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Phone Card Can Help You Win Family US Citizenship after Student Visa

student visaIt’s no surprise that calling cards are highly popular among foreign students studying in the U.S.. The phone cards let international students call family and friends back home, from any phone in the U.S., at very low cost.

What’s surprising is that some of those international students obtained the required F1 or M1 student visa because they used a particular phone card to help them apply. That’s because foreign students applying for an F1 or M1 student visa to study in the U.S. show that they have a residence abroad and a connection to the states.

International students that eventually become US citizens. Can leverage this call record data for the time that they temporarily living apart from their family home country.

By using a phone card to call family while away from home, F1 and M1 student visa applicants can supply call records to help show their family relationship is intact and genuine.

The catch is that very few calling card companies are both able and willing to provide the detailed data.
Pingo is one that is, and does it free.

Pingo marketing manager Brian Hawkins said that Pingo gets a few requests a week from foreign students and other immigrants seeking call records for their family immigration proceedings. In the case of immigration proceedings, Pingo documents communications between family members where one family member is already in the USA, to help other family members or loved ones immigrate.

“We’re happy to help,” said Hawkins, “and we don’t charge for this service.”

“When we receive such a request, we tap into our sophisticated IT systems to pull down the customer’s call records,” he said, “and then we package the records up with a cover letter that gets signed by one of our senior executives.”

An actual example of such a letter is shown in this post. It was written on the letterhead of Pingo’s parent company, iBasis, a KPN Company that owns Pingo. iBasis is a leading telecom provider that delivers over a billion minutes of international voice calls every month.

“Even if you’re not yet certain you’ll be applying to get a family member citizenship , I would urge you to get a Pingo phone card right now,” Hawkins stressed, “so that if the time comes later, we can supply a most helpful set of International call records for you or your loved one.”

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* This post is just one opinion of advice, we encourage you to please contact a licensed immigration lawyer and US government directly for specific information to help with your student visa, F1 to US citizenship paperwork.

Over 3 Million International Students Phone Home

international StudentsA globalizing economy has pushed the worldwide number of foreign students past 3 million, and the number is expected to swell as more families in China, India and other fast-developing countries join the ranks of those able to support international students.

Most Calls From USA, UK, France, Germany and Australia
The Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) reports that the USA is the most popular destination for international students, followed by the UK, France, Germany and Australia. Foreign students who want to study in the USA must obtain a student visa, and show ability to pay the costs born by international students.

Pingo Calling Cards Make It Affordable to Visit Loved Ones Worldwide
Fortunately, thanks to Pingo phone cards, among the lowest costs born by international students is the cost of staying in close touch with family and friends. Pingo is a leading supplier of calling cards for international and foreign exchange students and their families, who need rates far below those otherwise available to them. Pingo offers cards allowing inexpensive calls to and from over 200 countries using any phone, and is the only company with calling card rates that get even cheaper the more you use them.
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Foreign Exchange Programs Boost Demand for Reliable Pingo Calling Card
Pingo calling cards are popular among foreign exchange students and their families,
and not just because they save money and are easy to use. Many foreign exchange students are minors in high school, typically a susceptible age. Pingo’s pinless speed-dial and advanced systems deliver lightning-fast and highly reliable service, assuring foreign exchange students and their families of an ability to communicate immediately in the event of concern or emergency. That’s something not even the most cautious and capable of foreign exchange programs and foreign exchange hosts can themselves guarantee. Pingo promises 100% reliability and crystal-clear quality, and backs it with a money-back guarantee.

Frequent-Calling International Students: Happier and More Successful
International students typically reap many rewards, but also face many challenges. No matter what country they come from or travel to as foreign students — whether they are high schoolers in foreign exchange programs or adults in universities –
a key challenge is the distance between them and their families and friends back home. Foreign students who stay in close touch with familiar and supportive loved ones back home tend to be happier and more successful than those who don’t.

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More Information About International Students and Foreign Exchange Programs
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) reported that the number of students studying in universities and colleges outside their own country more than doubled between 2000 and 2007, to over 2 million, and a jump. to over 2.5 million in 2009. And even the leap past 3.0 million in 2011 excludes the many international students in foreign exchange programs for high schools, meaning that the numbers of foreign students and families who need the benefits of a Pingo calling card is considerably higher than 3 million. Fortunately, Pingo provides cards for calls to and from over 200 countries, and virtually every country in the world hosting foreign exchange programs. And just in case you missed the good news above, you can click here to immediately get $10 in free calls with a $20 Pingo sign-up right now!