and continents have their own unique characteristics that make them special, but even towns and cities can have their own unique ways of life.

For those traveling to America, the differences in culture are uniquely special. Because the United States was founded on the principle of inviting as many different cultures into one location, there are so many different ideas and practices in one place. And because people come to the U.S. to enjoy the many freedoms that the country offers, this nation is one that possesses a few important principles that are shared similarly throughout its diverse culture.

Meeting the People

To start, we must always introduce ourselves with greetings. The first thing to remember is that most Americans do not greet like many other cultures. A wave and a handshake are the common limits to any physical interaction that new Americans express with strangers and even acquaintances. Open handed waving is popular when trying to get attention or say hello at a distance. Handshakes should always be firm and offered with the right hand.

Greetings usually continue by telling others your name. In many countries (“The name’s Bond, James Bond”) starting with your last name first is common. But in America, your first name is given when being introduced, and people rarely say their last or full name unless requested. Don’t be surprised when others simply state their first name and move on with the conversation.

The American culture is very business-oriented, and many people value time as a precious resource. Here, staying in contact is crucial to enjoying life to its fullest. There are so many different communication services, but many times they will charge exponential fees for contacting outside of the country. International phone services have the ideal advantage in a situation like this, allowing you to stay in contact while staying financially efficient on cost-saving international calls.

As for the common greetings in the American culture, the questions: “How are you doing?” and “How are you?” are like saying hello in a polite way. A person asking these questions isn’t necessarily looking for in-depth and detailed answers. Commonly, the best response is: “I’m doing well, how are you?” in order to reciprocate with politeness. After that, the conversation is likely move on to the nature of your meeting.

Relationships are somewhat unique in America. Men and women are friends on an equal level, spending time with one another eating, meeting up, and even enjoying fun activities together. However, this does not imply that there is a romantic relationship between them.

The Attitude of the American Culture

While the culture is a conglomerate of different people with different practices, one of the most profound things that many immigrants may notice is the attitude of Americans. Possibly their most renowned characteristic is being direct when speaking to others. The freedom of speech is one belief that is openly practiced, and there is very little taboo when it comes to conversations. Americans love to converse about a variety of topics such as politics, relationships, feelings, and even the weather or sports. The culture seems to have the talent for talking, and loves to share it with others. However the nice thing about the culture is that you don’t necessarily need to say anything of your own. You can talk, and you don’t have to engage in any conversation you don’t feel comfortable with.

Culturally individual

In many cultures throughout the world, several generations of the same family live under the same roof or remain physically close together for their entire lives. In America, this is very different. Students travel across the country to learn, and eventually move away in search of work and their own personal pursuits. This may lead them to relocate to entirely different cites or states.

Much of the American culture strives to achieve individualism and pursue their dreams. For this reason, traveling is a big part of their lives. Getting on the bus, airplane, or packing up the car is very important to the culture, especially when reuniting with family members who are at great distances.

The most important characteristic of the American culture is that every place within the country has its own unique set of characteristics. If you find yourself in the northern areas, individuals will act, speak, and even think differently from the south. Those in the east won’t be the same as those in the west as well. But, we all share something in common- a land of diverse cultures that is always willing to let someone else add into the mix.

How to Live and Work in the USA

The USA is one of the toughest countries to migrate to. Being able to live and work in the USA very much depends on your dedication to acquiring the required visas and documents, and also on your own qualifications. There are several ways to move to the USA, and to gain the ability to work. You can choose to work in the country on a permanent or temporary basis depending on your situation.

Temporary Working Visa

It is possible to arrange for a temporary visa to enable you to work in the USA for a short period. This visa allows you to enter the country and perform the task you have been granted permission for. On this visa, you will not be allowed to perform work on anything else. It is a highly restricted visa and it is only granted for a limited time.

There are a wide range of visas available, depending on the job you plan on doing when you get to the United States.

Permanent Working Visa

This type of visa allows you to enter the USA to live and work there permanently.

There are five levels of visas available for permanent work and they are referred to as Employment Based Immigration. They start at First Preference and pertain to people with extraordinary abilities, down to Fifth Preference. Each category provides detailed criteria which must be met in order for the visa to be issued.

There are approximately 140,000 places each year made available for permanent working visas. These categories filter and give priority to individuals with the most extraordinary skills.


This approach to getting a visa is sometimes frowned upon, but if you have a legitimate relationship with an American citizen, you may marry and then apply for a Green Card afterwards.

Student Visas

It is possible to work in the United States on a student visa. Normally, the only work that an international student is eligible for is work on campus, but it is also possible for permission to be granted for employment within the field they are studying in. Permission can only be granted after one year of study.

Exchange Visitors

Temporary exchange visitors may apply for a working visa in the United States under the J1 classification. This includes professions such as teaching an au pair, and is a popular way of working in the US. Many other professions are covered under this scheme, but you would need to check first whether your desired exchange program is covered by the US Department of State.

Once you have gotten your necessary visa and documents and are able to move into the United States to begin your new life, make sure you check out Pingo which can provide you with an easy way to keep in contact with your friends and loved ones back home. Pingo offers fantastic rates and services so you will never have to break your budget when staying in touch.

Working and living in the USA can become a fantastic experience which can help you grow and develop as a person. Once you’ve sorted out how to get there, you can quickly get started on your new and exciting life working in the United States.

Use this guide for informational purposes only. It’s best to seek legal advice from a licensed immigration lawyer in addition to reading this.

Convenient International Phone Service For Quality and Affordable Communication

Traveling abroad is a frequent practice for the business community, where individuals must move from place to place in the course of their operations. Business operations can never be successful without regular communication between suppliers, customers and associates. With the recent development of mobile technology, business people and other frequent travelers abroad have a reason to smile since things have been made easier and much more convenient for them. The only hurdle for many is expensive calling rates when they want to phone back home which can make their trips expensive. This has been addressed by Pingo, the leading provider of affordable international calling cards to all classes of travelers.

There are various factors that should be considered when selecting calling cards for work abroad programs. These factors are aimed at ensuring that the communication to family members back at home, friends, and other parties, is complete. These factors are reliability, customer support, cost effectiveness, and quality service, among others. With Pingo, you are sure that the services provided meet and exceed your expectations. There is a guarantee that the rates you see are the rates applied. This means that there are no hidden charges on top of what is written and disclosed. This makes the calling cards provided by Pingo the most preferred among many visiting travelers from India, Switzerland, Italy and other parts of the world.

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When preparing for international travel, it is vital to have these basics to ensure that you can get in touch with people back home at the most convenient way possible. Select the PIN-free dialing calling cards that can enable speed dialing to frequently used numbers. This will facilitate speed and accuracy. Engage a calling card provider that can guarantee effective cost and convenience at all times.

Note: Pingo does not solve any roaming problems and is not liable for any such charges. There are certain countries where Pingo access is not available, and in these countries, people in work abroad programs will have to rely on Pingo soft phone services.

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Protests Worldwide Are Phone-Powered

protest worldwideProtests in Egypt, protests in Syria, protests in Iran, Occupy Wall Street protests, international protests. Common to world protests and national protests worldwide is a demand for change and the use of phones to help obtain it.

Phones Spread Protests in Egypt, Libya, Iran, Syria, U.S., Europe

Talking heads on TV newscasts have led some to believe that Facebook and Twitter are the primary propagators of protests in Egypt and world protests in general, but they’re not. The primary propagator is the phone. Protesters carrying laptops are rare, but protesters carrying mobile cell phones and smart phones are not. And they’re using them to call others as close as home and as far away as the next continent, and to send text messages, phone-shot pictures and videos, and, yes, email messages via the internet. Further, in many countries, those who have PCs in their homes are dependent on phone networks for internet access. We live in a phone-connected world.

World Protests and International Calling Cards

i want to call my mom
Because international calling cards are portable and enable low-cost calls to and from many countries via almost any phone, it should come as no surprise that they play a role in the spread of protests worldwide, and what others know about them. Protests in Egypt, protests in Europe, Occupy

Wall Street protests in the U.S. – world protests everywhere — all unleash a torrent of calling card usage. For every protester using a calling card to share developments with others, there are soon thousands using a calling card to obtain or relay developments to those who are or may be impacted, even if not directly or immediately. Thinking people realize that eventually a protest anywhere in the world may have an impact on almost everyone in the world. A protest in one country can spawn protests in others, just as protests in Egypt fueled protests in Libya and protests in Syria. Those with loved ones in other countries are especially aware. In a stressed and interdependent and internationally-connected world, protests can arise and spread in almost any country, and some can spark world or international protests.

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Phone Card Helps Families Immigrate, Gain Citizenship

gain citizenshipOf the 38 million U.S. residents defined as immigrants for being foreign-born, 47% are now U.S. citizens, while most of the balance of 53% of immigrants are legal permanent residents or legal temporary residents with student or “green card” work visas. Collectively they have literally hundreds of millions of relatives and friends overseas. No matter their status — and whether or not they want to be citizens themselves or are trying to help loved ones immigrate or obtain citizenship – they have in common a need to make international calls as frequently and inexpensively as possible.

Staying Connected Across Borders and Miles
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Pingo Calling Card Can Help Win Visa and Citizenship
Almost all immigrants who are trying to help others immigrate know all too well it can take years to obtain a visa allowing immigration, and more years to obtain permanent legal residence and citizenship. What many don’t know is that a calling card can do more than help them communicate inexpensively across borders and miles. It can help win citizenship. In the case of immigration proceedings, phone records can document communications between separated family members, evidencing relationships vital to immigration eligibility. The catch is that very few calling card companies are both able and willing to provide the detailed data that is required. Pingo is one that is, and does it free.

Pingo Does More Than Supply Records to Immigration Applicants
Pingo not only supplies detailed call records to immigration applicants free of charge.
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* This post is just one opinion of advice, we encourage you to please contact a licensed immigration lawyer and the US government directly for specific information to help with your student visa to citizenship paperwork.

Easier Employment Eligibility Verification: Sparks New Employee Benefit

employment verificationComplying With U.S. Employment Eligibility Verification Law Now Easier
A diverse workforce energized by immigrating foreign citizens contributes greatly to the vibrancy of the U.S. economy. And now a new “e-verify” program offered by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services makes it easy for employers to verify that the people they hire are U.S. citizens or foreign citizens authorized to work in the U.S.. The e-verify is an internet-based employment eligibility verification program, so you can access it by searching the keyword “e-verify”. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services says that employment eligibility verification via the e-verify system is the best way for employers to ensure a legal workforce.

Easier Employment Eligibility Verification Inspires International Calling Card for Employee Benefits Programs
Pingo is a leading provider of international calling cards, renowned for its services in support of those in the U.S. who need an inexpensive way to stay in touch with supportive loved ones overseas. Realizing that employers want their newly-verified foreign-born employees supported and happy, Pingo leaped to offer attractively-priced international calling cards that employers could make available as a benefit to eligibility-verified employees, whether all or only those foreign-born or just those who’ve recently come from other countries to work in the U.S..

Calling Card Benefit a Win-Win for Employers and Verified Employees
All employees savor benefits, but those who’ve come from other countries to work in the U.S. enthusiastically appreciate the thoughtfulness of a calling card that lets them stay in touch with distant loved ones. Employers welcome a compassionate addition to their employee benefits program, one that costs little but yields the kind of social support that helps keep employees happily productive, and may even help reduce costly turn-over.

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