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Pingo Sponsor’s Guinness Book of World Record Attempt for Longest Phone Call Conversation

Pingo, a prepaid international calling card service, announced it’s sponsorship and official time keeper judge status for Harvard University student’s world record attempt for the longest phone call conversation. Pingo sees this as a perfect opportunity to connect its long distance phone service brand to people trying to stay in contact with friends and family living overseas without concern for the cost of expensive telephone calls.

A Harvard University student group will be staging the longest phone conversation between two people as both a performance art installation and a world record attempt scrutinized by Guinness World Records.

“This project maps one absurd, hilarious, commercial institution (super-low art) onto another (super-high art) in playing by both of their rules at once. The project explores the irony of exhibiting interactions that are by definition private in an exposed, public setting.” Says Mariel Pette, director of the Harvard Generalist.

longest phone call

Breaking The Longest Phone Call Record

The call attempt will be hosted at the Adams Pool Theater in Harvard on January 19th & 20th to watch two people talk over the course of at least 43 hours, 8 minutes, 55 seconds. See more details at

Pingo’s own Internet Marketing Manager, Brian Hawkins will be on stage as one of the official time keeper to assist in judging the world’s longest call attempt. This attempt will be also be broadcasting live on Ustream.

About Pingo:

Pingo is a pre-paid calling card service that offers great rates on international and domestic long distance, along with unbeatable quality, simplicity and convenience. Pingo offer’s a 100% call quality and money back guarantee to ensure a risk free service that you can rely on. Pingo is proud to maintain over a 95% customer retention rate earned from exceptional customer service available 7 days a week. You can follow Pingo on twitter at @TelephoneCard or Facebook.

Pingo Awarded the 2012 Editor’s Choice Award from Pingo Review for the 2012 Editor’s Choice Award

While Pingo has earned several awards over the last five years. Such as earning a testimonial in 2011 from a major “consumer review magazine” that legally, we can’t mention the name. We are extremely honored to receive this Editorial choice award for the second year in a row from A leading phone card review and comparison site.

John Kenney founder of announced “”Pingo wins our 2012 Editor’s Choice Award for best international calling card. Based on our in-depth comparisons of leading vendors, we believe that Pingo delivers the best value to consumers for international calls. Pingo stands out for it’s high call quality, low rates, simple pricing, and excellent features.”

Pingo Awarded 2012 Editors Choice Award

Pingo Testimonial Review

Pingo Review Testimonial from
“ is our ‘Editor’s Choice’ for best all around international calling card. They’ve earned the top award because of their low rates, clean pricing, simple rate plan, and strong customer support, among other factors.

The Pingo card has a comprehensive rate plan with consistently low rates to destinations worldwide. Their rates are low not just from their home country, but from virtually any country anywhere.

Pingo cards also have extremely ‘clean’ pricing – meaning they have far fewer extra fees and surcharges compared to other cards. In fact, Pingo won our recent ‘clean’ card analysis that compared fees from 9 companies and 30 different calling cards.

Another special feature of Pingo cards is the wide range of dialing and usage options they offer. The options include toll-free and local access numbers in 40+ countries, a mobile dialing app called EZ Dial that works from most smartphones, a PC dialing app called Softphone that works for almost any country in the world, and a family plan option that lets you share the card with family or friends anywhere.

Another major reason we chose Pingo is because they are an ‘integrated provider’ – meaning that they not only sell cards, but they also deliver the voice minutes themselves. For us, this is a major advantage. In Pingo’s case, not only are they ‘integrated’, but they are one of a very few calling card companies that are part of a Tier 1 global Telecom carrier.

Pingo’s parent company is iBasis, a company that operates one of the largest global VoIP networks in the world. Their network carries billions of voice minutes a month on a wholesale basis for many large clients, including other voice carriers. This high-performance network is the same one that carries all Pingo calling card minutes. That’s a big plus!

We could go on, but hopefully you get the idea: Pingo is an excellent company.”

Pingo Review for Why to Buy?

Here are the main reasons you should buy a Pingo calling card:

* Our top pick for best all around calling card
* Delivers calls on its own network (an ‘integrated provider’)
* Consistently low per minute rates to destinations worldwide
* Single rate plan covers all locations
* Simple, clean pricing (no hidden fees)
* Local and toll-free access numbers in 35+ countries
* Flexible dialing options: EZ Dial mobile app, Softphone
* Family plan offers multiple accounts on same card
* Strong customer service

See complete Pingo Review for 2012 Editorial Choice Award at The Pingo review testimonial is a very detailed comparison, but please note that this site is compensated for new customer referrals generated to

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Pingo Awarded 2012 Editors Choice Award

Pingo Testimonial Review

Pingo Phone Card Review for Daily Deal

YouSwoop, A Chicago based daily deal site did such an amazing Pingo phone card review of the service. That we thought it was worth re-publishing to share this Pingo review.

Pingo phone card review

Pingo calling card review


* Call anyone around the world at inexpensive rates
* 100% clear call quality guaranteed
* Save up to 90% on international mobile calls
* Call from your cellphone, the Internet or a land line
* Apps for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry

Pingo Phone Card Review from YouSwoop Editorial Team

“You’ve got friends and family scattered all over the place, and your cellphone bill is printed proof. Being apart from the ones you love is hard enough. But when your only other forms of communication are via a fuzzy Internet connection or snail mail, it gets even harder. Stop exhausting your phone funds and get back to chatting with pals near and far with today’s Swoop from Pingo.

Whether you know someone in Hong Kong, London or anywhere in between, Pingo has you covered. And with their low-cost rates for countries across the globe, you’ll spend just cents per minute in their top five markets: India (1.75-2.75 cents/minute), China (1.75 cents/minute), the UK (1.5-29 cents/minute), U.S. long-distance (1.75-4 cents/minute) and Mexico (1-12 cents/minute).

Whether you’re trying to get in touch with friends abroad or you’re the one globetrotting, all you have to do is call the local or toll-free access number (rates vary depending on the one you choose), enter your account number and dial the number you want to reach. You’ll then be greeted with the voice of the one you love, and there’s no need to worry about static getting in the way: Pingo promises 100 percent call quality satisfaction.

If you prefer to call through your computer, opt to use the Pingo Soft Phone, which allows you to connect with 200 countries online for the flat rate of just 1.75 cents per minute. And if you’re the one globetrotting, you can download the Pingo EZ Dial app for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry to save up to 90 percent on cellphone calls abroad. So swoop in on today’s deal and get in touch with who you want, when you want.”

* This Pingo review was provided by that was compensated with its featured daily deal offer that was valid to new customers only.

Retail Prepaid Phone Card Comic Strip

Did you ever buy a retail prepaid phone card at the store, only to find out they…

1. Eat your minutes with extra hidden calling card fees
2. Had dropped calls
3. Poor call quality

Retail Calling Card Comics

Ever had this experience calling with a retail calling card before?

Then this phone card comic strip will help feel your pain and provide you with a solution to buy a virtual phone card service that delivers…..

1. 100% call quality guarantee
2. Money back guarantee
3. Immigration support

-Pingo provides phone call records to assist in immigrant visa documentation.

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Phone Card Can Help You Win Family US Citizenship after Student Visa

student visaIt’s no surprise that calling cards are highly popular among foreign students studying in the U.S.. The phone cards let international students call family and friends back home, from any phone in the U.S., at very low cost.

What’s surprising is that some of those international students obtained the required F1 or M1 student visa because they used a particular phone card to help them apply. That’s because foreign students applying for an F1 or M1 student visa to study in the U.S. show that they have a residence abroad and a connection to the states.

International students that eventually become US citizens. Can leverage this call record data for the time that they temporarily living apart from their family home country.

By using a phone card to call family while away from home, F1 and M1 student visa applicants can supply call records to help show their family relationship is intact and genuine.

The catch is that very few calling card companies are both able and willing to provide the detailed data.
Pingo is one that is, and does it free.

Pingo marketing manager Brian Hawkins said that Pingo gets a few requests a week from foreign students and other immigrants seeking call records for their family immigration proceedings. In the case of immigration proceedings, Pingo documents communications between family members where one family member is already in the USA, to help other family members or loved ones immigrate.

“We’re happy to help,” said Hawkins, “and we don’t charge for this service.”

“When we receive such a request, we tap into our sophisticated IT systems to pull down the customer’s call records,” he said, “and then we package the records up with a cover letter that gets signed by one of our senior executives.”

An actual example of such a letter is shown in this post. It was written on the letterhead of Pingo’s parent company, iBasis, a KPN Company that owns Pingo. iBasis is a leading telecom provider that delivers over a billion minutes of international voice calls every month.

“Even if you’re not yet certain you’ll be applying to get a family member citizenship , I would urge you to get a Pingo phone card right now,” Hawkins stressed, “so that if the time comes later, we can supply a most helpful set of International call records for you or your loved one.”

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* This post is just one opinion of advice, we encourage you to please contact a licensed immigration lawyer and US government directly for specific information to help with your student visa, F1 to US citizenship paperwork.

Protests Worldwide Are Phone-Powered

protest worldwideProtests in Egypt, protests in Syria, protests in Iran, Occupy Wall Street protests, international protests. Common to world protests and national protests worldwide is a demand for change and the use of phones to help obtain it.

Phones Spread Protests in Egypt, Libya, Iran, Syria, U.S., Europe

Talking heads on TV newscasts have led some to believe that Facebook and Twitter are the primary propagators of protests in Egypt and world protests in general, but they’re not. The primary propagator is the phone. Protesters carrying laptops are rare, but protesters carrying mobile cell phones and smart phones are not. And they’re using them to call others as close as home and as far away as the next continent, and to send text messages, phone-shot pictures and videos, and, yes, email messages via the internet. Further, in many countries, those who have PCs in their homes are dependent on phone networks for internet access. We live in a phone-connected world.

World Protests and International Calling Cards

i want to call my mom
Because international calling cards are portable and enable low-cost calls to and from many countries via almost any phone, it should come as no surprise that they play a role in the spread of protests worldwide, and what others know about them. Protests in Egypt, protests in Europe, Occupy

Wall Street protests in the U.S. – world protests everywhere — all unleash a torrent of calling card usage. For every protester using a calling card to share developments with others, there are soon thousands using a calling card to obtain or relay developments to those who are or may be impacted, even if not directly or immediately. Thinking people realize that eventually a protest anywhere in the world may have an impact on almost everyone in the world. A protest in one country can spawn protests in others, just as protests in Egypt fueled protests in Libya and protests in Syria. Those with loved ones in other countries are especially aware. In a stressed and interdependent and internationally-connected world, protests can arise and spread in almost any country, and some can spark world or international protests.

Stay In Touch With Your Loved Ones Overseas, With a Pingo Calling Card
Whether or not protests increase the frequency of your need to make international calls,
a Pingo card is an excellent choice for many reasons. The most important is Pingo’s effort to improve quality call termination during the massive spike in call volume to these protesting country’s and regions. Pingo even backs its service with 100% call quality guarantee to ensure you can call your loved ones that may be effected by these protests. Pingo is a leading provider and its rates are among the lowest in the world because its parent company iBasis operates a leading international telecomm network, allowing inexpensive calls to and from over 200 countries using any phone. Pingo is the only company with calling card rates that get even cheaper the more you use them. Pingo’s pin less speed-dialing and advanced systems allow Pingo to promise unsurpassed ease of use, lightning-fast connections, 100% reliability, and crystal-clear clarity, and to back that promise with a money-back guarantee. And if you click here right now you’ll get $10 in free calls with a $20 Pingo sign-up.

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Phone Card Helps Families Immigrate, Gain Citizenship

gain citizenshipOf the 38 million U.S. residents defined as immigrants for being foreign-born, 47% are now U.S. citizens, while most of the balance of 53% of immigrants are legal permanent residents or legal temporary residents with student or “green card” work visas. Collectively they have literally hundreds of millions of relatives and friends overseas. No matter their status — and whether or not they want to be citizens themselves or are trying to help loved ones immigrate or obtain citizenship – they have in common a need to make international calls as frequently and inexpensively as possible.

Staying Connected Across Borders and Miles
Nobody understands the international calling needs of U.S. immigrants and their loved ones overseas than Pingo, a leading international calling card provider whose KPN parent-company iBasis is a leading international telecomm.

Pingo International Calling Card Rates Among World’s Lowest
Pingo cards allow inexpensive calls to and from over 200 countries using any phone. And Pingo is the only company with calling card rates that get even cheaper the more you use them. Pingo’s pinless speed-dialing and advanced systems dovetail with the iBasis international network, allowing Pingo to promise unsurpassed ease of use, lightning-fast connections, 100% reliability, and crystal-clear clarity, and to back that promise with a money-back guarantee.

Get Your Pingo Card Right Now and Enjoy $10 in Free Calls Immediately
There’s no way for foreign-born U.S. immigrants and their loved ones overseas to stay in touch that’s cheaper, faster, more reliable, portable, and private than a Pingo calling card. And if you click here right now, you’ll get the $10 in free calls Pingo is offering with a $20 sign-up!

Pingo Calling Card Can Help Win Visa and Citizenship
Almost all immigrants who are trying to help others immigrate know all too well it can take years to obtain a visa allowing immigration, and more years to obtain permanent legal residence and citizenship. What many don’t know is that a calling card can do more than help them communicate inexpensively across borders and miles. It can help win citizenship. In the case of immigration proceedings, phone records can document communications between separated family members, evidencing relationships vital to immigration eligibility. The catch is that very few calling card companies are both able and willing to provide the detailed data that is required. Pingo is one that is, and does it free.

Pingo Does More Than Supply Records to Immigration Applicants
Pingo not only supplies detailed call records to immigration applicants free of charge.
Pingo also provides a letter signed by a company executive, certifying the authenticity of those records. When it comes to international calling cards, shouldn’t you obtain yours from a company that not only understands the unique needs of loved ones separated by borders and miles, but does all it can to help bring them together?

Get Your Pingo Card Right Now and Enjoy $10 in Free Calls Immediately

It’s not hard to see why Pingo’s calling cards are used by so many in the U.S. and overseas for whom inexpensive and reliable international calls are important to all they hold dear. Now that YOU know, shouldn’t you get yours right now? Remember, if you click here right now, you’ll get Pingo’s $10 in free calls with a $20 sign-up!

* This post is just one opinion of advice, we encourage you to please contact a licensed immigration lawyer and the US government directly for specific information to help with your student visa to citizenship paperwork.

Easier Employment Eligibility Verification: Sparks New Employee Benefit

employment verificationComplying With U.S. Employment Eligibility Verification Law Now Easier
A diverse workforce energized by immigrating foreign citizens contributes greatly to the vibrancy of the U.S. economy. And now a new “e-verify” program offered by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services makes it easy for employers to verify that the people they hire are U.S. citizens or foreign citizens authorized to work in the U.S.. The e-verify is an internet-based employment eligibility verification program, so you can access it by searching the keyword “e-verify”. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services says that employment eligibility verification via the e-verify system is the best way for employers to ensure a legal workforce.

Easier Employment Eligibility Verification Inspires International Calling Card for Employee Benefits Programs
Pingo is a leading provider of international calling cards, renowned for its services in support of those in the U.S. who need an inexpensive way to stay in touch with supportive loved ones overseas. Realizing that employers want their newly-verified foreign-born employees supported and happy, Pingo leaped to offer attractively-priced international calling cards that employers could make available as a benefit to eligibility-verified employees, whether all or only those foreign-born or just those who’ve recently come from other countries to work in the U.S..

Calling Card Benefit a Win-Win for Employers and Verified Employees
All employees savor benefits, but those who’ve come from other countries to work in the U.S. enthusiastically appreciate the thoughtfulness of a calling card that lets them stay in touch with distant loved ones. Employers welcome a compassionate addition to their employee benefits program, one that costs little but yields the kind of social support that helps keep employees happily productive, and may even help reduce costly turn-over.

Pingo Cards: Easy to Use, Low Rates to Over 200 Countries, Guaranteed Reliability
Pingo is a leading supplier of international calling cards, and not just because its rates are among the lowest in the world. Pingo offers cards allowing inexpensive calls to and from over 200 countries using any phone, and is the only company with calling card rates that get even cheaper the more you use them. Pingo’s advanced systems dovetail with international Telecom parent iBasis, allowing it to promise unsurpassed ease of use, 100% reliability, and crystal-clear clarity, and to back that promise with a money-back guarantee.

Right Now: $10 in Free Calls For Every $20 Card Sign-up!
Right now is the perfect time to add a calling card to your employee benefits program for newly-verified employees at your company. Try it out for yourself by taking advantage of this promotion to test out the call quality and features. If you have no employee benefits program for them, this is a great place to start.

Get $10 in Absolutely FREE International Calls to Demo Pingo Business

We want you to try Pingo Business as a potential employee benefits program. So that you can pass on the savings to your business and employees at the same time. If your spending over a hundred dollars a month in International calls, then take advantage of this offer to receive a 100% FREE $10.00 International calling card to try Pingo. Will follow up with a demo call and literature to help you explore just how easy it is to set up a Pingo Business account for you and your much appreciated immigrant employees.

Over 3 Million International Students Phone Home

international StudentsA globalizing economy has pushed the worldwide number of foreign students past 3 million, and the number is expected to swell as more families in China, India and other fast-developing countries join the ranks of those able to support international students.

Most Calls From USA, UK, France, Germany and Australia
The Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) reports that the USA is the most popular destination for international students, followed by the UK, France, Germany and Australia. Foreign students who want to study in the USA must obtain a student visa, and show ability to pay the costs born by international students.

Pingo Calling Cards Make It Affordable to Visit Loved Ones Worldwide
Fortunately, thanks to Pingo phone cards, among the lowest costs born by international students is the cost of staying in close touch with family and friends. Pingo is a leading supplier of calling cards for international and foreign exchange students and their families, who need rates far below those otherwise available to them. Pingo offers cards allowing inexpensive calls to and from over 200 countries using any phone, and is the only company with calling card rates that get even cheaper the more you use them.
And if you click here right now, with just a $20 Pingo sign-up, you immediately get $10 in free calls!

Foreign Exchange Programs Boost Demand for Reliable Pingo Calling Card
Pingo calling cards are popular among foreign exchange students and their families,
and not just because they save money and are easy to use. Many foreign exchange students are minors in high school, typically a susceptible age. Pingo’s pinless speed-dial and advanced systems deliver lightning-fast and highly reliable service, assuring foreign exchange students and their families of an ability to communicate immediately in the event of concern or emergency. That’s something not even the most cautious and capable of foreign exchange programs and foreign exchange hosts can themselves guarantee. Pingo promises 100% reliability and crystal-clear quality, and backs it with a money-back guarantee.

Frequent-Calling International Students: Happier and More Successful
International students typically reap many rewards, but also face many challenges. No matter what country they come from or travel to as foreign students — whether they are high schoolers in foreign exchange programs or adults in universities –
a key challenge is the distance between them and their families and friends back home. Foreign students who stay in close touch with familiar and supportive loved ones back home tend to be happier and more successful than those who don’t.

Invest $20 in Happiness and Success: Get Your Pingo Card Right Now and Enjoy $10 in Free Calls Immediately
There’s no way to stay in touch that’s cheaper, faster, more reliable, versatile, portable, or private than a Pingo calling card. Every international student and family should have one, and you can get yours quickly and easily. But don’t put it off, click here, Pingo is offering $10 in free calls with a $20 sign-up right now!

More Information About International Students and Foreign Exchange Programs
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) reported that the number of students studying in universities and colleges outside their own country more than doubled between 2000 and 2007, to over 2 million, and a jump. to over 2.5 million in 2009. And even the leap past 3.0 million in 2011 excludes the many international students in foreign exchange programs for high schools, meaning that the numbers of foreign students and families who need the benefits of a Pingo calling card is considerably higher than 3 million. Fortunately, Pingo provides cards for calls to and from over 200 countries, and virtually every country in the world hosting foreign exchange programs. And just in case you missed the good news above, you can click here to immediately get $10 in free calls with a $20 Pingo sign-up right now!

Tipping in Mexico Advice for Travelers to Expats Living Abroad

Tip It! How the basic task of tipping becomes an art

When planning to move into another country, many families manage to get ahead with their research and already have information on new schools, which facilities are the best and even how to get around the city, however, sometimes the problem isn’t what you researched, but what you didn’t.

Tipping people for services isn’t exactly a life-or-death situation; however, knowing when and what to tip can help you get the service you deserve and ease your way into fitting in with your new compatriots.
For a better explanation we’ll use Mexico as an example of when to tip and how to do it:

People on the street

Unfortunately, it is very common to see poor people asking money in the streets or “soliciting”, so it’s only natural you might want to reach a hand and help them out by giving them some money.
Even though it is your decision, it is not recommendable to do so because this practice ultimately prevents them from working or going to school (in the case of kids).

Gas stations

In Mexico, every gas station is packed with several people ready to pump your gas, clean your windows and even check the tires, if necessary.

Because these people earn minimum wage, the normal fee drivers usually give them is between 10 to 30 pesos, depending on the help they provided you.


Just like in America, the tip fee is usually between 10% and 25% of your total fee, depending on how well the service is. This also translates into coffee houses, hotels, bars and other places.

For a broader understanding about the importance of tipping, take a look at this article on Esquire magazine that tells you the right way to tip in other parts of the world. Also check out this additional About site article on tipping in Mexico.

Please comment and share this Tipping in Mexico Advice for Travelers to Expats Living Abroad

Spanish Version:

¿Cómo dar propinas? El simple hecho de dar propinas se puede convertir en todo un arte.

Cuando se planea mudarse a otro país, muchas familias logran adelantarse a la difícil tarea mediante investigación sobre nuevas escuelas, dónde se encuentran los lugares en caso de emergencia y hasta cómo moverse alrededor de la ciudad.

Sin embargo, a veces el problema no es lo que investigaste, sino lo que no pensaste en investigar.
El dar propina a la gente que presta servicios no es exactamente una situación de vida o muerte, sin embargo, saber cuándo y qué propina otorgar puede ayudarte a que te hagan un buen trabajo la próxima vez e inclusive sirve para encajar con tus nuevos compatriotas.

Para una mejor explicación usaremos a México como ejemplo de cuándo se debe de dejar una propina y cómo hacerlo:

La gente de la calle

Desafortunadamente, es muy común ver gente necesitada que pide dinero en la calle, así que es natural que tengas el deseo de apoyarlos y ofrecerles un poco de dinero.

Aunque es completamente tu decisión, no es recomendable hacerlo ya que esta práctica sólo lleva a que esta gente no busque un trabajo real o, en el caso de niños, que no asistan a la escuela.


En México, cada gasolinera tiene varias personas atendiendo para ayudarte a echar gasoline, limpiar tus vidrios y hasta checar tus llantas, si es necesario.

Estos hombres no hacen mucho dinero en este tipo de trabajo, así que es normal darles una propina de entre 10 y 30 pesos, dependiendo del servicio que te otorgaron.


Al igual que en Estados Unidos, la propina es usualmente entre el 10% y el 35% de la cuenta total, también dependiendo del trabajo que realizó tu mesero(a).

Para entender aun mejor la importancia de dar propinas, encontré este artículo de la revista Esquire que explica un poco más sobre esta situación en otras partes del mundo: