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Lifetime Winners!

Have you heard of Pingo yet? If you’re looking for great rates, excellent service, and clear call quality for international calls, then Pingo’s for you. It’s one of the best prepaid international calling services available today, enabling you to talk to family, friends, and even do business over the phone internationally.

Back in 2004, when Pingo was first launched, they gave out free minutes for life to two lucky winners. These two winners received $2,000 Pingo phone credit valid for life. We interviewed the winners and asked them how they are finding the free Pingo services that they had won.

The first winner is Fred Schlette and he is all praises for Pingo. He’s been a customer for 6 to 7 years and he calls Colombia the most. His favorite features of Pingo include Pingo Soft Phone, Pingo EZ Dial, Pingo Speed Dial, and PINPass Numbers. He raves about the Call History feature, which lets him see all the calls he has made in the past so he can easily call them again. He also enjoys the Recharge feature which automatically recharges his account so he doesn’t have to worry about suddenly getting disconnected while on a call.

Being Pingo’s lifetime winner has really changed his life. Since he has many family members spread out in different countries, Pingo has really made it easy and convenient for him to keep in touch with them. He enjoys the different advantages that using Pingo offers, such as the fact that he doesn’t have to recall any numbers since Pingo remembers them for him, as well as the fact that Pingo lets him use his home number as his account number, which makes it easy for him to recall.

He is also very happy with Pingo’s customer service. Whenever he has a problem, whatever issue he has is always resolved in less than 5 minutes. Because of his love for Pingo, he is even willing to have potential customers call him to hear about what he has to say about Pingo.

For him, “easy to use and easy to remember” is what sums up Pingo. His message to anyone considering signing up for Pingo is: “Do it! You will not be disappointed.”

Our second Pingo lifetime winner requested that we honor his privacy and not use his name or information, but we still interviewed him to see how he’s enjoying his award. This anonymous winner uses Pingo to promote pilgrimages to the Holy Land and other holy sites in the world. He considers winning this prize a blessing as he is able to share his message to more people.

He’s been a Pingo customer for 8 years now and he mostly calls Israel, Rome, Fatima and Lourdes. Some of his favorite features of Pingo include easy international dialing and speed dial. He also loves that it gives him the ability to call home often.

Being a lifetime winner of Pingo has changed his life by helping him make all his
important calls easily and so that he can better promote pilgrimages to holy lands. After successfully using Pingo in his first pilgrimage to Israel, he told other people about the service and to date, he has always seen the 3 telephone booths at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem with a line of pilgrims calling home using Pingo.

To those considering to sign up for Pingo, he says that it’s easy to use and a great way to connect with your family if they’re apart from you.

Winning a lifetime of free calls at Pingo has truly made a large impact on these two people’s lives. You yourself can also enjoy the excellent international call services at a very affordable rate by signing up to Pingo as well.

You don’t have to worry about any hidden charges or fees as the rate you see is the rate you pay. Pingo also offers a satisfaction guarantee or your money back, so you can try their services without any risk of dissatisfaction.

Using Pingo Soft phone for web dial calls from 200 countries will only cost you 1.8 cents per minute. Imagine that? So be sure to try Pingo’s services today… you never know – it just might change your life, too.

Celebrating Democracy Day in Nigeria

Throughout the vast number of nations around the world, many have fought for their political rights and beliefs. Over time, and through the efforts of the people, nations become what they have endeavored to achieve.

Nigeria’s democratic government

For the country of Nigeria, the struggle for freedom took many years of perseverance to achieve. As political powers constantly changed hands, it wasn’t until the return of democracy in Nigeria on May 29, 1999, that Democracy Day was established as a national holiday throughout the land.

Since then, democratic parties have elected their officials and made progressive efforts to create a free society in which people can share and express their ideas and speak freely about them. With this great step, freedom has reached the hearts of each individual, cultivating new ideas and ways of helping their nation and those around them.

A great day for freedom

For Nigeria, this celebration is much like Independence Day for the United States, Russia Day for the Russia, or Fiestas Patrias for Mexico. The people gather together to celebrate their freedom, like many other countries throughout the world.

The difference between many countries like the United States and Nigeria is that the celebration is not about independence from outside forces or other nations, but rather is the celebration of the achievement of freedom from those that oppressed from within the very country. The structure of the democratic parties allows for the people to choose the direction they want to move in, giving the power back to the people. And that is where the celebration starts.

Take a moment to celebrate your democracy

You can start by playing your part to help stimulate your economy. Ask yourself what things you can do to work with the surrounding community.

Many Nigerians support their churches, embracing one of the many democratic rights they have. Others take an active interest in the surrounding political communities. Here their words can influence others to become active in the direction of their nation. You can help create value in your community by raising awareness of democracy and how it benefits the people.

It is also important to take the time to remember those that have made great sacrifices in the pursuit of freedom. Soldiers, both past and present, have played an essential role in not only achieving, but also protecting the hopes and dreams of the people.

For those who have relocated to other countries, it is still important to take the time to remember your heritage and share your beliefs with a new community. In many countries, democracy has become a solid state of political stature and plays an essential part in governing bodies. Celebrating Democracy day doesn’t stop when you leave your homeland of Nigeria, it travels with you and should be shared with others around the world.

Patriotism to your homeland is always appreciated, regardless of where you have moved to or are maybe just visiting for a time. Though many people travel and settle in countries across oceans and continents, you can never forget who you are and where you came from. Staying in contact is one of the first steps to remembering those that share your culture and belief in freedom. International calling services provide the easiest access to friends and family, regardless of where you or they may be in the world. Through a prepaid international calling service, you can always keep in touch with your heritage and culture, wherever you may travel to in the world.

As the ascent democracy nears its 13 years of practice in Nigeria, there is great cause for celebration amongst those who appreciate the freedom and hope that their nation has given them. The opportunity to speak your mind and make a difference in what direction the country as a whole will move, whether it is internally economic or through associations with countries around the world. People, regardless of their relative locations should all take a moment to celebrate the freedom and strength to the people that democracy provides. And though we all have our own unique ways of celebrating, be it fireworks or making a difference in our communities, democracy is something we all can celebrate today.

**Photograph “Nigeria Flag Northumberland Avenue” by Dennoir under Creative Commons Attribution

Celebrating Uganda Martyr’s Day in the U.S.

Countries and cultures throughout the world celebrate dates, people, and ideas that have shaped the world they live in. For countries like Uganda, changes in culture have affected the nation and its inhabitants in many different ways.

Religiously, one of the most celebrated occasions in Uganda is their national Martyr’s Day. While it may seem like it would only affect the country, the people are the true carriers of culture and ideals. As people migrate and journey throughout the world, we find ourselves learning more about how places and people affect us wherever we are.

A sacrifice made

From 1885 to 1887, Charles Lwanga and his groups of companions were oppressed and condemned for their Roman Catholic religious stance. At the time, the current political struggle had found them to be a threat to their own stance, resulting in the deaths of a great many religious followers who would not renounce their faith.

Pope Paul VI later canonized their names amongst the martyrs, affirming the importance of their struggle and stance for their beliefs. Since then, June 3 has been a day dedicated to the memory of these martyrs who gave everything they had so that others might also believe. One of the largest martyr collectives in the world, this occasion sets Uganda’s celebration amongst the great historical notes. Since then, Uganda’s population has grown to over seventy-five percent Christian, most of who are of catholic belief.

A long journey home

Because of the powerful effect these martyrs had on the Ugandan religious heritage, many Ugandan natives undergo a pilgrimage back to their homeland from countries across the globe. From distant lands, these pilgrims navigate their way to the Namugongo Holy Shrine, which is where the 22 Catholic martyrs are remembered for their bravery and stand against tyrannical figures that struggled to oppress their beliefs. Throughout the nation, celebrations are held, but for most of the devout, the pilgrimage is of great importance.

While many native Ugandans will partake in the journey, not everyone is able to make the pilgrimage. Many Novenas are practiced in the days and moments leading up to the climactic celebration, and these can be practiced at participating dioceses. You may take the time to discuss your own localized celebration with your church, and also make efforts to contact fellow Ugandans to organize your own celebration.

For those that do make the journey, staying in contact during a pilgrimage is important for not only safety, but to enable those who could not make it to partake in the celebration. Those abroad can share the moments of celebration with friends and family throughout the world.

This June, we remember those who laid down their lives for what they believed was right. As a result, people throughout the world have the opportunity to practice their own religious beliefs without persecution. While making the pilgrimage is an important part of culture, it is not always a viable option for everyone. So, we do what we can to remember and celebrate the heritage of Uganda.

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**Photograph ”Uganda” by Hannah.Copeland under Creative Commons Attribution

National Heroes’ Day

Heroes are remembered throughout history. People do what they think is right, even though it sometimes comes at great cost. But the outcome often brings about great changes in the world, providing a brighter future for us all.

And so, on June 9th, Ugandan heroes are born and remembered by those whose lives they’ve affected. For the country of Uganda, the celebration of National Heroes’ Day is a time to remember those who have worked to liberate and progressively better the nation. Many people remember those that made sacrifices for the Ugandan people, ideally taking into consideration the fallen soldiers of the civil war that took place from 1981 to 1985. Soldiers and leaders who had made great sacrifices to create a better world take their place in the hearts of the people.

Of course, there are those that strive to remember all other types of heroes, such as the Ugandan doctor Matthew Lukwiya who detected a deadly Ebola outbreak before it spread. He fought to contain the contagion before it spread uncontrollably throughout the nation. As a result of his selfless efforts, countless lives were saved.

Celebrating your Heroes

Organizing cultural performances is one of the best ways to celebrate National Heroes’ Day. Heroes are unique to each land, so traditions, foods, and festivals should be practiced on this day to commemorate the heroes of your homeland.

One of the best ways to remember your nation’s heroes is to learn your cultural and national history. Take the time to research the people that went that extra distance to create a better world for us to live in. And always remember that heroes come in all sizes, both big and small. Even our fathers and mothers make sacrifices to ensure a better world for us, so be sure you remember them as well.

Of course, traveling abroad can leave you removed from your family, home, and culture, making such celebrations difficult. Regardless of where you are, you can always find a way to remain in touch with your culture. International calling services allow you to contact your home and family, acting as a constant reminder of the heroes that provided you with all the great opportunities you have today. By utilizing prepaid calling services, both you and your family can share these important dates, despite the distance that divides.

Heroes across the world

Many countries and cultures across the world also have their own dedicated National Heroes’ Day. United Kingdom, Barbados, Cape Verde (also known as known as Hari Pahlawan) in Indonesia, Mozambique, Namibia, Philippines, Romania, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Jamaica are just some of the countries that each have their own unique day and reasons for remembering their heroes. While the differences of dates, names, and personalities and purposes differ throughout the world, the reason we remember our heroes will always be the same. We take the time, even if it is just one day a year, to remember these people that helped to make the world a better place, which is really what we’re all here to do.

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**Photograph ”American Heroes Celebration” by Texas Military Forces under Creative Commons Attribution

Do You Know the Top Three Dangers of Banking on Your Mobile?

As technology advances, people find themselves utilizing services that bring ease to their busyschedules allowing everyone to squeeze more time into their day.

Amongst these innovative ideas is online banking, making an appearance on home networks across the nation.

Taking things a step further is the mobile device, which has recently become a computer in the palm of your hand. Smartphones have become the epitome of communication, allowing individuals a variety of applications that can simplify their daily tasks. Now, mobile banking has become an increasingly popular idea.

Mobile banking is not only convenient, but allows for anywhere anytime availability. You can transfer accounts, monitor your account deposits and withdrawals. You can even get alerts about withdrawals or purchases that exceed set amounts. So what’s the downside?

Your money online

Something to consider is that mobile banking helps cut costs and the need for in-house teller services since people can monitor their accounts without having to frequently call or enter a bank. While this is the natural law of economics, it also means that banks have gone to great lengths to influence the use mobile banking. They don’t charge, and are ready to help insure set amounts if your account falls into the wrong hands. Banks have begun working towards making the online world as safe as possible, but they aren’t the only entities involved in a mobile transaction.

Not all services may be on secure networks, making them open targets for hackers and other online theft. Many of the apps currently available aren’t always viable. Some may be scams and others may even be viruses designed to hack your network. As online presence increases, it is increasingly becoming more difficult to separate the good from the bad.

Banks don’t charge, but your carrier might. Some carriers want you to purchase an app or service addition that allows you to check your account, not to mention that the info is downloaded into your phone’s memory. Many of these apps and services may tag extra costs onto your monthly bills, some of which you may not even be aware of until you get billed.

Storing data on your phone also leaves you wondering what happens when your phone gets lost, stolen, or even just turned in when you invest in a newer model. Your personal information is still stored on the phone, leaving it an open target for anybody curious enough to find out what’s on it.

Stealing more than you bargained for

Banking on your phone won’t only result in the possibility of monetary theft. Your identity can also be at risk. Bank account information carries with it a great deal of personal information. This small fact is something that is overlooked when considering that your money at present is at risk. It is also about your potential future accounts. With the information from one account, an outside source would be able to open a credit line or gain access to future accounts.

Mobile banking puts a lot of information up for grabs. Some ways to keep your information safe is to research any apps that you add to your phone. Although your banking app may be from a quality source, other apps or downloads may put your mobile’s data at risk. When using online services, make sure that they are on a secure page or network, usually identifiable by an “https” address. This lets you know that the site is a secure location. Also, consider purchasing security software for your mobile, just in case it is stolen or lost.

They overheard you

Talking and conducting banking on your phone also presents the possibility of someone seeing or overhearing what you’re doing and gathering some of your personal information. This is something that we never stop to consider, mostly because we’re busy doing something else. In public situations, such as standing in line at the market, the person behind you might be curious enough to spot what you’re doing on your phone. Be cautious about accessing important information when in public, especially if you’re entering passwords or account numbers. For these reasons, it can also be useful to regularly change passcodes on your phone.

Remember that hardwired and landline connections are safer than wireless, because there is less opportunity for information to be captured. For these reasons, the stationary or home PC are still amongst the most favored for online banking. Be cautious with your information and take the time to make sure your connections are safe and secure.

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Pingo is a prepaid calling service that offers great rates on international and domestic long distance calls along with unbeatable quality, simplicity and convenience. Pingo offers 100% call quality and money back guarantee to ensure a risk free service that you can rely on. Pingo is proud to maintain over a 95% customer retention rate earned from exceptional customer service available 7 days a week. You can follow Pingo on Twitter at @Telephonecard or on Facebook at

**Photograph ”Moodshot – Mobile Banking” by Star Finanz under Creative Commons Attribution

Save More through Pingo Promos

Pingo continues to provide great quality international phone calls at affordable rates. With a trusted iBasis network that delivers over 1.3 billion minutes every month, the company wants to ensure that all customers are always satisfied with their calls. On top of this great service, Pingo offers different promos for all its customers that allow them to save more money.

Pingo International Calling Card Promos

Pingo wants to reward its customers by giving out promos that will allow them to get more calling minutes just by recharging. This is an easy way for customers to get more value out of their money. Just imagine getting more minutes by paying for the same amount you usually pay for. Pingo always posts their deals on their website. When you visit, you will instantly see their latest offers.

Mother’s Day Special

A few weeks ago, Pingo released a mother’s day promo allowing customers that recharged from May 9 to May 14 an extra 25% value that they could use to call their mothers. It was a one-time offer that a lot of customers took advantage of. According to the iBasis telecom network, customers used 80, 460, 596 minutes during Mother’s Day 2011 and expected that number to be even larger for this year!

This year, the company ran an internal employee contest to guess the year’s highest number of minutes in a day. An employee guessed 80,800, 500, the closest to the actual mother’s day minutes last May 8.

The mother’s day promo provided more call minutes to those who wanted to greet and catch up with their moms. You never know how important it is for our moms to receive a call from us especially when they know that we are busy. A few extra minutes of talking to them makes a huge difference. Because we value our customers, we want to make sure that they can also reach out to those who are valuable to them at the most affordable rate possible while providing seamless connections.

Latest Promo

Pingo has a running promo right now that gives new customers 50% free value when they sign up for $20 worth of calls. This promo will run up to the end of the month so if you have been looking for a reliable international calling service, this is your chance to experience hassle-free service. If you have plans to travel abroad, the Pingo website has a rate watcher that gives you calling rates from one country to another. Your $20 will go a long way!

Pingo has a 95% retention rate which shows that customers are happy with the services given. In addition, we want to continue giving customers what they need from an international prepaid calling service and more by giving money-saving promos to ensure that customers are given even more value for the affordable rates they are already paying. So head on to today to view the latest promos and start saving!

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Understanding Your New Culture

Photograph "Statue of Liberty" by Phil of Photos, available at under Creative Commonsn Attribution

Everywhere you go in the world, you encounter a new and different culture. Countries and continents have their own unique characteristics that make them special, but even towns and cities can have their own unique ways of life.

For those traveling to America, the differences in culture are uniquely special. Because the United States was founded on the principle of inviting as many different cultures into one location, there are so many different ideas and practices in one place. And because people come to the U.S. to enjoy the many freedoms that the country offers, this nation is one that possesses a few important principles that are shared similarly throughout its diverse culture.

Meeting the People

To start, we must always introduce ourselves with greetings. The first thing to remember is that most Americans do not greet like many other cultures. A wave and a handshake are the common limits to any physical interaction that new Americans express with strangers and even acquaintances. Open handed waving is popular when trying to get attention or say hello at a distance. Handshakes should always be firm and offered with the right hand.

Greetings usually continue by telling others your name. In many countries (“The name’s Bond, James Bond”) starting with your last name first is common. But in America, your first name is given when being introduced, and people rarely say their last or full name unless requested. Don’t be surprised when others simply state their first name and move on with the conversation.

The American culture is very business-oriented, and many people value time as a precious resource. Here, staying in contact is crucial to enjoying life to its fullest. There are so many different communication services, but many times they will charge exponential fees for contacting outside of the country. International phone services have the ideal advantage in a situation like this, allowing you to stay in contact while staying financially efficient on cost-saving international calls.

As for the common greetings in the American culture, the questions: “How are you doing?” and “How are you?” are like saying hello in a polite way. A person asking these questions isn’t necessarily looking for in-depth and detailed answers. Commonly, the best response is: “I’m doing well, how are you?” in order to reciprocate with politeness. After that, the conversation is likely move on to the nature of your meeting.

Relationships are somewhat unique in America. Men and women are friends on an equal level, spending time with one another eating, meeting up, and even enjoying fun activities together. However, this does not imply that there is a romantic relationship between them.

The Attitude of the American Culture

While the culture is a conglomerate of different people with different practices, one of the most profound things that many immigrants may notice is the attitude of Americans. Possibly their most renowned characteristic is being direct when speaking to others. The freedom of speech is one belief that is openly practiced, and there is very little taboo when it comes to conversations. Americans love to converse about a variety of topics such as politics, relationships, feelings, and even the weather or sports. The culture seems to have the talent for talking, and loves to share it with others. However the nice thing about the culture is that you don’t necessarily need to say anything of your own. You can talk, and you don’t have to engage in any conversation you don’t feel comfortable with.

Culturally individual

In many cultures throughout the world, several generations of the same family live under the same roof or remain physically close together for their entire lives. In America, this is very different. Students travel across the country to learn, and eventually move away in search of work and their own personal pursuits. This may lead them to relocate to entirely different cites or states.

Much of the American culture strives to achieve individualism and pursue their dreams. For this reason, traveling is a big part of their lives. Getting on the bus, airplane, or packing up the car is very important to the culture, especially when reuniting with family members who are at great distances.

The most important characteristic of the American culture is that every place within the country has its own unique set of characteristics. If you find yourself in the northern areas, individuals will act, speak, and even think differently from the south. Those in the east won’t be the same as those in the west as well. But, we all share something in common- a land of diverse cultures that is always willing to let someone else add into the mix.

Keep Your Culture Alive from Afar

Photograph "Brazil" by Debbie Aspin, available at under a Creative Commons Attribution.

Culture is all the characteristics that make up your lifestyle and practices. From religious beliefs to some of the food we eat, we grow up and thrive in our own cultures. But when we travel abroad, we face a world that is often very different. Different places and different people can put a person in a completely new culture, absent of their own practices. But where there is a void, we have the opportunity to fill it with a few of our own unique practices and share it with others.

Keep talking

What you say and how you talk carries with it the characteristics of where you’re from. Nothing seems most outwardly defining than noticing an accent or hearing an unfamiliar language. It often spurs interest, especially when introduced into a different culture. Find ways to practice your language, such as reading books, newspapers, or even watching television or news networks that share your cultural characteristics.

Food with a touch of culture

Bring from home a few recipes that are unique to your culture, and always try to eat your favorite home cooked meals. Certain foods aren’t always available abroad, but it is still important to enjoy the taste of your culture whenever you can. You can always get a little creative by substituting foods similar to each other, such as potatoes for some bread. This even gives you the opportunity to mix your culture with other cultures, and helps you find new ways to add new flavor to old-time favorites.

Associate with your fellow man

Find others from your culture, so that you can share and practice your beliefs and ideas. Stay in contact with family and friends back home. When traveling, finding phone services that can keep up with your needs is imperative to ensuring your comfort abroad. International calling services provide the necessary abilities for traveling abroad. With the right carrier, these services can be cost saving on international calls throughout the world, as opposed to roaming or long distance charges that apply to many regular phone services.

Don’t stop believing

Practice your religious beliefs as though you were at home. Just about anywhere in the world, you can find localized religious temples and churches that appeal to many of the different religions. And of course, you may even be kind enough to share your practices with others who are interested.

Take a chance to party on

Parties and festivals are traditions that are shared throughout the world. What make them unique are all the characteristics that a culture incorporates into their activities. From decorations to foods, gatherings like these allow people abroad to gather together and practice the great things that make their culture unique.

Etiquette is almost always different at festivals, creating unique differences in dining and social habits. Even people who aren’t from your culture may attend, learning and practicing new experiences to better themselves. In a way, festivals are perhaps the most effective tool in not only maintaining cultural heritage, but sharing it with the world around them. Attending cultural festivals is perhaps the most opportune time for you to remember who you are and where you come from. At the same time that you are receiving, you can give back to others who share the same ideas and practices, even if they are different in their own ways, because even cultures have sub-cultures inside of them. These festivals allow you to talk and stay in contact with other members of your culture that are also living abroad. You even get a chance to enjoy some meals, music, and people that share your same ideas, beliefs, and language, which can make a person living abroad feel just like they’re at home for a change.

A social tip

Always remember that when you are abroad, you shouldn’t let other people make you feel guilty about keeping your culture alive. There will always be people that lack the open minded nature that it takes to learn and enjoy life, but that doesn’t mean you have to let those ideas keep you from enjoying your life. Avoid people that want to stop you from being happy, and find people that want you to be happy.

Each place on Earth has its own unique people. From countries to cities, different places and different people make up the unlimited number of ideas and practices that any one of us may associate ourselves with. And sometimes, even a family is a culture of its own, which is something we always want to maintain wherever we go in the world. So, when you’re traveling abroad, take a piece of home with you and share it with the world around you.

Fund the World with a Free $25 Kiva Micro Loan!

You may think your current situation is difficult and hard, but in truth, there are many people out there in the world who are in more dire straits than you are. They have difficulty making ends meet and they barely have enough food to eat. These people need capital to be able to provide for their family’s needs and enjoy a few comforts.


Here’s where Kiva comes in. Kiva wants to empower people all over the world to create better lives for themselves and their families. They help people by lending them funds so they can have the opportunity to improve their lives. They want people to have access to safe and affordable capital.

So how exactly does it work? Basically, Kiva partners with microfinance institutions in different countries to provide loans to people who don’t have access to traditional loaning sites such as banks. They call these institutions their field partners, since they are the ones who administer the loans to the people who need it the most.

Kiva depends on a network of almost 500 volunteers all over the world. This non-profit organizations aims to alleviate poverty by giving people the capital to provide for their families.

You can lend as low as $25 to help give someone in the world an opportunity to succeed in life. You simply make a loan on Kiva, get updates regarding the loan, then get paid back once the borrower repays the loan. You get the same Kiva Credit, which you can once again loan to another person, donate to Kiva, or withdraw to your paypal account. It’s as simple as that.

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Are You Acting on Your Promptings?

Every now and then, we have that feeling that we should do something. Maybe it’s something as simple as taking out the trash or far more powerful as making a significant difference in yours and everyone else’s life. Promptings are something special that we each feel inside of ourselves, guiding us to take a direction that will take us down a different path that we know we should.

The inclination to do something is easy to ignore. We often refuse or neglect the urge to take action, but that is often the worst thing we can do. Many successful people throughout time have taken advantage of that special urge to take action in life. Discoveries are made when someone feels compelled to investigate a hidden cavern or the depths of space. A scientist once looked to the stars in hopes of finding a world similar to ours, only to find that Titan, a small moon of Saturn, shared the same characteristics of our own planet. These prompts take each of us to the edge of our abilities and then a step further beyond, helping us to discover who we can be and what each of us can accomplish.

These prompts may be anything from something as simple as seeing what someone else has done or even an inner motivation that you have experienced. But the fact is that we all experience a time when we have a feeling that we should act on something, and our success relies on our ability to act on it and even share it with others.

Inner prompting

The inner prompting is something unique to each of us. It may be a feeling or even an incentive to act on what we’re currently thinking. But inner prompting relies on our ability to nourish your inner voice with self-talk and self-help to overcome any challenge because you have what the world needs. These inner feelings can be as subtle as an urge to invest or even a recurring mindset to move in a certain direction that no outside influence compels you to do. This is our subconscious mind making an effort to move in the right direction. And oftentimes, those thoughts in the back of our minds are the inevitably right direction in the first place.

Outer prompting

However, prompting comes through a variety of channels. Someone or something can affect you in some way, changing how you think or what you think about the situation you may be facing or may possibly face. This may be something you see, experience, or even something others may say. These can all affect you in some way, even your deep inner promptings. Some may be positive, while others are negative, but what you feel about them will ultimately help you make the right decision.

Also, think about others and how you change their lives. You may affect others the way you are affected. Your outer promptings can also help to share the experience. What you say and how you act will ultimately reflect in those around you, which will inherently affect you as well. This outer prompting is an endless circle of events.

Remember that positive attitudes and incentives help others to accomplish their goals, as well as boost your own inner ability to take up the mantle and make the most with what you are offered. Start by taking the initiative and pushing yourself beyond what you know you can do, and into the realm of thinking that you can do.

Staying in contact so you can contact

Travel often takes us into a world of unknown territory, often restricting communication. But, communication plays a key role in your ability to turn prompts into success. Even when you’re abroad, staying in contact can present an edge in success. While travels can take you abroad, you may also feel the inclination to talk to others who are abroad, which is where international calls may be imperative, allowing you to say and act on your promptings.

International calling services can give you that edge when it comes to sharing your prompts. You can speak to others that affect your life, ultimately affecting your potential future when it matters most. Because prompts can come from either inner or outer experiences, we may feel compelled to act on them immediately, which is why the ability to frequently stay in contact is imperative in everyone’s life.

Stay in contact so you can take the time to listen to your own promptings. You really don’t know what life has in store for you, and there’s no reason you can’t be there to share the experiences in your life.