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Do You Know the Top Three Dangers of Banking on Your Mobile?

As technology advances, people find themselves utilizing services that bring ease to their busyschedules allowing everyone to squeeze more time into their day.

Amongst these innovative ideas is online banking, making an appearance on home networks across the nation.

Taking things a step further is the mobile device, which has recently become a computer in the palm of your hand. Smartphones have become the epitome of communication, allowing individuals a variety of applications that can simplify their daily tasks. Now, mobile banking has become an increasingly popular idea.

Mobile banking is not only convenient, but allows for anywhere anytime availability. You can transfer accounts, monitor your account deposits and withdrawals. You can even get alerts about withdrawals or purchases that exceed set amounts. So what’s the downside?

Your money online

Something to consider is that mobile banking helps cut costs and the need for in-house teller services since people can monitor their accounts without having to frequently call or enter a bank. While this is the natural law of economics, it also means that banks have gone to great lengths to influence the use mobile banking. They don’t charge, and are ready to help insure set amounts if your account falls into the wrong hands. Banks have begun working towards making the online world as safe as possible, but they aren’t the only entities involved in a mobile transaction.

Not all services may be on secure networks, making them open targets for hackers and other online theft. Many of the apps currently available aren’t always viable. Some may be scams and others may even be viruses designed to hack your network. As online presence increases, it is increasingly becoming more difficult to separate the good from the bad.

Banks don’t charge, but your carrier might. Some carriers want you to purchase an app or service addition that allows you to check your account, not to mention that the info is downloaded into your phone’s memory. Many of these apps and services may tag extra costs onto your monthly bills, some of which you may not even be aware of until you get billed.

Storing data on your phone also leaves you wondering what happens when your phone gets lost, stolen, or even just turned in when you invest in a newer model. Your personal information is still stored on the phone, leaving it an open target for anybody curious enough to find out what’s on it.

Stealing more than you bargained for

Banking on your phone won’t only result in the possibility of monetary theft. Your identity can also be at risk. Bank account information carries with it a great deal of personal information. This small fact is something that is overlooked when considering that your money at present is at risk. It is also about your potential future accounts. With the information from one account, an outside source would be able to open a credit line or gain access to future accounts.

Mobile banking puts a lot of information up for grabs. Some ways to keep your information safe is to research any apps that you add to your phone. Although your banking app may be from a quality source, other apps or downloads may put your mobile’s data at risk. When using online services, make sure that they are on a secure page or network, usually identifiable by an “https” address. This lets you know that the site is a secure location. Also, consider purchasing security software for your mobile, just in case it is stolen or lost.

They overheard you

Talking and conducting banking on your phone also presents the possibility of someone seeing or overhearing what you’re doing and gathering some of your personal information. This is something that we never stop to consider, mostly because we’re busy doing something else. In public situations, such as standing in line at the market, the person behind you might be curious enough to spot what you’re doing on your phone. Be cautious about accessing important information when in public, especially if you’re entering passwords or account numbers. For these reasons, it can also be useful to regularly change passcodes on your phone.

Remember that hardwired and landline connections are safer than wireless, because there is less opportunity for information to be captured. For these reasons, the stationary or home PC are still amongst the most favored for online banking. Be cautious with your information and take the time to make sure your connections are safe and secure.

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Pingo continues to provide great quality international phone calls at affordable rates. With a trusted iBasis network that delivers over 1.3 billion minutes every month, the company wants to ensure that all customers are always satisfied with their calls. On top of this great service, Pingo offers different promos for all its customers that allow them to save more money.

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This year, the company ran an internal employee contest to guess the year’s highest number of minutes in a day. An employee guessed 80,800, 500, the closest to the actual mother’s day minutes last May 8.

The mother’s day promo provided more call minutes to those who wanted to greet and catch up with their moms. You never know how important it is for our moms to receive a call from us especially when they know that we are busy. A few extra minutes of talking to them makes a huge difference. Because we value our customers, we want to make sure that they can also reach out to those who are valuable to them at the most affordable rate possible while providing seamless connections.

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Keep Your Culture Alive from Afar

Photograph "Brazil" by Debbie Aspin, available at under a Creative Commons Attribution.

Culture is all the characteristics that make up your lifestyle and practices. From religious beliefs to some of the food we eat, we grow up and thrive in our own cultures. But when we travel abroad, we face a world that is often very different. Different places and different people can put a person in a completely new culture, absent of their own practices. But where there is a void, we have the opportunity to fill it with a few of our own unique practices and share it with others.

Keep talking

What you say and how you talk carries with it the characteristics of where you’re from. Nothing seems most outwardly defining than noticing an accent or hearing an unfamiliar language. It often spurs interest, especially when introduced into a different culture. Find ways to practice your language, such as reading books, newspapers, or even watching television or news networks that share your cultural characteristics.

Food with a touch of culture

Bring from home a few recipes that are unique to your culture, and always try to eat your favorite home cooked meals. Certain foods aren’t always available abroad, but it is still important to enjoy the taste of your culture whenever you can. You can always get a little creative by substituting foods similar to each other, such as potatoes for some bread. This even gives you the opportunity to mix your culture with other cultures, and helps you find new ways to add new flavor to old-time favorites.

Associate with your fellow man

Find others from your culture, so that you can share and practice your beliefs and ideas. Stay in contact with family and friends back home. When traveling, finding phone services that can keep up with your needs is imperative to ensuring your comfort abroad. International calling services provide the necessary abilities for traveling abroad. With the right carrier, these services can be cost saving on international calls throughout the world, as opposed to roaming or long distance charges that apply to many regular phone services.

Don’t stop believing

Practice your religious beliefs as though you were at home. Just about anywhere in the world, you can find localized religious temples and churches that appeal to many of the different religions. And of course, you may even be kind enough to share your practices with others who are interested.

Take a chance to party on

Parties and festivals are traditions that are shared throughout the world. What make them unique are all the characteristics that a culture incorporates into their activities. From decorations to foods, gatherings like these allow people abroad to gather together and practice the great things that make their culture unique.

Etiquette is almost always different at festivals, creating unique differences in dining and social habits. Even people who aren’t from your culture may attend, learning and practicing new experiences to better themselves. In a way, festivals are perhaps the most effective tool in not only maintaining cultural heritage, but sharing it with the world around them. Attending cultural festivals is perhaps the most opportune time for you to remember who you are and where you come from. At the same time that you are receiving, you can give back to others who share the same ideas and practices, even if they are different in their own ways, because even cultures have sub-cultures inside of them. These festivals allow you to talk and stay in contact with other members of your culture that are also living abroad. You even get a chance to enjoy some meals, music, and people that share your same ideas, beliefs, and language, which can make a person living abroad feel just like they’re at home for a change.

A social tip

Always remember that when you are abroad, you shouldn’t let other people make you feel guilty about keeping your culture alive. There will always be people that lack the open minded nature that it takes to learn and enjoy life, but that doesn’t mean you have to let those ideas keep you from enjoying your life. Avoid people that want to stop you from being happy, and find people that want you to be happy.

Each place on Earth has its own unique people. From countries to cities, different places and different people make up the unlimited number of ideas and practices that any one of us may associate ourselves with. And sometimes, even a family is a culture of its own, which is something we always want to maintain wherever we go in the world. So, when you’re traveling abroad, take a piece of home with you and share it with the world around you.

Are You Acting on Your Promptings?

Every now and then, we have that feeling that we should do something. Maybe it’s something as simple as taking out the trash or far more powerful as making a significant difference in yours and everyone else’s life. Promptings are something special that we each feel inside of ourselves, guiding us to take a direction that will take us down a different path that we know we should.

The inclination to do something is easy to ignore. We often refuse or neglect the urge to take action, but that is often the worst thing we can do. Many successful people throughout time have taken advantage of that special urge to take action in life. Discoveries are made when someone feels compelled to investigate a hidden cavern or the depths of space. A scientist once looked to the stars in hopes of finding a world similar to ours, only to find that Titan, a small moon of Saturn, shared the same characteristics of our own planet. These prompts take each of us to the edge of our abilities and then a step further beyond, helping us to discover who we can be and what each of us can accomplish.

These prompts may be anything from something as simple as seeing what someone else has done or even an inner motivation that you have experienced. But the fact is that we all experience a time when we have a feeling that we should act on something, and our success relies on our ability to act on it and even share it with others.

Inner prompting

The inner prompting is something unique to each of us. It may be a feeling or even an incentive to act on what we’re currently thinking. But inner prompting relies on our ability to nourish your inner voice with self-talk and self-help to overcome any challenge because you have what the world needs. These inner feelings can be as subtle as an urge to invest or even a recurring mindset to move in a certain direction that no outside influence compels you to do. This is our subconscious mind making an effort to move in the right direction. And oftentimes, those thoughts in the back of our minds are the inevitably right direction in the first place.

Outer prompting

However, prompting comes through a variety of channels. Someone or something can affect you in some way, changing how you think or what you think about the situation you may be facing or may possibly face. This may be something you see, experience, or even something others may say. These can all affect you in some way, even your deep inner promptings. Some may be positive, while others are negative, but what you feel about them will ultimately help you make the right decision.

Also, think about others and how you change their lives. You may affect others the way you are affected. Your outer promptings can also help to share the experience. What you say and how you act will ultimately reflect in those around you, which will inherently affect you as well. This outer prompting is an endless circle of events.

Remember that positive attitudes and incentives help others to accomplish their goals, as well as boost your own inner ability to take up the mantle and make the most with what you are offered. Start by taking the initiative and pushing yourself beyond what you know you can do, and into the realm of thinking that you can do.

Staying in contact so you can contact

Travel often takes us into a world of unknown territory, often restricting communication. But, communication plays a key role in your ability to turn prompts into success. Even when you’re abroad, staying in contact can present an edge in success. While travels can take you abroad, you may also feel the inclination to talk to others who are abroad, which is where international calls may be imperative, allowing you to say and act on your promptings.

International calling services can give you that edge when it comes to sharing your prompts. You can speak to others that affect your life, ultimately affecting your potential future when it matters most. Because prompts can come from either inner or outer experiences, we may feel compelled to act on them immediately, which is why the ability to frequently stay in contact is imperative in everyone’s life.

Stay in contact so you can take the time to listen to your own promptings. You really don’t know what life has in store for you, and there’s no reason you can’t be there to share the experiences in your life.

Now You Can Volunteer Abroad and Still Stay Connected

Volunteering is one of the greatest gifts you can give to others. You help out those in need and provide assistance where it’s needed most. While the local soup kitchen is a great place to start, some volunteers want to expand their gift throughout the world.

Traveling abroad and giving the gift of aid will not only take you to new and extraordinary places, but also introduce you to completely different cultures. This raises the importance of being prepared for a change in lifestyle. The experience isn’t going to just be an adventure, but will be an opportunity to completely change the way you live.

Getting to know yourself before you get to know others

Ultimately, it is vital that you understand what changes in regular life are going to take place. You may be up for a lot of traveling, especially if you’re headed for locations in Africa or Asia. Here, the cultures can be extraordinarily different. Not only will people act differently, they will often speak a completely different language.

Simple things that we take for granted may now be luxuries. Instead of a warm shower at the end of the day, you may find yourself bathing in a nearby river or washing yourself with a bucket of cold water. Keep in mind that luxuries such as electricity could be difficult to get. This often leaves you without your cellphone and without regular service even if you can get power. While power and warm water are things you can do without (thinking back to a few camping adventures of your own), being able to talk to your family and friends may not be. You want to know that they’re safe, and they, of course, will want to know that you are too.

Luckily, you can still stay in contact with your loved ones back home. Pingo is a prepaid international calling service that you can take advantage of in this situation. International calling services like these can be accessed from any phone, both landline and cellular, and are easy enough to use that they make using your smartphone seem difficult.

Why should you pay to volunteer?

Another question that arises when volunteering, is the cost. While you are able to volunteer on your own as a sole individual, consider that many locations where volunteers are needed can be difficult to get to. Sometimes there is also a lack of quality direction and safety. While going with an organization can cost more, they can provide you with a structured environment in which you can enjoy practicing the art of volunteering. These are especially effective if you are fresh to volunteer work, and can provide you with the necessary learning experience.

Another benefit to volunteering with an organization is that you are more likely to get access to some of the amenities that we take for granted back home. For communication reasons, this can be extremely valuable, even if you are only able to talk for limited amounts of time.

Who are you volunteering for?

This leaves the question of who you are volunteering for. Questions are important, and vital to ensure that you are spending your time in the right place and providing help to those that truly need it.

Start by researching your target organization. What efforts do they specialize in? Teaching? Medical assistance? Be sure that your skills will become an effective part of the organization. You’ll also need to ask about what communication would available for you. Is there power at your location? Are there phone services available for you to access? These questions can help you decide what you will need to prepare for.

Also consider where you you are going. How will you get to your destination and might you be traveling through dangerous areas or by dangerous means. Keep in mind that when traveling to areas like Africa and Ghana, vaccinations to prevent disease are necessary. It is important to be well educated about the area and native culture prior to your journey.

You should also look into where your donations are being utilized. Are they benefiting the project and in what ways are they being spent? Funds may be spent locally, but they can also go towards providing you with a safe and helpful experience. Understanding where your money is going can help you decide how practical and effective the organization is at providing assistance abroad.

Volunteering abroad doesn’t mean that you can’t stay in touch with your family and friends. Pingo EZ Dial provides a great way to stay connected directly from your mobile phone. Access all of Pingo’s Prepaid International Calling Service strength and benefits to stay truly just a phone call always from home. With the right arrangements and making sure that you are prepared for the journey, everyone will simply be a phone call away while you’re helping to make the world a better place!

Simple and Easy Ways to Make International Calls From Your Cell Phone

International calls can easily be made from a cell phone depending on the service provider. However, making international calls from cell phones is an expensive choice. Many people still do not know how to make international calls from their cell phones. It is not as perplexing as it seems really. Most cell phone services are equipped for international calls, and certain companies offer international calling plans that supply special rates for an additional monthly fee. However this is not the best way to really save on International calls abroad because of the high rates your going to pay by using your current cell phone provider.

Making an International Call From a Cell Phone

Compared to making an international call from a regular phone line, even better rates are available by purchasing international calling cards that are compatible with cell phones. Here is how to make an international call from a cell phone using a calling card:

.Press the local access number
.Enter the PIN number written on the card
.Dial the number of the country via the standard international set-up

If an international calling card does not work with your cell phone, here is how to make an international call from a cell phone utilizing a different method:

The caller must first locate the plus (+) key on their cell phone. If there is no plus key, the caller can either press the asterisk key two times quickly in succession or hold down the “0″ key, which then turns into a plus sign.

The caller then dials the country code, the city code, and afterwards the local phone number of the person they are trying to contact.

For example, this is how you would call Zurich, Switzerland on a cell phone:

Country Code: +11 = Switzerland
Local Code: 41 = area code
City Code: 44 = Zurich
Local Number: 382 4444

Certain numbers may require a specific digit to be dialed before a tone is actually heard. However, some cell phone calling procedures may vary slightly and users are advised to check with their providers.

Your Phone Impression is Your First Impression

The first time you meet someone and hear what they have to say is often what decides how you think about their character. But when all you have to go on is a phone call, how you speak and what you say can ultimately decide what the person on the other end of the line will see you.

When considering business opportunities, this can make or break a potential job opportunity. Phone interviews are often the first step in the hiring process, whether you’re contracting or seeking a full-time job. So, handling yourself on the phone in the proper manner and being available to discuss future business opportunities is vital to your future success.

A first-stop interview

First of all, you have to understand what exactly is taking place during your first phone interview. Most companies don’t want to spend their valuable time scheduling an in-person interview for everyone, especially if they’re only going to find out that most aren’t fit or right for the job.

A small fact that is often overseen is that much of the filtering process is actually done over the phone. Many times, the first call you get is actually just a part of their filtering process, which is designed to filter out those who aren’t qualified for the job. Many large corporations utilize first-contact phone interviews as a way of “thinning” out their prospects.

This is why making your first contact is so important, even if you’re overseas. You have to be ready to connect with anyone attempting to reach you, even if it is only through voice mail or messages. It is vital that you arrange for a proper phone meeting when you are ready to communicate.

When you are contacted, arrange for a clear and uninterruptible time during which you can plan your interview to put yourself ahead. If you do accept a call, be sure that if you aren’t presently fully prepared, you can arrange for a scheduled phone meeting when you can give yourself the upper-hand during the interview. Be polite, and calmly request a better time to contact you, and refrain from providing any details concerning exactly what you are doing. Focus on informing them that you are presently occupied, and that you want to discuss any opportunities at a designated time. Remaining focused and time-oriented is often the first and best impression you can make on any future business opportunities.

Overseas when they can’t see you

Scheduling an appropriate time to contact you is only the first step. The next stage you must plan for is what you need to say to your potential business contacts. Keep in mind that the only thing your converser will be able to observe from you is the personality they picture on the other end of the line. So, you have to always focus on polite etiquette.

In addition to that, you must also be able to understand who you are talking to. Proper knowledge of a business or person will help you expect questions and inquiries concerning the opportunity. You don’t want to have to answer incorrectly or even with the words “I don’t know,” because they can leave your interviewer with the impression that you aren’t taking the opportunity seriously. Be sure that you study and are able to understand the person or business that you are applying for in order to provide an excellent first impression.

Of course, this leaves you with the most important concern of all- staying in contact. When you’re overseas, you’re often faced with the inability to contact foreign countries or sometimes anyone. Common phone services, like cellular phones, don’t often have the ability to cover many international calls, so you have to be prepared for any situation.

For these purposes, international phone and calling services, such as Pingo, will allow you to stay in contact even when you are overseas. Such services are prepaid and affordable, so there’s no reason why you can’t stay in contact, even if you don’t have your own cell phone. You can be contacted from any phone in any country, preventing you from missing any opportune moments that you can’t afford to miss.

First impressions are what ultimately affects how others will picture you, whether or not they can see you. Sometimes your voice, how you speak and what you say, will have to be the impression you leave on others. So, don’t let a missed call or a failed contact be the first thing that your job opportunities have to judge you by.

Volunteering is a Career Move that Helps You

Something that has crossed everyone’s mind at some point is the thought of volunteering. It could be at a soup kitchen helping to serve others, or it could even be overseas, in a strange new land helping others in a new and foreign culture. While many think about it, only those with the determination to pursue a journey to volunteer abroad have really experienced the world and helped themselves in the process.

Becoming educated about the world

Something often overlooked is just how big the world really is. We travel from work or school to home and take the occasional vacation to see a new place. But, this is only a tiny speck on a large map. We may meet a few thousand people within our city or county, most of whom we can’t even remember. The bottom line is that all these people have one thing in common-once you meet them and get to know them, they become familiar. We know who they are and potentially how they interact with the surrounding society. This is the advantage of volunteering abroad- you learn about new cultures, meet new people, and share knowledge in order to better yourself- and others with your efforts.

A new experience

This brings about the importance of keeping an open mind. New experiences make us better because we are able to learn from them. Volunteers get the most opportune chance to see and experience new and completely different places. Not everywhere in the world has the commodities that we are accustomed to, such as running water and electricity. This type of opportunity allows you to see and understand exactly how other parts of the world function and interact with each other- and with you.

With the lack of commodities, we’re often faced with the absence of one of our most essential abilities- communication. Overseas countries will not often share cellular phone capabilities, creating a communication breakdown with your home country. While sharing the experience of the native culture is good, being able to talk to your loved ones is a must for anyone away from home. Staying connected during your travels is important, so it is up to you to find ways of maintaining contact regularly while abroad. International phone services like Pingo are widely available, and often cost less than a regular phone bill. Calling from an airport, landline, or even a cell phone, if you have one, can help maintain the comfort that any family member needs to hear.

Helping to develop international relationships

Another benefit to volunteer work is somewhat indirect, at least for you. Many nations work together in order to help stimulate a mutually positive relationship, and volunteer projects are amongst those that help the most. Assisting foreign countries is a powerful step toward developing a relationship between your country and the rest of the world. When you volunteer, you aren’t simply helping those around you: the nations you encourage and encounter also benefit and become better because of what you’ve done.

Credits your character

Another benefit to keep in mind is that volunteer work stays with you. While the experience is yours to keep, on paper it becomes a beneficial tool that shows others that you have done what you set out to accomplish. You are willing to go further than most and take chances that many would not make. Whether it’s for a future career, or endorsing your personal life’s achievements in a book, your character has a unique credit that reflects your abilities and actions.

Encountering and encouraging the world

Perhaps the most incredible opportunity a volunteer experiences is that when they encounter the world, they are then able to encourage it. Many locations do not live as comfortably or easily as we are accustomed to, but the one thing that everyone should get is encouragement. The world is a big place, but so many people only encounter a tiny fraction of what it truly is. A volunteer has the ability to enter a different culture, helping to construct, educate, and otherwise assist others. Your experience is their experience.

While all volunteer work is an excellent addition to society, expanding your goals to see new lands and experience new cultures can truly be the first step towards making the world better for everyone, and eventually creating a career choice that helps you. You’ll be able to keep those experiences for the rest of your life, and you can share them with others as well when you get back home.

Who Else Wants to Say Good-Bye to Pin-Codes?

Whether you’re traveling or staying at home, making a call to anyone anywhere in the world is always a must. Fortunately, services such as Pingo provide users with the ability to utilize prepaid accounts and calling cards so they can have access from any phone.

Because our work and travels often take us in different parts of the world, international long distance services are a must for many. International calling cards have risen in demand, especially in countries where regular phone services cost a lot. Sometimes, these phone services even have hidden charges like connecting and disconnecting fees. But Pingo won’t surprise you with anything like that. They stick to a firm rate that’s fair for everyone.

With a calling card, you usually call the local or toll-free access number to gain connection. Then you enter your pin number. The pin-codes can be a downside for many. Commonly, they are a fourteen-digit number that you need to enter before you could make a call. But that is a thing of the past. Pingo has now devised a plan to alleviate the need to enter a code before you make a call.

The PINpass is a feature that allows you to bypass the need to enter a code. All you have to do is register any of up to ten different numbers that you commonly use, and the PINpass feature will automatically recognize the number and allow you to make a call. Because this uses your account, you should definitely refrain from adding a number from a dormitory or otherwise public place so that unauthorized persons don’t take advantage of this awesome feature.

With that in mind, consider the expensive rates that many cell phone companies add to your bill when you make an international call. By using Pingo, you can save a bundle on your cellular bills. Just be sure to add your cell phone to your list of PINpass numbers, and consider removing international calls on your cell phone account. Also, make sure that after you dial your number you press # instead of “send.”

Once you’ve gained access to your account, all you have to do is enter a country code and phone number. Pingo also offers another feature that can speed-dial the number you need with a push of a button. If you have family in another country, this feature can definitely be a timesaver if you’re in a hurry or don’t want to enter the number every time.

The best thing is that you can even refer friends to Pingo and get rewarded for it. So if you’re in need of long-distance services with a speedy connection, be sure to try Pingo and its user friendly features. You can reach out to your contacts around the world and still save some cash in the process. With Pingo, it’s a win/win calling situation.

How to Make Long-Distance Relationships Cheaper

Long-distance relationships are not only taxing on a couple’s patience, it can also be quite a burden to their respective wallets. Many couples in this kind of relationship already factor in communication costs to their daily budgets.

These calls are done in the name of love, but are there ways to somehow cut the costs and make international calls cheaper? Of course there are. Here are some of a few:

1. Divide the costs between you and your partner. This will only work if you and your partner still have separate budgets. It is often the case for many couples to only have one person call the other all the time. This puts an unnecessary burden on the budget of the caller. If both can afford it, then just separate the bill and have alternating callers.

2. Call during off-peak hours. Some telecom providers provide discounts and lower per-minute rates for calls made during off-peak hours. These off-peak hours may seem like ungodly hours for the couples involved, but if there is really a pressing need to reduce communication costs without reducing communication, then availing oneself of these promotions is a good way to start.

3. Use cheap cell phone international calling cards. Call to your loved ones using services such as Pingo to save a ton on long-distance calls. You can just pay online, get your PIN, and start calling your loved ones at only a fraction of the normal rates usually charged for international calls.

4. Use Pingo soft phone for web dial calls. Is it inconvenient for you to dial from your phone and call using cheap cell phone international calling cards? Pingo has this soft phone option that lets you call anyone in the world using your computer. There are no contracts to sign and there are no complicated downloads involved. It’s hassle-free!

Long-distance relationships do not have to be that costly. From cheap cell phone international calling cards to web dial calls, there are a variety of cheap options. Now you can get to talk to your beloved without having to worry so much about your wallet.