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Get a Cost Effective Volunteer Abroad International Calling Service

We live in a dynamic world where many of us are forced to live life in a suitcase. Travelling can be an occupational hazard for some while a getaway from a wild world for others. We still have to stay connected with people close to our hearts and people who care for us. A lot of money gets drained out of our pockets from making international calls and we are forced to keep these calls extremely short. Sometimes, in those lonely moments away from the family, you may wish to express your deep-felt thoughts, but exorbitant call charges prevent you from doing so. That’s why we recommend all our frequent travelers to take advantage of the volunteer abroad calling service which help in keeping hearts close in long distance relationships. is one of the most well-renowned companies which offer some really cost effective volunteer abroad calling cards with absolutely no compromise on call quality.

Some of the key highlights of the services being offered by include:

-High quality and reliable network connection with iBasis.

-Customer Delight with Exceptional Customer Services.

-Absolutely no hidden charges and competitive call rates.

-Supports all smart phones like iPhone, Android and Blackberry

-Auto Recharge facility to save you from undesirable situations.

-Quick PIN-less dialing and online account management.

-100% Money-back offer in case of any dissatisfaction.

All these exciting features make Pingo a brand you can trust when you are in unknown lands and just cannot afford to be disconnected from the rest of the world. The money-saving deals which are available can be used to save on all the extra call expenses. Pingo offers services across the globe. All you need to do is to sign up, dial the local or toll-free number, and follow the self-explanatory prompts. PIN Pass is used to keep it a safe service.
All in all, Pingo has some great volunteer abroad calling cards to make your journeys memorable.

Note: Pingo does not solve any roaming problems and is not liable for any such charges. There are certain countries where Pingo access is not available, and in these countries, you will have to rely on Pingo soft phone services.

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The Magic of Using Military Soldier Phone Cards Abroad

The military soldier phone cards abroad are indeed reliable phone cards for soldiers. These phone cards enable the soldiers to call their families and friends at affordable costs. If you are a military personnel desperate to get in touch with the members of your family, then you should certainly consider using the phone cards marketed by the most reliable long distance solutions company. This is because you can be rest assured that your international phone calls will not be accompanied by whopping hidden charges! When you use the international calling card for abroad, you actually put yourself in a position to save a lot of money!

You will be extremely pleased to know that you can save money regardless of what type of phone you’re using. One of the most important benefits of using the international calling card is that you can call from anywhere, even if you make calls from outside your military base. With this card, you’ll have every reason to smile with the availability of the speed dial feature for numbers that you call most frequently.

Discounts of up to 20% are available for soldiers that call their families and friends from any type of phones, including satellite telephones from military bases or off base. Some of the finest advantages of using international calling cards are:

* Cutting down on significant charges

* Fast connectivity

* Easy to use PIN-free dialing feature

You might wonder as to how to choose the best military soldier phone cards for abroad. It is actually quite easy to locate them on the website of Pingo, the best firm that offers the finest long distance solutions at affordable costs.

Note: Pingo does not solve any roaming problems and is not liable for any such charges. There are certain countries where Pingo access is not available, and in these countries, soldiers will have to rely on Pingo soft phone services.

Simple and Easy Ways to Make International Calls From Your Cell Phone

International calls can easily be made from a cell phone depending on the service provider. However, making international calls from cell phones is an expensive choice. Many people still do not know how to make international calls from their cell phones. It is not as perplexing as it seems really. Most cell phone services are equipped for international calls, and certain companies offer international calling plans that supply special rates for an additional monthly fee. However this is not the best way to really save on International calls abroad because of the high rates your going to pay by using your current cell phone provider.

Making an International Call From a Cell Phone

Compared to making an international call from a regular phone line, even better rates are available by purchasing international calling cards that are compatible with cell phones. Here is how to make an international call from a cell phone using a calling card:

.Press the local access number
.Enter the PIN number written on the card
.Dial the number of the country via the standard international set-up

If an international calling card does not work with your cell phone, here is how to make an international call from a cell phone utilizing a different method:

The caller must first locate the plus (+) key on their cell phone. If there is no plus key, the caller can either press the asterisk key two times quickly in succession or hold down the “0″ key, which then turns into a plus sign.

The caller then dials the country code, the city code, and afterwards the local phone number of the person they are trying to contact.

For example, this is how you would call Zurich, Switzerland on a cell phone:

Country Code: +11 = Switzerland
Local Code: 41 = area code
City Code: 44 = Zurich
Local Number: 382 4444

Certain numbers may require a specific digit to be dialed before a tone is actually heard. However, some cell phone calling procedures may vary slightly and users are advised to check with their providers.

Your Phone Impression is Your First Impression

The first time you meet someone and hear what they have to say is often what decides how you think about their character. But when all you have to go on is a phone call, how you speak and what you say can ultimately decide what the person on the other end of the line will see you.

When considering business opportunities, this can make or break a potential job opportunity. Phone interviews are often the first step in the hiring process, whether you’re contracting or seeking a full-time job. So, handling yourself on the phone in the proper manner and being available to discuss future business opportunities is vital to your future success.

A first-stop interview

First of all, you have to understand what exactly is taking place during your first phone interview. Most companies don’t want to spend their valuable time scheduling an in-person interview for everyone, especially if they’re only going to find out that most aren’t fit or right for the job.

A small fact that is often overseen is that much of the filtering process is actually done over the phone. Many times, the first call you get is actually just a part of their filtering process, which is designed to filter out those who aren’t qualified for the job. Many large corporations utilize first-contact phone interviews as a way of “thinning” out their prospects.

This is why making your first contact is so important, even if you’re overseas. You have to be ready to connect with anyone attempting to reach you, even if it is only through voice mail or messages. It is vital that you arrange for a proper phone meeting when you are ready to communicate.

When you are contacted, arrange for a clear and uninterruptible time during which you can plan your interview to put yourself ahead. If you do accept a call, be sure that if you aren’t presently fully prepared, you can arrange for a scheduled phone meeting when you can give yourself the upper-hand during the interview. Be polite, and calmly request a better time to contact you, and refrain from providing any details concerning exactly what you are doing. Focus on informing them that you are presently occupied, and that you want to discuss any opportunities at a designated time. Remaining focused and time-oriented is often the first and best impression you can make on any future business opportunities.

Overseas when they can’t see you

Scheduling an appropriate time to contact you is only the first step. The next stage you must plan for is what you need to say to your potential business contacts. Keep in mind that the only thing your converser will be able to observe from you is the personality they picture on the other end of the line. So, you have to always focus on polite etiquette.

In addition to that, you must also be able to understand who you are talking to. Proper knowledge of a business or person will help you expect questions and inquiries concerning the opportunity. You don’t want to have to answer incorrectly or even with the words “I don’t know,” because they can leave your interviewer with the impression that you aren’t taking the opportunity seriously. Be sure that you study and are able to understand the person or business that you are applying for in order to provide an excellent first impression.

Of course, this leaves you with the most important concern of all- staying in contact. When you’re overseas, you’re often faced with the inability to contact foreign countries or sometimes anyone. Common phone services, like cellular phones, don’t often have the ability to cover many international calls, so you have to be prepared for any situation.

For these purposes, international phone and calling services, such as Pingo, will allow you to stay in contact even when you are overseas. Such services are prepaid and affordable, so there’s no reason why you can’t stay in contact, even if you don’t have your own cell phone. You can be contacted from any phone in any country, preventing you from missing any opportune moments that you can’t afford to miss.

First impressions are what ultimately affects how others will picture you, whether or not they can see you. Sometimes your voice, how you speak and what you say, will have to be the impression you leave on others. So, don’t let a missed call or a failed contact be the first thing that your job opportunities have to judge you by.

Volunteering is a Career Move that Helps You

Something that has crossed everyone’s mind at some point is the thought of volunteering. It could be at a soup kitchen helping to serve others, or it could even be overseas, in a strange new land helping others in a new and foreign culture. While many think about it, only those with the determination to pursue a journey to volunteer abroad have really experienced the world and helped themselves in the process.

Becoming educated about the world

Something often overlooked is just how big the world really is. We travel from work or school to home and take the occasional vacation to see a new place. But, this is only a tiny speck on a large map. We may meet a few thousand people within our city or county, most of whom we can’t even remember. The bottom line is that all these people have one thing in common-once you meet them and get to know them, they become familiar. We know who they are and potentially how they interact with the surrounding society. This is the advantage of volunteering abroad- you learn about new cultures, meet new people, and share knowledge in order to better yourself- and others with your efforts.

A new experience

This brings about the importance of keeping an open mind. New experiences make us better because we are able to learn from them. Volunteers get the most opportune chance to see and experience new and completely different places. Not everywhere in the world has the commodities that we are accustomed to, such as running water and electricity. This type of opportunity allows you to see and understand exactly how other parts of the world function and interact with each other- and with you.

With the lack of commodities, we’re often faced with the absence of one of our most essential abilities- communication. Overseas countries will not often share cellular phone capabilities, creating a communication breakdown with your home country. While sharing the experience of the native culture is good, being able to talk to your loved ones is a must for anyone away from home. Staying connected during your travels is important, so it is up to you to find ways of maintaining contact regularly while abroad. International phone services like Pingo are widely available, and often cost less than a regular phone bill. Calling from an airport, landline, or even a cell phone, if you have one, can help maintain the comfort that any family member needs to hear.

Helping to develop international relationships

Another benefit to volunteer work is somewhat indirect, at least for you. Many nations work together in order to help stimulate a mutually positive relationship, and volunteer projects are amongst those that help the most. Assisting foreign countries is a powerful step toward developing a relationship between your country and the rest of the world. When you volunteer, you aren’t simply helping those around you: the nations you encourage and encounter also benefit and become better because of what you’ve done.

Credits your character

Another benefit to keep in mind is that volunteer work stays with you. While the experience is yours to keep, on paper it becomes a beneficial tool that shows others that you have done what you set out to accomplish. You are willing to go further than most and take chances that many would not make. Whether it’s for a future career, or endorsing your personal life’s achievements in a book, your character has a unique credit that reflects your abilities and actions.

Encountering and encouraging the world

Perhaps the most incredible opportunity a volunteer experiences is that when they encounter the world, they are then able to encourage it. Many locations do not live as comfortably or easily as we are accustomed to, but the one thing that everyone should get is encouragement. The world is a big place, but so many people only encounter a tiny fraction of what it truly is. A volunteer has the ability to enter a different culture, helping to construct, educate, and otherwise assist others. Your experience is their experience.

While all volunteer work is an excellent addition to society, expanding your goals to see new lands and experience new cultures can truly be the first step towards making the world better for everyone, and eventually creating a career choice that helps you. You’ll be able to keep those experiences for the rest of your life, and you can share them with others as well when you get back home.

How to Save on Smart Phone International Calls

Learning how to save on smart phone international calls can be quite hard for most people. They invest in these calls but they end up wasting hundreds of dollars because they use them the wrong way. You can easily save money on these calls though if you just know what to do and where to buy the right phone cards.


How to Save on Smart Phone International Calls

Pingo offers phone cards at affordable prices. Anyone who invests in these phone cards will find them to be very worth the investment and quite cheap compared to other phone cards available. Pingo offers great services and crystal clear calling quality which enables you to enjoy the time that you have to speak with those that you love.

Best Way to Save Money Through Pingo

The best way to save money through Pingo is by using their Pingo Smart Phone for all the web dials that you need. If you want to call somebody over the internet, feel free to do so with their Pingo Smart Phone online. If you would like to call from your mobile phone, you can do so by using the Pingo EZ Dialing, which allows for you to quickly call whomever you want with ease from your very own mobile phone.

Learning how to save on smart phone International calls has never been easier. Other phone cards and services would make you pay expensive rates for bad service. Pingo, however, makes it a goal to offer their customers only the best services possible. You can expect each call you make to be fun, exciting, and as clear as you have always wanted. Talk to your loved ones in perfect clarity with the Pingo professional service. You can call online or through your mobile phone, so you will find quite a variety of services offered by

Start Living a Dream as an International House Sitter

If you are the type of person who likes to travel the world and visit exotic places, then international house sitting abroad might be for you. If it doesn’t bother you to live in someone else’s house to take care of their everyday tasks such as watering their plants and feeding their pets, then this could be a great way for you to see the world. An advantage of international house sitting abroad is that it allows you enough time to enjoy a new culture, get to know the locals, and to learn new customs at a much lower cost than if you were to rent a hotel room.

You can learn how to become an international house sitter by getting on the internet and researching house sitting websites. You could start your research by following these seven guidelines:

- Read interviews and testimonials of people who have experienced internationally house sitting.

- Figure out how people have turned a curiosity into an international experience.

- Learn how people have turned international house sitting abroad into a full-time job. There are people who have been caring for private residences in Oahu, New Zealand, and other exotic places owned by billionaires.

- Spend some time researching “The Caretaker Gazette.” Subscribe to this highly respected publication to get advice on how to contact people who are looking for sitters and how to avoid making mistakes while finding a place to work.

- Visit a website that offers links to house sitting opportunities.

- Write a resume and post it on a respectable site. Be as detailed as possible; state whether you have extensive training in caring for animals or whether you are an award-winning gardener. If your qualifications match a person’s needs, you are likely to get the position.

- Apply for jobs that may be appealing to you. Be very personable in your applications as many people in this industry consider sitters to be an extended part of the family. Consider positions that are relevant to your interests and skills.

Start looking for your first position as an international house sitter abroad today and begin visiting exotic new places all around the world.

Who Else Wants to Say Good-Bye to Pin-Codes?

Whether you’re traveling or staying at home, making a call to anyone anywhere in the world is always a must. Fortunately, services such as Pingo provide users with the ability to utilize prepaid accounts and calling cards so they can have access from any phone.

Because our work and travels often take us in different parts of the world, international long distance services are a must for many. International calling cards have risen in demand, especially in countries where regular phone services cost a lot. Sometimes, these phone services even have hidden charges like connecting and disconnecting fees. But Pingo won’t surprise you with anything like that. They stick to a firm rate that’s fair for everyone.

With a calling card, you usually call the local or toll-free access number to gain connection. Then you enter your pin number. The pin-codes can be a downside for many. Commonly, they are a fourteen-digit number that you need to enter before you could make a call. But that is a thing of the past. Pingo has now devised a plan to alleviate the need to enter a code before you make a call.

The PINpass is a feature that allows you to bypass the need to enter a code. All you have to do is register any of up to ten different numbers that you commonly use, and the PINpass feature will automatically recognize the number and allow you to make a call. Because this uses your account, you should definitely refrain from adding a number from a dormitory or otherwise public place so that unauthorized persons don’t take advantage of this awesome feature.

With that in mind, consider the expensive rates that many cell phone companies add to your bill when you make an international call. By using Pingo, you can save a bundle on your cellular bills. Just be sure to add your cell phone to your list of PINpass numbers, and consider removing international calls on your cell phone account. Also, make sure that after you dial your number you press # instead of “send.”

Once you’ve gained access to your account, all you have to do is enter a country code and phone number. Pingo also offers another feature that can speed-dial the number you need with a push of a button. If you have family in another country, this feature can definitely be a timesaver if you’re in a hurry or don’t want to enter the number every time.

The best thing is that you can even refer friends to Pingo and get rewarded for it. So if you’re in need of long-distance services with a speedy connection, be sure to try Pingo and its user friendly features. You can reach out to your contacts around the world and still save some cash in the process. With Pingo, it’s a win/win calling situation.

Get a Trusted US Military Soldier Phone Card That Will Never Rip You Off

Are you looking for a trustworthy and cost-effective US military soldier international calling service? If so, then Pingo is the only service that you’ll ever need. It is the world’s most trusted international calling service that offers superior reliability, quality, and competitive rates.

You have probably heard the horror stories about some phone companies that rip off service personnel with their outrageous toll charges. The sad fact is that these stories are true. There are some greedy international calling card providers and telecom carriers who take advantage of US soldiers by pocketing millions of dollars through obscene call rates.

The Sad Story of Sgt. Richard Corder

Army Sgt. Richard Corder was bound for Iraq for another tour. When his unit made a quick stopover in Germany, the good sergeant decided to call his family from a secured airport facility. Unfortunately, no one was at home when he called so he just left a 3-second message to tell his wife that he was okay.

Sgt. Corder used the service of BBG Communication, a San Diego-based company, and used his debit card to make the call. He was shocked when his phone bill arrived because the call provider charged him a whooping $41 for the 3-second airtime. He felt ripped off and sued BBG.

Corder’s story is not unique. There are already hundreds of complaints lodged against BBG in the Better Business Bureau. And the saddest part is that there are other telecom carriers and call card providers that rake-in millions of dollars at the expense of US military soldiers stationed overseas.

Don’t Get Scammed: Get a Trusted International Calling Service from Pingo

Pingo is the only international calling service provider that offers a risk-free satisfaction guarantee or you get your money back. This service has already donated more than a hundred thousand dollars worth of phone cards to support US military service members abroad. It is dedicated to keeping the morale of the troops strong by giving them the chance to regularly contact their families back home.

Pingo offers value for your money. It has the most competitive rates in the market and does not hide its rates from you. The rate you see is the rate you pay and you will never be ripped off again with outrageous call charges.

Comparing Pingo with Other Call Services

You’ve already gotten a brief background about the bad experiences of some US servicemen with BBG Communications. How about big US telecom giants such as AT&T? Can Pingo offer more value for you compared to the services of AT&T?

To tell you the truth, press reports indicate that the popular US telecom conglomerate is monopolizing payphone services particularly in Afghanistan and Iraq. Investigative journalists from The Newark News Ledger and The Prepaid Press found out that AT&T is charging more for calls on top of surcharges levied on interconnection.

But with Pingo, you get high quality and secure connection and most importantly, cheaper rates. You do not have to worry about hidden charges or fees because the company provides transparent call rates. So, when you purchase the Pingo call card, you already know how much you will pay for your usage.

Compelling Facts Why You Should Use Pingo

Aside from the fact that Pingo is giving US military soldiers a cheaper way to stay connected with their families, it also provides other benefits and incentives that no other telecom companies are offering. To give you a quick overview, here is what’s in store for you with Pingo:

1. You get complete satisfaction guarantee. This is a risk-free transaction because you can get your money back, guaranteed, if you are dissatisfied with the call service.

2. Quality at its best. Pingo offers clear and crisp connection so you can talk with your loved ones without annoying interruptions, static, or dropped calls. More importantly, the connection offered by the service is highly secured using state of the art technology.

3. Convenient and intuitive calling service. Pingo provides PIN-less dialing technology to allow quick calling. It also offers mobile applications so you can connect with the service through your smartphone.

4. More incentives for the patriotic US soldiers. Pingo gives free calling card bonuses for every sign-up. You get free calls just by using the service. And when you refer your friends to use the service, you will get additional free call bonuses.

If you are still searching for the right US military soldier international calling service abroad, you should stop looking now. Pingo can offer you the best and most trustworthy call services. It is really the only calling card that you will ever need.

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Why Purchase International Backpacking Travel Calling Cards?

International backpacking travel calling cards are great to buy before you travel as you can carry these calling cards everywhere with you to call your loved ones back home. Many people usually forget to bring along any cards for their trips abroad. What they don’t know is that they end up wasting money when they buy expensive cards in the countries that they visit.

Why use international backpacking travel calling cards?

The international backpacking travel calling cards are great to use because you can bring them along with you to other places all around the world. sells these backpacking cards at an affordable rate allowing you to call your loved ones anytime while you are traveling the world. These cards are not expensive in any way because offering affordable phone cards is what strives for.

Why do you need to buy these cards before your trip?

If you buy calling cards during your trip while you are at the airport or in another country, you can be wasting quite a lot of money on cards that are just too expensive. Luckily, Pingo offers amazingly affordable phone cards for your backpacking adventures.

Call your friends when you’re traveling by using Pingo’s wonderful list of services. Each of their phone cards are nicely made, and you can be sure to have a great time when you’re free to contact your loved ones wherever you are without paying higher international fees than you would normally. Millions of people use Pingo everyday as their trusted resource for making the best and most affordable phone calls abroad. With their high quality reception, you can be sure to enjoy your phone calls and be able to keep in good contact with your family. They have offered over 1.3 billion minutes to their customers in a single month so you can be assured that they know how to treat their phone card users.

Note: Pingo does not solve any roaming problems and is not liable for any such charges. There are certain countries where Pingo access is not available, and in these countries, you will have to rely on Pingo soft phone services.