Are You Acting on Your Promptings?

Every now and then, we have that feeling that we should do something. Maybe it’s something as simple as taking out the trash or far more powerful as making a significant difference in yours and everyone else’s life. Promptings are something special that we each feel inside of ourselves, guiding us to take a direction that will take us down a different path that we know we should.

The inclination to do something is easy to ignore. We often refuse or neglect the urge to take action, but that is often the worst thing we can do. Many successful people throughout time have taken advantage of that special urge to take action in life. Discoveries are made when someone feels compelled to investigate a hidden cavern or the depths of space. A scientist once looked to the stars in hopes of finding a world similar to ours, only to find that Titan, a small moon of Saturn, shared the same characteristics of our own planet. These prompts take each of us to the edge of our abilities and then a step further beyond, helping us to discover who we can be and what each of us can accomplish.

These prompts may be anything from something as simple as seeing what someone else has done or even an inner motivation that you have experienced. But the fact is that we all experience a time when we have a feeling that we should act on something, and our success relies on our ability to act on it and even share it with others.

Inner prompting

The inner prompting is something unique to each of us. It may be a feeling or even an incentive to act on what we’re currently thinking. But inner prompting relies on our ability to nourish your inner voice with self-talk and self-help to overcome any challenge because you have what the world needs. These inner feelings can be as subtle as an urge to invest or even a recurring mindset to move in a certain direction that no outside influence compels you to do. This is our subconscious mind making an effort to move in the right direction. And oftentimes, those thoughts in the back of our minds are the inevitably right direction in the first place.

Outer prompting

However, prompting comes through a variety of channels. Someone or something can affect you in some way, changing how you think or what you think about the situation you may be facing or may possibly face. This may be something you see, experience, or even something others may say. These can all affect you in some way, even your deep inner promptings. Some may be positive, while others are negative, but what you feel about them will ultimately help you make the right decision.

Also, think about others and how you change their lives. You may affect others the way you are affected. Your outer promptings can also help to share the experience. What you say and how you act will ultimately reflect in those around you, which will inherently affect you as well. This outer prompting is an endless circle of events.

Remember that positive attitudes and incentives help others to accomplish their goals, as well as boost your own inner ability to take up the mantle and make the most with what you are offered. Start by taking the initiative and pushing yourself beyond what you know you can do, and into the realm of thinking that you can do.

Staying in contact so you can contact

Travel often takes us into a world of unknown territory, often restricting communication. But, communication plays a key role in your ability to turn prompts into success. Even when you’re abroad, staying in contact can present an edge in success. While travels can take you abroad, you may also feel the inclination to talk to others who are abroad, which is where international calls may be imperative, allowing you to say and act on your promptings.

International calling services can give you that edge when it comes to sharing your prompts. You can speak to others that affect your life, ultimately affecting your potential future when it matters most. Because prompts can come from either inner or outer experiences, we may feel compelled to act on them immediately, which is why the ability to frequently stay in contact is imperative in everyone’s life.

Stay in contact so you can take the time to listen to your own promptings. You really don’t know what life has in store for you, and there’s no reason you can’t be there to share the experiences in your life.

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